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Best Free Websites That Make Student Life Easier in 2024

1. Mint

With Mint, creating a personal financial plan is simple and the app syncs with your bank account. Mint combines all of your accounts to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your financial status. Setting up a budget requires a 15–20 minute initial time investment, but Mint makes the process easy and painless.

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Mint - Photo: lifehack

Then, Mint can help you stay within your spending limit and alert you when you are about to go over your spending limit or run out of money—a very useful feature for the thrifty, busy college student. This software is available on a variety of platforms.

When to Use It: Set aside 15 minutes before classes resume to connect your credit card and bank accounts to Mint and make a monthly budget before you even return to class. Remember to include sections for groceries, dining, entertainment, public transportation, and travel!

2. Pocket

Have you ever read a fascinating article that caught your attention and you wanted to bookmark for later reading, but you forgot about it and never saw it again? This issue is resolved by using Pocket, which allows you to bookmark any content you find for later reading.

Because you can bookmark interesting articles and studies in one practical, easily accessible location, it is ideal for both study and entertainment. Because Pocket allows you to quickly and easily find relevant articles while you write by marking them with the paper name, it makes writing research papers much easier. Never again misplace an article.

When to Use It: Begin your research for a paper or presentation as soon as possible to avoid losing any important information. Because Pocket allows you to view articles offline, you can catch up on your reading while you wait for the 4 train or your next trip home.

3. Evernote

Evernote is an excellent tool for students to keep their class notes and information organized because it offers both free and paid editions. They can organize all of their notes in one location and sync them with their computer, phone, and the internet by creating Evernote notebooks for each class. To keep everything for that class in one place and searchable within Evernote, it's easy to add scanned handouts and class emails to the same notebook.

When to Use It: Evernote is great at enabling the addition of multiple file types to a single note. The next time you're in class, take notes while the lecture is being given, then type them all together into a single note. Referring back to your notes and listening to the lecture again will help you retain the material when it comes time to study for the test.

4. Healthline

Photo healthline

The stress of being a student is immense, involving everything from housing arrangements to assignments and tests. It can be a demanding time when you must give your objectives all of your attention. You can also subscribe to Healthline, which is an excellent resource for your health and wellbeing, as an extra self-help resource.

The platform assists you in resolving the majority of issues that students encounter. But you should be aware that it is not a suitable replacement for counseling or therapy.

5. Any.DO

Utilize this popular to-do list application to effectively manage your time. With Any.DO, you can make and manage a list of daily tasks, and it will remind you when they're due. Though there are other list-making apps out there, Any.DO is simple, effective, and will assist you in finishing all of your tasks on schedule.

Any. Additionally, DO boasts the wonderful feature of geolocation, which allows you to set it to remind you every time you are in a particular place (for example, you can set it to remind you to buy a textbook when you walk past the bookstore).

When to Use It: Make use of the "Any.DO Moment" feature first thing in the morning to assess the tasks you have planned for the day, decide what needs to be done, and adjust your plans accordingly.


If This, Then That, or IFTTT, functions as a virtual personal "assistant" that you can teach to integrate different tasks and apps into causal links. With IFTTT, you can create "recipes" for your smartphone.

You can set your phone to text you the weather report each day or to notify you when an important professor emails you. The nearly infinite customization options available in this app allow you to plan both the big picture and the little details of your life.

When to Use It: There's nothing worse than being caught in a downpour in New York City without an umbrella. Use this recipe to have a text message (or email) delivered to you the day before rain is expected.

Best Free Websites To Download Books

7. Bookboon

Photo DW
Bookboon - Photo: DW

If you are a business major or are enrolled in multiple STEM courses, Bookboon is an excellent resource for searching through free online textbooks. Bookboon, which was first established in Denmark in 1988 and evolved into a comprehensive eBook publishing business in 2005, has grown over time to become the most extensive online textbook resource. Since the books are essentially free to download, students really adore it. All books are written by professors and experts and are brief and to the point.

You might wonder, where's the catch? You won't be able to obtain just any book you need by title or author because the books are free; instead, you can only select the resources the website offers.

8. Project Gutenberg

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Project Gutenberg - Photo: Alamy

You can read and download more than 60,000 free ebooks at Project Gutenberg. The novels can be downloaded to PCs or Kindle devices, or they can be read online. Consider the timeless masterpieces. Books in the Gutenberg library are the only ones still protected by copyright in the United States. This implies that the pieces were released prior to 1924.

With the name taken from Johannes Gutenberg, the man who invented the printing press, a nonprofit organization known as Project Gutenberg seeks to break down barriers to education by providing information in multiple languages and formats.

