20 Haunted Phone Numbers You Should Never Call
Haunted Phone Numbers
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Are you bored and randomly going through your phone for really scary numbers to call when bored or funny phone numbers to prank call?

Scary numbers to call are associated with different horror stories. These numbers are tied to unsolved murders, mysterious disappearances of people or bizarre historical events. Though some of these stories are urban legends, they are fascinating to daredevils. That said, have you ever wondered what would happen if you call one?

You can call customer support or even order your favorite pizza, but there are a few creepy phone numbers that you should never call. Check it out below!

Top 20 Haunted Phone Numbers You Should Never Call

1. 090 4444 4444

This is a Japanese Phone number called as Sadako’s Phone Number. It is said that if you dial the number you’ll hear strange noises drifting down the line and within a week of making the call you will hear terrible news which can be as ugly as a death of people around you.

Japanese have always considered 4 as a devil number or the must unlucky number. Infact people hate the number in such an extent that a leading Mobile called One Plus skipped the series 4 from its one plus Mobile editions. It directly released one plus 5 after one plus 3T edition. Also, Sadako is major antagonist or devil in Japanese folklore and movies. So, this number was instantly called as Sadako’s Cursed number due to its relativity to all the negative aspects.

2. 1(207)404-2604

This number definitely tops the list of creepy phone numbers to call. It was said to be a promotion tactic for the movie “CARRIE.” To entice the audience, the makers came up with a trailer that ended with the slogan “Call Carrie” and the number. When you try calling this number, another number calls you back 3 times in a row with creepy sounds and messages.

The first call will give you goosebumps because you hear horrifying screams as soon as you pick up your phone. In the second call, you hear creepy music and someone singing a song, and the last call will give you important information; however, the words are spoken in a spine-chilling whisper. You never know, it could be a haunted phone number!

If you think you are ready to get three creepy calls in a row that can scare you to death, then go ahead.

3. 000

Rather a lot of spooky stories and legends exist about phone numbers made up primarily or entirely of zeroes. Based mainly in Asian countries, among other languages – these legends typically connect the phone numbers with death in some way, shape, or form. One of the most frequently-repeated stories states that if you call one of the numbers — usually 000-0000-0000, 1-000-0000-0000, or 1-000-000-000 — you’ll hear a man answer on the other end; once he picks up, he’ll tell you that you must call 15 more people and convince them, too, to dial the number. If you fail in this task, you’ll meet your end. Functionally, this tale turns the phone number into a slightly more modern version of a chain letter. Other, slightly less detailed legends exist as well, though.

4. 999 9999

Photo: youtube
Photo: youtube

There is a Urban Legend in Thailand that if you call 999-9999 number after mid night and make a wish, your wish will be granted and you will probably die in a freak accident soon. This really sounds horrifying. However, this belief was taken out from a movie 999-9999. It was said that the Movie unit arranged a spooky voice for the phone number to promote the movie initially. Later after release of the movie, it eventually transformed into a creepy Urban legend.

Even at present day, after 19 years of the movie’s release people still belive that the phone number is haunted. Also, few people say that the movie was made after the real incidents surrounding the creepy 999-9999 number which was really haunted.

5. 8287560109

This one definitely sounds like a haunted phone number. This number is based in MARION, NORTH CAROLINA in McDowell County, about 85 miles west and slightly north of CHARLOTTE. When you call the number, you hear disturbing and blaring noises. You will then hear a man frantically conveying what sounds like a message in binary. When this binary message is converted into text, you get the word “death.”

This sounds extremely spooky because this message of death is not just delivered in a horrid way but also creatively in binary code. You can share your ordeal with your social media friends and tell them to try out the phone number too! Pro tip – This one seems to work only in the United States. It totally deserves to be on the list of creepy phone numbers to call.

6. Red Number

The Red Number case which originated in Pakisthan literally scared the entire Muslim community around Pakistan. In 2007, many people in Pakistan received e-mails and text messages from different IDs and phone numbers that warned people not to lift numbers with red-colored digits. According to this mail, the red number call will have a high-frequency range which will damage the brain Nerves of Humans and even might kill them.

The rumor was so strongly spread that the Government of Pakistan ordered an inquiry into the details. Though Pakistan Government rubbished the theory after investigation, the rumor was already spread to entire Pakistan and even to adjacent countries. The Red Number became an International phenomenon and many people around the world still believe it even today.

7. 0888 888 888

The number 0888 888 888 is associated with misfortunes. The Bulgarians consider it one of the cursed phone numbers in the world. The first owner died of radioactive poisoning cancer, while the second and third owners were shot dead in Bulgaria's streets. Mobitel, the phone company, was forced to suspend contact following these incidences. To date, any attempt to call the number directs you to a voice mail message stating no network.

8. 801 820 0263

Photo: youtube
Photo: youtube

People tried calling this number and found it to be a petrifying one. You can hear so many things simultaneously when you call this number. You can hear a man counting from 1-3 and 7, and these creepy phone numbers are repeated over and over again, followed by the sound of a man calling out your name. The horrid voice goes on to describe what you are doing and where you are at the moment. It will creep you out.

9. 20202020

Talk to someone who grew up in the UK during the 1970s or ‘80s, and they might — if they were into ghost stories or other spooky subjects back then — tell you about something odd and unsettling that happened if you entered a public phone booth and dialed a certain number, often identified as 20202020: Upon connecting, you’d supposedly hear a woman’s voice on the other end repeat the message, “Help me, help me, Susie’s dying.” Occasionally, the story states that the message wasn’t “Susie’s dying,” but “Susie’s drowning” — but no matter the manner or method specified, the voice is typically described as emotionless and monotone.

