9 Facts About Oppo You Probably Didn"t Know About
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Oppo, the upcoming (or maybe it already is) rival to both Apple and Samsung, is in fact, bigger than we thought. While it is well known for its camera phone here in Singapore, it is actually a much bigger company that also produces Blu-ray players and other popular electronic goods.

Here are 9 other things about Oppo that you probably didn’t know. Including the long-awaited answer to “Oppo is from which country ah?”

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Oppo is actually named OPPO Electronics Corp

To appeal to the general public and to attract young people, the company shortens its name to OPPO, making it sound trendy and hip. By using only OPPO in its company registration in other countries, the company become a well-known household name for smartphones.

Oppo is from which country?

If you are still thinking that Oppo is Korean (because Oppa?), think again. The company is a Chinese consumer electronics firm that is based in Guangdong, China. It was registered in 2001 and launched in China in 2004. The company has since registered its name in many different countries such as Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and India, amongst others.

OPPO started out with MP3 players.

Despite now being one of the major smartphone manufacturers globally, OPPO was not focused on smartphones when it was first established back in 2004. In fact, their first product was a portable and curiously tear-shaped MP3 player called the OPPO X3. Still, it was received well by users for its quality and ingenious design. - Added by Noypigeeks.com.

Oppo is ranked as the number 5 smartphone brand in the world

9 Facts About Oppo You Probably Didn"t Know About
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Oppo is number 5 in the world of smartphones as of this year (2019), losing out only to familiar brands like Samsung, Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi. I don’t know about you, but you’d realise that out of the top five companies, three are from China. Interesting much, no?

Oppo is not the same as Oppo Digital

Some people have mistaken Oppo and Oppo Digital as the same company. Oppo Digital is actually an independently-run pision of Oppo that is based in Mountain View, California and is well-known for its universal upconverting DVD and Blu-ray Disc players.

It entered the mobile phone market in 2008

OPPO entered the mobile phone market in 2008 and released its first smartphone in June 2012. The very first smartphone is named U701 Ulike. Doesn’t sound very appealing, does it? But look where OPPO has become now!

They also made headphones and amplifiers

A series of high-end headphones and amplifiers were released by OPPO in 2014, with their flagship headphones being the PM-1 and PM-2. It was heavily promoted in the audio market and received good reviews from those who tried them. Guess you can say the same for their phone’s earpieces.

OPPO is impressive with its list of innovations in the smartphone market

Since its entry into the smartphone market with the very first smartphone in 2012, OPPO has made numerous innovations to its smartphones to compete with its rivals. Some of these innovations broke records in the industry. Well, actually, every smartphone makes some innovations except Apple, which makes some fancy new names for old technology #justsaying

It has a couple of controversies in India

2017 marks a troubling year for OPPO India as it was embroiled in 2 unfortunate controversies involving inpiduals. The first happened in Mar 2017 where a Chinese national allegedly tore the India National Flag and threw it into a dustbin.

This incident had caused a halt to its production plant while investigations were held. The second incident involved a mass resignation of its entire Punjab Service Team after a HOD allegedly said that “Indians are beggars”.

In both cases, the company stepped in quickly and calmed the situations to prevent further disruption.

OPPO’s first interest in phones came with the release of the Smile Phone in 2008, a gold feature phone with a smiley face on the back. Its unique design made the phone a runaway success in China, OPPO having to restock the model five times to satisfy the demand. Even early on, OPPO has already been pioneering different technologies and aesthetics that they are now known for with their current models.
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