Actors of Netflix's 'The Chosen One' Die in Mexico Car Crash
Actors of Netflix's 'The Chosen One' Die in Mexico Car Crash

Who Have Died After Car Crash in Mexico

Two actors on the upcoming Netflix series "The Chosen One" were killed and six others who were part of the cast and crew were injured after the van they were in crashed near Mulegé on the Baja California Sur peninsula in Mexico.

The accident was not on the set of the show, but happened in transit from Santa Rosalía to the local airport on June 16.

A car carrying several members of the series’ cast and crew reportedly crashed and flipped, injuring six members of the streaming series’ production crew, and killing two performers, identified as Raymundo Garduño Cruz and Juan Francisco González Aguilar.

Raymundo Garduño Cruz and Juan Francisco González Aguilar were in a van when the vehicle overturned after leaving a road.

On Twitter, actor and director Fernando Bonilla, said that Garduño Cruz was "a festive and generous friend."

"It is imperative that the production report how many hours of rest the driver who lost control of the truck had," he wrote about the accident.

Facts About the Car Accident

Local media reported the crash happened Thursday and said the van flipped after running off the road in a desert area. The crew had apparently been working in the nearby Santa Rosalía area at the time.

The accident happened on a desert road near Mulege on the Baja California Sur peninsula. The crew was filming in nearby Santa Rosalia.

The accident occurred when the victims were in transit from Santa Rosalía to the local airport on June 16th.

The injured cast and crew members are in stable condition.

What Is "The Chosen One"

What is "The Chosen One" and Who Died in Car Crash
Tuna Dwek, Mariano Mattos Martins, Gutto Szuster, Paloma Bernardi, Pedro Caetano, Renan Tenca, and Alli Willow from “O Escolhido” (“The Chosen One”) on Netflix

The Chosen One series is about a 12-year-old boy who learns he’s the returned Jesus Christ, destined to save humankind. It is based on the comic book series by Mark Millar and Peter Gross. It's unrelated to another show featured on streaming service with the same name. That show features three doctors aiming to bring a Zika vaccine to the remote Pantanal region in South America.

The production of "The Chosen One" series has been temporarily paused by Redrum, the company running the filming.

“O Escolhido,” a Brazilian show on Netflix also known as “The Chosen One” in the United States, has a layered folklore reminiscent of other genre shows. The best aspect to the show (so far) is its ability not to stray too far from the premise.

The series appears to be distinct from a different Netflix series titled The Chosen One, which is filmed in Brazil, and which aired 2 seasons in 2019.

What is "The Chosen One" and Who Died in Car Crash
The Chosen One or American Jesus Adapt Pauses Production

Filming on The Chosen One (which has previously been talked about under the title American Jesus) reportedly started in Mexico back in April.

The The Chosen One series is being produced for the streaming service by an “unidentified independent production company”. Although it was initially announced back in 2018 as one of several projects Netflix was producing with Mark Millar’s Millarworld comic imprint.

Originally published in 2004 as Chosen, and then later retitled American Jesus, the comic (created by Millar and Peter Gross for Dark Horse) centers on a 12-year-old boy who discovers he’s the second coming of Jesus Christ. (Millar at least once tongue-in-cheek referred to the book as “a sequel to the Bible.”)

Multilingual (Spanish/English) series American Jesus follows a twelve-year-old boy who suddenly discovers he’s returned as Jesus Christ. He can turn water into wine, make the crippled walk, and, perhaps, even raise the dead! How will he deal with the destiny to lead the world in a conflict thousands of years in the making? Everardo Gout (Marvel’s Luke Cage, Sacred Lies, Mars, Banshee, Aqui En La Tierra) and Leopoldo Gout (Molly’s Game, Instinct) will serve as co-showrunners and executive producers on the series. Everardo Gout will also direct.

Watch The Chosen One's Official Trailer: