What is 855 Area Code Number: Location, Ways to Get and Use, Benefits
What is 855 Area Code Number: Location, Ways to Get and Use, Benefits
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Seeing a new area code can be pretty daunting, especially with all the news of phone scams; things can get quite tense. When one calls their phone company and inquires about an 855 area code, they get a simple answer: it is a toll-free number. That's all the information they get. It's no surprise that people search online to find more information about this so-called "toll-free" phone number.

Toll-free 855 phone numbers eliminate long-distance charges for your callers while boosting your reputation, so you can earn more leads and customers with ease. With an 855 area code, you can choose from a wide range of memorable number combinations and vanity numbers. This post will helps you can understand the 855 area code.

What is Area code?

These codes assist in making long-distance calls covering a larger geographic region including various large cities and towns. These codes are assigned to the districts lower than the country i.e. cities and towns.

There are basically two types of area code:

Local: The local area codes are used to make local phone calls. 8 The code dedicated to London is 020 whereas for Manchester it is 0161, although both are the cities of England.

Toll-free number: These are the codes used for making cost-free calls. In UK toll-free numbers are dialed with the prefixes of 0800 or 0808.

What is an 855 area code number?

Photo: projecthatch
Photo: projecthatch

An 855 number is a toll-free number, meaning it’s free for callers to dial. No matter the distance, your leads, clients, and other stakeholders can speak with you in real-time without worrying about the cost.

Phone numbers with 855 area codes are accessible to callers in all 20 countries included in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), including the United States, Canada, The Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic. So even if your US client is vacationing in the Caribbean, they can reach you for free like they’re back at home.

Where did Area Code 855 start from?

As stated earlier, area codes are specific to a particular country or even city. Some area codes can be used for long-distance calls. For instance, code 855 has its origin from countries in North America.

It is also a non-geographic area code which means that it has no specific place, but it can operate universally. Phone scammers have taken advantage of the prefix of these area codes because it will be difficult to know where the location of the scammer.

They have formed the habit of calling and acting as if they are agents of a legitimate business. There has been a massive increase in the number of these scams, hence, you should consider it as one of the toll-free numbers.

The 855-toll number is given by the FCC. Some other codes with prefixes like 866, 833, 800, 866, etc, are also used within the United States. The purpose of these codes is to ensure that two-way courts are authentically rooted and secured.

Is the 855 area code legit or a Scam?

It is important to know that this area code is not a scam but that does not mean that you cannot get spam calls from different numbers.

Scammers have devised a means to trap victims by dialing different country could numbers. Whenever you receive a code for this number, you don’t need to fret because it is legit. However, you still need to be careful, especially when getting different info online.

Do not by any means give anybody information about your credit card. Banks or other financial authorities would never ask you for such information. You cannot know when a call from the 855-area code is legit or a scam.

What is the difference between +855 and 00855?

Formerly the telephone codes or prefixes of any country always began with 00. Still, with the appearance of mobile devices, the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) standard began to allow the use of the “+” sign as a substitute for 00. Therefore, if you want to call Cambodia, you can use the area code +855 or 00855 before the phone number you wish to contact.

Toll-free numbers begin with one of the following three-digit codes: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833. Toll-free numbers allow callers to contact companies or individuals without paying for those calls. The cost of using a toll-free number is borne by the called party (the toll-free number subscriber) rather than the calling party. It is possible to make calls directly to your company or your hotline through toll-free numbers.

Toll-free numbers are widespread and have proven to be an efficient business tool, particularly in consumer services and telemarketing. The toll-free service offers potential customers and other parties a free and convenient way to contact companies that have the service.

What are the benefits of the 855 toll-free phone number?

Photo: marvelvietnam
Photo: marvelvietnam

Due to no charges on the person who’s calling these numbers, it is helpful for the individual to reach out to any business or personnel via long-distance call. And if someone has his/her own business than toll free numbers are must for them due to following reasons:

  1. The most important reason is that these numbers are now status symbol. Since it was difficult to afford one when they were introduced.
  2. Presence of a toll free number recommends a trust worthy business.
  3. More importantly for any business customer support and appeal is all that matters and for this purpose these numbers already allow them to make phone calls without being charged which guarantees customer compliance.

What time zone is 855?

The 855 toll-free prefix could originate from anywhere in the US and covers multiple time zones from Pacific Standard Time to Eastern Standard Time.

What services does area code 855 offer?

Some companies have decided to use toll-free numbers in the 855 area code because people will not be charged when calling certain services. Most of these services will be free because the companies that offer them are not making a profit from them.

The 855 toll-free number service allows businesses to choose a phone number in the 855 area code and assign it to their business or service. This is an excellent way for someone looking for information to find it quickly and easily. The use of such numbers has allowed businesses big and small to compete with each other because no matter who they are, if their phone number ends with 800 or 888 as opposed to 855, they will be charged for the call.

Why is this 855 area code so unique?

