30 Easy Ways To Earn $20 Right Now
20+ Easy Ways To Earn $20 Right Now
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What side business can I start to earn $20 a day?

People who want to supplement their regular day work with additional income sometimes use side hustles. A side gig might be anything from designing websites to walking pets to housecleaning. Professionals of all stripes, from newly hired entry-level employees to top earners in their industries, have side businesses.

How do I earn $20 in five minutes?

If you need $20 or more right now, Albert is one of the greatest cash advance applications. By opening an account, you can receive a $250 advance on your paycheck, which you can repay with your subsequent direct deposit.

20+ Easy Ways To Earn $20 Right Now

1. Complete online questionnaires

Survey websites are a primary source of income for people who use the internet. There are a ton of websites available that permit you to accomplish that.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of surveys before we highlight our top websites.

The following are survey sites' primary advantages:

It's simple labor.

Suitable for doing whilst viewing films or television shows

normally doesn't need anything further

Among the drawbacks are:

To earn $20, you might need to sign up for several sites.

It takes a lot of surveys to get a good living.

Top sites to do online surveys to earn money

Junkie Surveys

With this website, you may complete surveys and get paid anywhere from $5 to $18 per hour.


Upon signing up, you receive $5. In addition, you receive points for completing tasks like watching advertisements, taking quizzes, and shopping online.

America's Springboard

This website is quite credible and has been in existence for a long time. There are surveys on their site that pay up to $50.


The drawback is that because so many individuals apply, it can be extremely difficult to get into a survey.

Points of Life

MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket are likely familiar to you if you have been involved in paid surveys for any length of time. Those two survey panels are now known as LifePoints after they combined. They offer an abundance of fascinating surveys. You receive points for completing each survey, which you can exchange for PayPal cash or gift cards to places like Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, and many more.

PineCone Investigations

The only website that offers $3 for each survey you complete. If you want easy money, you have to join this site.


It's your best chance if you've ever wondered how to get $20 in five minutes.

Points are awarded for completing surveys, making purchases, viewing videos, and more. Following that, you may exchange your points for gift cards from more than 300 retailers, such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart. The fact that you are paid right away is the finest thing about this website. Get your gift card code by email in a matter of seconds by using your points to redeem for any kind of gift card. It is the fastest it gets.

2. Accept little jobs

Freelance work and other small assignments typically don't require a lot of time to accomplish, making them excellent side gigs for extra money. You can start with a variety of apps and websites, like the ones below.


You can find modest local jobs you can accomplish with this app. These are part-time occupations designed to be side projects for additional income.


This website is helpful if you enjoy variety in your work. It teaches you how to perform a variety of chores that customers want. After that, you are free to select the tasks you wish to work on.

Worker Rabbit

You can find local part-time employment on Task Rabbit, a job forum. There are several things you can do there, like:


tidying up



Assembly of Furniture

Personal Helper

Since most occupations just require you to do an action once, you can likely earn your $20 in a single day.


On the website Dolly, you can offer to assist others with their moves in exchange for roughly $15 per hour. You must be physically fit and robust to perform manual tasks. This is a good place to make over $20 in two jobs or fewer if you can do so.

Quick Chart

Work from home as a medical transcriptionist and get money. Establish your own schedule and work whenever suits you.

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3. Play Games and Test Sites

Here's a creative method to earn an additional $20. Businesses will really pay you to playtest their games or websites as they record you doing so.


Do you own a mobile phone? If so, you are welcome to work for this company as a mobile game tester. About fifteen minutes pass between each session. As each session costs $9, you must complete three sessions in order to receive $20.

Testing by users

Because of the huge payment, this site can be a little difficult to join, but if you can, it's a fantastic chance! For testing an app or website while you record yourself, you get $60. You work through a list of duties while talking aloud about what's on your mind.

User Experience

Each time you test a website or app, you get $10. There are 10 to 20 minutes in each session. That means you can make $20 in less than an hour!

4. Get compensated for your book reviews

Do you have a preference for reading? In that case, this is a wise choice for you.

You are paid by review companies to read books and provide frank assessments of them. Thus, you benefit from a free book in addition to being paid to read!

Each website has a distinct pay range, so before accepting an offer, thoroughly study the terms and conditions. These are some websites you should visit.

Virtual Book Club

You will just receive the book for free in exchange for your first review. After that, you will be qualified for the paid review positions if your review is well-written. As of right now, most rewards per review fall between $5 and $60.

The American Booksellers Association

The maximum length for each review is just 300 words. You also receive your books at no cost!


Two weeks after you are assigned a review, which is around 350 words long, it is due. You have the chance to review books in every category.

Women's Review of Literature

This is a useful website to visit if you are a woman who has worked in journalism, academia, or writing. $100 is paid for each published review!