Unlike other websites that are erratic about the file types available for any given book, Project Gutenberg provides HTML, PDF, MOBI (for the Kindle), EPUB, and even plain text for every title.

Since it includes most of the classics, this one is a must-have if you're a student of the humanities or literature. It is less trustworthy with more recent textbooks, but you never know.

9. The Assayer

Regretfully, a lot of websites offering free textbook downloads operate illegally. The Assayer succeeds in this challenge. You can read their works legally and ethically by using the largest online collection of books that their authors have made freely available.

While you may not find the most recent textbooks here, you can find the older, static texts. It's a great place to find free online textbooks, especially for math, physics, and computer science courses.

10. Open Textbook Library

Purchasing textbooks can be very costly, particularly if you need to purchase several for your class. Open Textbook Library is aware of this and designed its platform with this challenge in mind.

There are 1,053 free textbooks available for download on this Open Education Network-supported website. Since the authors and publishers have given their permission, students everywhere can use and modify them without restriction.

11. Library Genesis (LibGen)

A variety of textbooks are available electronically from LibGen (primarily as EPUB and PDF files). It features an easy-to-use interface and an extensive digital library with millions of titles, including periodicals and articles.

From the standpoint of a student, this sounds fantastic, but LibGen includes a large number of files that have been distributed unlawfully. Elsevier, a science publisher, is one of the parties that have sued it.

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Best Free Websites To Do Assignments, Make presentations and Portfolio

12. Sejda/DocHub

Editing PDF files can be a pain, but not with Sejda or DocHub.

You don’t have to split the file or convert it to another format. Simply upload your PDF to either website and make your edits directly on the file itself.

13. Softonic

With Softonic, you can easily merge, split or adjust PDF files in a jiffy. This is especially useful if you need a specific page from a PDF file that can’t be easily copied to text.

14. LunaPic

Do you need to convert a photo into PNG format with a transparent background? LunaPic has got you covered.

It’s a free online photo editor that lets you remove your background image, make your images transparent and resize your photos.

15. Profile Pic Maker

Do you need your headshots to look more professional? This is where Profile Pic Maker comes in.

It lets you add colourful tones or patterns to your picture’s background so that it looks like they were taken professionally at a photo studio.

16. Pexels

Using videos in place of photographs is a fantastic approach to stand out in presentations. Videos are effective visuals that may keep your audience interested and entertained, according to studies. According to Kennected, numerous companies now incorporate videos within their marketing plans.

A great website for free, high-quality stock films that can liven up your presentations is Pexels.


Blush is the website to visit if you prefer illustrations to videos. Illustrations are useful pictures that are particularly effective when telling stories.'s gorgeous and customizable illustrations, created by artists from all over the world, make creating projects and presentations enjoyable and simple.

To incorporate a style into your design, simply select one, make it your own, and use it.

Best Websites That Help Students With Writing

18. OWL at Purdue

The Purdue University Online Writing Lab is a fantastic resource, even if you are not an expert at correctly citing your sources. One of the most helpful websites for students is the Purdue OWL, which offers everything from basic writing advice to in-depth instruction on the subtleties of numerous style guides (MLA, APA, Chicago, and many others).

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19. Coursera

Another essential component of learning is reviewing and editing your own writing. Being objective when writing is never easy, so you should work harder at learning the techniques of editing and revising. Thankfully, there are plenty of companies that can help you acquire this information.

One of the best online resources for students who wish to continue learning after class is Coursera. Thousands of online courses are available from the best universities in the world. For many professionals and students, it offers the opportunity to acquire new skills while maintaining a flexible schedule; they also use it as a further source of inspiration.

All you have to do is register, benefit from the free classes, and pay for a certificate of completion only if you want to.

Coursera offers a wide range of content that is not limited to any particular field of study, from the arts to coding. The hosts have provided materials that will greatly assist you in your future studies, and the course structures are easy to understand.

20. Copyleaks

If you want to receive excellent grades, you must refrain from plagiarism. Most academic institutions have policies in place to prevent plagiarism and are committed to doing so.

Using a student plagiarism checker is a good approach to stop unintentional plagiarism. Copyleaks is the answer to this problem.

Students in middle school, high school, college, and graduate school can use Copyleaks to check for plagiarism. Instructors can use Copyleaks' plagiarism detection tool to check their students' assignments for plagiarism. Our state-of-the-art technology compares your paper to billions of other publications, corporate databases, journals, and the internet to find duplicate information.

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