Ways to Reward Someone For Help
Ways to Reward Someone For Help

However, how to repay the benefactor's kindness is not easy. If you think it's about inviting them out for a meal, buying them expensive gifts, that's not the best way to repay them.

There are three ways to repay the kindness of others.

1.Be grateful for your own success

A thief is caught and jailed. During his sentence, he was pessimistic, did not have the energy to repent and cultivate. The warden talked to him, confided in him, showed him his mistakes and advised him to start over. This person gradually regains the motivation to improve well. After being released from prison, he tried to change himself, step by step getting rich. Many years later, in a meeting with the warden again, he was moved to say that he wanted to repay the favor for his old advice and help. The warden just said, his return is the most meaningful thank you he has received.

An attitude of gratitude by changing yourself, making yourself better is worth a hundred times better than a lavish thank-you party. Only when you have a grateful heart can you make the best use of the kindness of others.

2.Help others in times of trouble

Humans are not always smooth, no one is forever difficult. "Rivers have sections, people have times", everyone has times when they fall into challenges and need support to overcome. When you are in trouble, someone helps you, so don't be ungrateful to them. When they are in distress, need help, remember to roll up your sleeves of support. "Mutual love" is also the morality, the spirit of human life.

Do not forget that the most practical help is knowing what the other person needs most in difficult times. If you meet a rich man and give him money, offer him delicious food, it doesn't make sense. What they need sometimes is just to talk, confide, share about the things they suffer in their hearts. Your sharing, listening, then is the most valuable help.

3.Spread kindness to the community

Famous Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Phat was born in a poor family with difficult circumstances. Thanks to the efforts of his parents, with the help of many benefactors, he received a good education, had the opportunity to enter the entertainment world and became famous.

Once in an interview, Chow Yun Phat said he was always grateful for the past so that he could grow up and be successful in life. In order to repay that favor, although he later became successful and rich, he lived a simple life, sharing many of his assets with more difficult circumstances. Chow Yun Phat silently helps colleagues, participates in many charity activities... to spread the spirit of mutual support to the community.

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