List of Books

The maximum length of a review on this website is 175 words. You will be paid $15 each review; however, you will only be paid $5 if your review is declined.

5. Online English tutoring

Online English teaching is a fantastic option. Should you possess previous instructing experience, you already possess a solid understanding of how to accomplish this. But even those who have never taught before are welcome to give it a shot.

6. Make use of shopping applications

Shopping applications are more about getting cashback than they are about making money. But those additional rebates can mount up.

To maximize your earnings, we advise you to register for as many as you can and use various applications to scan your receipts.


After you scan your first receipt, you'll receive a $10 bonus. Then, for each friend you recommend who scans a receipt, you get $5. You can get your $20 straight away if you can persuade two of your friends to join up.

Rakuten, the former Ebates

In addition to earning more from cash-back offers, discounts, and promo codes, you also receive a $10 incentive for signing up. Additionally, they feature a friend referral scheme that increases your earnings.


Wish to reduce your petrol costs? You can use this software to capture a picture of any gas receipt and receive 1% cashback.


You don't even need to snap photos of the receipts for this one. When an item's price drops after you buy it, the app promptly provides you a refund. It does this by scanning your emails for any online purchases you've made. Talk about quick money!

7. Senior and Child Care

If you start a daycare or elder care business, making $20 is simple. Usually, you can earn more than that from a single client in a single evening. Most tasks can be completed in a few hours.

To find out more and apply for jobs in your region, visit Care.com.

8. Trade in Your Old Items

Search your home for any undesired items, such as outdated dressers, sofas, bookcases, or kitchenware. Next, think about listing them on Nextdoor or Facebook Marketplace, two selling apps.

This is a really effective method of making some room and getting rid of undesirable items. It's a win-win situation, and I can assure you that offers for your old items will come in soon!

9. Sell Any Unwanted Electronics

Everybody has a closet or cellar that is buried deep beneath a cemetery for electronics. When you have an old television screen, smartphone, DVD player, or video gaming system that you no longer need, submit it here.

Sell these equipment to Decluttr, a company that buys unwanted tech and even pays for packing and shipping, to turn this collection of gathering dust into cash.

Electronics that have been cleaned of outdated data by Decluttr are then recycled or offered for sale in their web store.

10. Dog walking and pet sitting

Do you adore animals? This is a fantastic opportunity if you do. You can watch dogs or take them for walks and earn money using the Rover app. The majority of jobs pay $20.

If you are a pet lover, this will undoubtedly be more enjoyable even if it requires more work than a basic survey.

You can earn money by offering to walk or monitor pets for pet owners using the Rover app. Ten bucks is readily earned in a single walk.

11. Get paid to drive

Do you drive a beautiful, dependable car? Are you a driver? Then these are the ideas for you.

Delivery of Food

These days, food delivery is growing in popularity. Many customers wish to order food from their preferred restaurant but are informed that delivery is not available.

Here's where you fit in. Deliver meals to customers by working for DoorDash or Uber Eats. You may easily make $20 working one to three jobs.


Grocery delivery is comparable to food delivery in this case. For whatever reason, people hire you to bring their food when they are unable to visit the grocery shop. You must work quickly and with dependability for this position.

Lyft or Uber

These apps are presumably familiar to you, but in case not, here's how they operate. Through the app, people may get in touch with you and request rides to any destination. They will pay you once you drop them off if you choose to give them a ride.

Making $20 only requires working two or three jobs. The primary drawback is that you always need to keep your car clean.

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12. Get rid of your stuff

Selling your possessions quickly is the easiest option to earn cash if you truly need it now. Take a look around your home to discover what items you seldom use. You might be shocked at how much you're willing to give up. Here are some inspirations to get you going.

Trade in your unwanted gift cards.

Do you have gift cards that you are certain you will never use? Consider selling them at Raise or Cardpool.

Outdated electronics

A helpful resource to look at while attempting to get rid of electronics is Gazelle. Decluttr occasionally offers higher prices for devices than any other website, so you should give them a look as well.

If you'd like, you can also resell these things on other websites. But always remember to factory reset devices, such as laptops and phones, to ensure that no personal information is stored on them!


Do you want to organize your closets? You may sell clothes online in a plethora of venues.


All you really need for this idea is a basic understanding of photography, editing abilities, and a respectable camera.

You can sell on the following websites:

Adobe Images




500 px


Offer to sell lesson plans

Because it benefits instructors, this is one of my favorite websites! You can sell your lesson plans on Teachers Pay Teachers if you're a teacher. You get paid each month if someone purchases one of your lesson plans, and you get to choose your own prices.

Hold a yard sale.

Consider holding a yard sale if you're reading this in the summer or anywhere else with pleasant weather! In only one weekend, you can earn some respectable extra money by selling all the old trash you don't want.

