How To Make Whipped Coffee
How To Make Whipped Coffee

Dalgona coffee, more commonly known as "whipped coffee," became one of the biggest trends on the internet last year. (You may have seen a video or two — or three or four — of people making whipped coffee on TikTok.) Well, we're still loving it in 2021!

ICYMI, whipped coffee is a hot or cold coffee drink that uses instant coffee, sugar, very hot water and any type of milk. It's as simple as it is delicious — and the best part is, you probably have all the ingredients already in your pantry.

As more people are staying indoors social distancing you cannot but try this simple four-ingredient whipped coffee. This café looking delicious beverage is now a whipped coffee Starbucks alternative for many since lockdown.

It’s better late than never. You don’t owe any explanation to anyone for trying out this late.

This is how to make the best whipped coffee at home with the easiest recipe.

What Is Whipped Coffee & Can You Make It Healthy?

 Photo: Spend with Pennies
Photo: Spend with Pennies

Dalgona coffee is a beverage made by whipping equal parts instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water until it becomes creamy and then adding it to cold or hot milk. Occasionally, it is topped with coffee powder, cocoa, crumbled biscuits, or honey. It was popularized on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic, when people refraining from going out started making videos of whipping the coffee at home, by hand without using electrical mixers. The name is derived from dalgona, a Korean sugar sweet, due to the resemblance in taste and appearance, though most dalgona coffee doesn't actually contain dalgona.

The drink is credited to one Leong Kam Hon, a former Macanese shipwright who started his ‘Wai Ting Coffee’ (or later ‘Hon Kee’, 漢記) shop in Coloane after a freak accident to his left arm left him incapacitated from continuing work. Leong recalls concocting the drink as requested by a tourist couple in 1997. The drink did not yield much interest to him until 2004 when he took on the idea to serve it as a specialty to Chow Yun-fat and his entourage who visited the Hon Kee café that year. Chow's praise for the drink gathered the first wave of international attention when new visitors came in to ask for ‘Chow Yun-fat coffee’. The maker himself dubs the drink made in his menu as 手打咖啡 or "hand beaten coffee".

The name "dalgona coffee" is credited to the South Korean actor Jung Il-woo, who ordered this drink at the same eatery in January 2020 during his appearance on KBS2 show called Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant (신상출시 편스토랑). He likened the taste to that of dalgona, a type of Korean honeycomb toffee.

Spread from Korea

 Photo: EatingWell
Photo: EatingWell

From that TV programme, the drink became well known among Koreans who attempt to make this drink for themselves for themselves during the social distancing orders in South Korea, and for that reason it is dubbed the 'quarantine drink' or 'quarantine coffee'. Under the hashtag #dalgonacoffeechallenge, homemade versions of dalgona coffee began spreading on South Korean YouTube channels before going viral on TikTok especially in early March of the same year. The spike in interest during the quarantine period has been attributed to the calming, ASMR-like effects of watching online DIY videos. Although the beverage was popularized as a home-made version of beaten coffee, it is becoming a menu offering in many coffee shops in South Korea and even in the U.S.

While most dalgona coffee doesn't actually contain dalgona, one South Korean cafe does combine dalgona with milk tea or coffee. It is not possible to make dalgona coffee using ground coffee beans; instant coffee creates the dense and foamy topping and the reason for this has much to do with the drying process of the coffee granules.

How To Make The Dalgona Coffee? (Whipped Coffee)

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Whipped Coffee Ingredients

For a standard serving size you’ll need:

  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of hot water
  • 2 tablespoons of instant coffee powder
  • A glass of milk
  • Ice as per your liking

Preparation-How to Make Whipped Coffee (Dalgona Coffee)

Step 1:

Photo: Cafedelites
Photo: Cafedelites

Start with instant coffee powder, sugar, a little bit of warm water, and a cup of milk. The ratio is 1:1:1 for instant coffee, sugar, and warm water. Mix all these ingredients in a mixing bowl. At first, it’ll look like a plain dark whipped instant coffee mixture.