There are a number of reasons why this 855 area code is unique.

  • The first is that it is one of the few area codes that has never been used before. It was originally assigned to an unused number block.
  • The second is that it is one of the few area code that has never been used in a particular state.
  • The third is that it is one of the few area codes that has never been used in the same city.
  • The fourth is that it is one of the few area codes that has never been used outside of the United States.

Certain area codes are unique to the area in which they are located. In some cases, these area codes are given a name or a nickname. Some area codes have a name that goes back to when they were first created. In the United States, area codes can be found in every state. However, there are some states that don’t have any area codes yet.

Is 855 area code free?

All the toll-free numbers have been in practice for a long time, back in 1990s. Some of them have been popular and have been used frequently by the users and specifically 855 area code is a good example for the business owners. 1 Moreover, they have been assigned by one of the biggest organizations 1 i.e. FCC so we can trust them as long as the safety is concerned and can say that they are safe to be used.

Is number 855 area code safe?

Yes, it is since it is a toll-free number and also due to the fact that this number has been in service since July 2000. Aside from these two reasons it is the country code of Cambodia which is another reason for this number’s safety.

How to get an 855 area code number

Photo: quora
Photo: quora

Getting a toll-free telephone number is easier than ever. You don’t need to drive over to your local AT&T store or set up a landline in a physical office. You can simply claim your number as you’re signing up for a VoIP service.

With OpenPhone, for example, getting a toll-free number only takes a few steps.

  1. Go to OpenPhone’s website to start your free trial.
  2. Enter your email or sign in with Google.
  3. Pick your OpenPhone number. You can tap on “Toll-free numbers” or enter a specific toll-free area code like “855.”
  4. Enter your credit card to start the trial. You can cancel anytime and won’t be charged until after the trial.

Once you complete the signup process, you’ll instantly be able to use your toll-free number on our web and mobile apps.

OpenPhone also supports free phone number porting. If you get your toll-free number from somewhere else, fill out this 1-minute porting form, and we’ll take care of the rest at no cost!

While some VoIP platorms may set different limitations for what you can do with your toll-free number, OpenPhone ensures you can fully meet your business needs from day one. All OpenPhone users, including toll-free subscribers, can access features like:

  • Unlimited calls and texts in the US and Canada
  • Shared phone numbers
  • Business app integrations
  • Auto-attendant (IVR)
  • Voicemail transcriptions
  • Call recording
  • Dedicated customer support

How to call someone with the 855 area code?

For or a quick, easy, and cheap way to call someone from your area code, you can use 855-638-xxxx. These are the area codes for a variety of states and countries. For example, 855-638-4309 is the area code for California. In order to call someone with the 855 area code, you’ll first need to know the area code of the person you’re trying to call. However, you can also just call 855-638-xxxx, and it will automatically connect you to the person with whom you are trying to call. This can be especially helpful if you’re calling from a different area code.

How to stop 855 area code calls?

The frequent calls from toll-free numbers can easily be blocked via the following two options:

  • There is an option in the settings, entitled as 'Call blocking and Identification 10’. Allow this option to tack the caller IDs and to block the calls by turning them on or off. Block the number 855 to never get a call from it again.

  • Another option includes registering your phone number 37 on which you are receiving the calls, to a national DO NOT CALL list with no charge by dialing 1-888-382-1222. This national list protect you from landline phone numbers specifically.

What is Voice Over IP?

Voice Over IP or VoIP is a technology that enables information or data to be transmitted through the internet. This entails the transfer of sound clips rather than phone lines.

Since they do not use standard phone lines, they are able to offer more options regarding calls. For example, since calls are routed through the internet, you can call someone even if you are in another country as long as both parties have access to an internet connection. You are also able to increase the number of available channels for businesses and establishments.

You may now avail of these toll-free numbers, especially area code 855, for your service lines, just in case! Remember that you can't mix and match these area codes with their corresponding number, so make sure to look into them first before using them. You can also get in touch with service providers to learn more about their offer before doing so!

Is area code 855 a VOIP number?

Usually, area codes like this are associated with Voice over Internet Protocol or VOIP, which means that the number is for a telephone service where all calls use an internet connection. Since 855 isn't VOIP as it is considered as a standard telephony service (telephone-related) and not related to VoIP, you can make phone calls to these numbers using your existing telephone line through the traditional circuit-switched telephone network.

If there are any problems with your dialing with your traditional phone lines, then it's best to contact your telecommunications service provider so they can help you locate the problem, especially if you've recently upgraded or even changed your equipment. Remember that dialing rules are different per country or per provider, so it's recommended to use an online telephone number checker in order to find out how you should properly dial these numbers in the US.

Are there any famous people with this 855 area code?

Despite the fact that there are no celebrities with this area code, there are still people with this 855 area code. If you are looking for celebrities with this area code, you may want to check out the following people: Mark S. Miller, Terrence J. Murphy, and Brian O’Meara.

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