You can use Facebook Marketplace or signs to promote it for free.

13. Lease an extra room

Since I am aware that not everyone has a spare room in their home, this will obviously not work for everyone. But if you do, think about using Airbnb to rent it out. Just a few evenings a month can easily earn you a few hundred dollars.

14. Launch the Nielsen app

It costs $50 per year to download this software.

The drawback?

They keep an eye on how much time you spend online on your phone or PC. But all of the information they gather is just connected to your demography and not to your name.

15. Drive-by-Ride

Uber and Lyft are two separate ridesharing businesses that provide car owners the chance to get compensated for driving.

With the help of these services, you may practically convert your automobile into a taxi, enabling you to pick up and drop off customers at the airport, bank, or place of employment during your free time.

Just remember that apps like Lyft and Uber take a portion of your earnings. Instead of paying a fee each time you pick up a customer, think about developing direct connections with people on the side, requesting recommendations, and taking on the role of private driver.

16. Utilize MistPlay to play games

Make money just by engaging in mobile gaming. How does it operate? Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Install any game that MistPlay has available.

Step 2: To get points, play the game.

Step 3: Exchange your points for complimentary gift cards.

It's simple, enjoyable, and free to do while you're engaged in other activities.

17. Make Your Home Clean

I realize this seems like a strange recommendation. But you'd be shocked at how much cash you might have laying about your home that you were unaware of.


wallets that you have stopped using

handbags that you kept hidden after growing tired of them

You haven't washed those jeans on the floor for weeks.

The car's cup holders

Jars for dropping spare change

even beneath the cushions on your sofa

Little things add up, and it will also assist you in keeping the house clean!

18. Watch the kids

Check out your buddy list on Facebook by going there. It's likely that a few individuals at the very least have little children and require a night off.

If you think someone fits this description, consider sending them a note to let them know you enjoy working with children and are searching for additional work. You never know who might accept your offer—some folks might just be searching for an excuse to spend the night away from their children.

You may be able to secure a reliable part-time employment if you perform well and arrive on time. Additionally, pay is usually made under the table, meaning rapid money. Using websites like Care.com to find babysitting jobs is another option.

19. Record Audio and Transcribing

Those with good typing and listening abilities should think about transcribing audio for professionals and businesses.

Today, the majority of businesses use automatic transcription services to convert audio files—such as podcasts, audio interviews, and customer calls—into text. These services need to be edited because they aren't always accurate.

As a result, there are numerous chances to convert audio into well-written text. Transcribing unfinished audio or editing written content can earn you money.

20. Engage in Virtual Assistant Work

Office assistants used to have to be present at all times. The majority of businesses these days use virtual assistants to assist with routine administrative work while they operate remotely.

As an independent contractor, you can work as a virtual assistant on a flexible schedule. Additionally, some assistants decide to work part-time.

If you're very detail-oriented, have excellent multitasking skills, follow through on tasks, and pay great attention to details, think considering being a virtual assistant.

21. Using Backyard Chickens to Make Money from Eggs

We have pet hens in our backyard, despite the fact that we live in a city.

One thing we've done as I've started educating our children about money is to give them responsibility for gathering the eggs.

We then deposit the $5 per dozen organic, free-range eggs that we sell to friends and neighbors into their bank accounts.

We receive roughly 20–25 eggs a week from our four hens. If you package and sell the eggs, you could easily make $20!

22. Cancel your Netflix subscription to earn $20 now

The list is endless and includes Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, HBO, and Disney+. If you're anything like me, you subscribe to services and then forget about them forever.

Occasionally, saving $20 is simpler than making $20. Examine all of your subscriptions to see which ones you actually use.

This is the ideal time to cancel the ones you don't need if you require more money. You can always resubscribe at a later time when your finances are better.

23. Obtain a Loan

There are times when having quick access to money is necessary, and there's no getting around it. For instance, you could not have any savings after losing your work, which would make it difficult for you to put food on the table or pay the rent. You might not be able to go hours or days without money in this situation.

You might be able to get by in this position by taking out a personal loan. Just keep in mind that you will always be required to repay loans with interest. If you don't, lenders may pursue you more aggressively and harm your credit score.

Last Words

After reading this post, all you need to do to begin making money on some of these websites is follow through. Once you choose the ones you truly enjoy doing, test out these various concepts one more time.

Making $20 now or in the next 24 hours is simpler than it has ever been because to the abundance of possibilities available. Heck, you could practically quickly make an extra $20 with some of these and have that $20 transferred in your bank account that same day.

You may be astonished to discover that you wish to keep up these routines for years to come!

Have you tried any of these local or online side gigs for money? Do you have any further advice to offer for those who are in a bind and require $20 right away?

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