Step 2:

Whisking for a while, the mixture builds in both color and consistency. You’ll see how it changes from dark and watery consistency into a rich caramel color and thick consistency.

Step 3:

After continuously whisking the mixture it builds into stiff foamy peaks similar to meringue. That is when you’ll know you’re done whisking.

Step 4:

Photo: Cafedelites
Photo: Cafedelites

Spoon it over your cup of hot milk like a whipped coffee creamer. You can have this warm or chilled. For that, just add ice to your cup of room temperature milk.


Did you know you can have it like an Americano! that’s right, you heard me. You just spoon a dollop or two over warm water and stir. If you prefer chilled Americano then you can put in ice as much as you like. Another version of whipped coffee with instant coffee.

A note of suggestion would be to use an electric whisk machine or electric mixer for the whisking process. It puts a lot of strain on your hands if you go for a hand whisk. It’s all cool if you’re looking for some sort of arm workout.

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Balancing out the sugar & caffeine of whipped coffee

 Photo: Eat This, Not That
Photo: Eat This, Not That

Because of the sugar, whipped coffee is a sweet drink. And unfortunately, the two tablespoons of added sugar in the recipe is going to blow most people’s sugar budget for the entire day.

The American Heart Association recommends that women eat no more than 100 calories (6 teaspoons), and that men eat no more than 150 calories (9 teaspoons), of added sugars daily.

If you’re trying to steer clear of added sugar, you’ll need to find a bulky sugar substitute that will still melt together with the instant coffee to create the fluffy texture.

To cut the calories even more, make the recipe as is, but pour it over unsweetened almond milk or oat milk instead of traditional milk. You’ll also decrease the carbs and sugar if you opt for some kind of nut milk instead.

If you like the idea of whipped coffee, but can’t get behind the idea of adding more caffeine to your diet, try a decaf instant coffee blend instead. Using two tablespoons of regular instant coffee is the equivalent of drinking two additional cups of coffee.

Tips For Making Whipped Coffee

>> When you’re making Dalgona coffee make sure you do it with an electric whisk or hand mixer/ blender. This helps cut down on a lot of time than if you choose to do it manually.

>> Freshly ground coffee beans don’t give you the same result as instant coffee. Since it hasn’t been processed yet, it fails to give you the same result.

>> If you sift your fresh coffee ground and make it a bit aerated it might work and give you close results.

>> There are components in instant coffee that help stabilize a structure but more to that is sugar. Sugar helps hold a stiff structure and combined with the carb and protein in coffee it doesn’t just dissolve instantly.

>> If you’re omitting sugar then opt for a granulated substitute mimicking close to sugar since whipped coffee without sugar won’t be able to give you the same results.

What type of coffee to use

Instant coffee works best, just make sure it’s not a dark roast or it may come out too bitter. If you don’t have instant, you can use instant espresso powder. Some readers have tried fresh brewed espresso works well (2 tablespoons espresso to 1 tablespoon white sugar, no boiling water needed, per person). DO NOT use fresh ground coffee beans.

Can i make whipped coffee without sugar?

Yes and no. The coffee will whip on its own (albeit not as airy or fluffy), but it doesn’t last long as the best results happen with white granulated sugar. Raw sugar also works well, but doesn’t dissolve like white sugar. Readers have also tried honey and agave with great results.

To make it without sugar, be sure to make it and mix it through your milk right before serving.

How to store dalgona whipped coffee

Whipped coffee lasts fluffy for quite a few hours in the refrigerator. If you’ve made too much or you’d like to make a big batch of whipped coffee to save time in the mornings: refrigerate in an airtight container for up to 1 week. You may need to mix it though for a couple of seconds just before serving as liquid coffee settles on the bottom of the container.

Optional add ins before beating:

A drop of pure vanilla extract

A drop of caramel syrup

1 tablespoon hot chocolate drink mix or cocoa powder

2 teaspoons powdered creamer

Bailey’s for an adults only kick

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