It’s worth pointing out that 20202020 is only one possible number you might find connected with this legend; in recent years, it’s emerged as the most repeated one, but some folks recall the number consisting not simply of twos and zeroes, but of other combinations: Ones, twos, and zeroes; twos and threes; and so on and so forth. What is clear, though, is that the digits involved are pretty much always between the numbers zero and three, inclusive.

10. 666 666 6666

Many Americans and a few people from other parts of the world believe that 666-666-6666 or 1-666-666-66666 is perhaps a devil number. Many people have reported strange occurrences happening after dialing either this number or variations of the number. Few people reportedly received Creepy messages and heard different things. The numbers were also reportedly not showing up on their phone bills either.

With multiple stories like this from around the US and outside the country, the number 666-666-6666 or to be precise the sequence of numbers starting with 666 are considered devil numbers and are avoided.

11. 1 (216) 333 1810

Will you hear a daughter pleading with her mother to spare her life when you call 216 333 1810? The story further states that she gets locked in a room, and gunshot sounds fill the back end. Well, a popular rock band used this tactic to get the world's attention. Call it now to find out the truth once and for all.

12. 777-7777

Here’s one that’s stood the test of time for people who grew up in Indonesia: In the ‘90s, a legend circulated about a figure called Mr. Gepeng — the spirit of a wealthy man who was flattened either by an elevator, depending on who you talk to, and who you could get in touch with if you dialed the haunted phone number 777-7777. Exactly why you want to call him varies, though. According to one version of the story recounted by Adi Renaldi at Vice in 2018, Mr. Gepeng was carrying a briefcase full of money at the time of his demise; if you call him, a stack of cash — presumably from the briefcase he was carrying — would magically appear in your toilet.

13. 913 535 6280 or 207 536 8474

Filmmakers turned Stephen King's novel into a blockbuster film named Alamo Drafthouse and implemented the old trick to push it towards supernatural success. These people came up with the scary Pennywise's numbers, and it is still the scariest phone number in 2021. What is Pennywise's number? People would call the fictional Derry Police Department using 913 535 6280 or 207 536 8474. You would listen to the sounds of Pennywise slaughtering a police officer. People dropped the calls with their faces turning red and muscles feeling numb. The phone contacts are still active today for you to text or call.

14. 408 634 2806

An older adult listened to a petrifying message over the phone. Among the top scary phone numbers 2020 that you should never call is the Red Room Number. It is believed kidnappers will track your location if you call the number or receive its call. They will torture and kill you and then air on the web video footage of your last minutes or days on earth.

15. 777888999

In 2017, a piece of copypasta began making the rounds on WhatsApp in India: If you receive a phone call on the widely-used communication app from the number 777888999, don’t answer it, the copypasta said; if you do, it might set your phone on fire, or even make it explode, taking you along with it. Alternatively, a slightly different story connected to the same number insisted that, if you answered, a woman on the other end would tell you it’s the last call you’ll ever receive — and, again, you’d expire shortly after

16. 913-535-6280

The Kansas number, 913- 535-6280, is also among the creepy numbers to call. It connects callers to the fictional Derry Police Department. The number was meant for reporting missing kids information in the 90s. However, the number is mainly used during Halloween, at which point dialling the phone number, the sound of a policeman being butchered is heard.

17. 630-296-7536

Another creepy phone number to call is 630-296-7536. Once the call goes through, a woman's voice is heard on the receiving end, telling callers that their information is being traced. Soon afterwards, callers would be given an appointment with the plan to remodel your life. Based on that plan, you may get goosebumps at the thought of what might happen to you.

18. 646-868-1844

If you call this number, you will be greeted by strange, bell-like tones concluding with an answerphone tone. Of course, it is weird to get such a reply when calling a new number, and it gives most people jitters. And the story goes that once you hang up, you will receive a text with a chaotic combination of words within seconds. You will have to try it out to learn the meaning of the text message.

19. Momo’s Numbers

Photo: knowyourmeme
Photo: knowyourmeme

For several years in the late 2010s, a nebulously horrifying entity called “Momo” became the bogeyman on which parents, caregivers, and other authority figures hung all their anxieties about children and mental health. It didn’t matter that the images purporting to depict “Momo” were really just photographs of a sculpture by Japanese artist Keisuke Aisawa titled “Ubume,” or “Mother Bird”; the creature seen in these images looked frightening enough that it quickly became associated with a variety of weird stories and urban legends perpetuated across multiple social media platforms and throughout various online communities.

But originally, Momo didn’t arise on Twitter, or on Instagram, or on Facebook, or even YouTube, where she achieved her final form, so to speak. When Momo first arrived on the scene, she was on WhatsApp. She also spoke mainly Spanish, and the numbers she could be reached at reflected this fact: Early on, three possible numbers WhatsApp users could text in the hopes that they’d get some kind of response were +573135292569 and +5226681734379 — numbers that feature the country codes for Colombia and Mexico, respectively. A third, however, hinted at Momo’s true origins: +81345102539, which uses the country code for Japan. When texted, these “haunted” phone numbers would occasionally respond with rude or insulting messages; the truly horrible stuff didn’t kick up until later on.

20. 669-444-1925

First, there was Momo; then there was Yotteno, a similarly horrifying, female-presenting creature that swept the internet around 2020. Unlike Momo, however, Yotteno never really made it to English-speaking audiences; she’s to be found primarily in Indonesian sources.

No one has yet determined who is behind the Yotteno phenomenon, although it’s been proposed that it’s all some sort of identity stealing hacking scheme. But here’s the really interesting thing: Although Yotteno has spread primarily across Indonesian social media, her WhatsApp number is not, as Indonesian gaming and e-sports website GGWP pointed out in June of 2020, an Indonesian number.

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