20 Most Popular Online Education Courses of 2023 20 Most Popular Online Education Courses of 2023

Online education courses are becoming more and more popular, especially in this pandemic time. Find out more about the 20 most popular new online courses ...

Top 20 Best Free Online Education Sites
Top 20 Best Free Online Education Sites

For a small percentage of the price of conventional schools and universities, there are numerous online education websites that provide academic courses, making them the perfect choice for lifelong learners.

If they want to make their courses available online, educational institutions and individual specialists alike need a place to hold them and distribute them to learners. This explains why there are so many websites that offer online courses. Some concentrate on more specific niches, such as green technology. Others provide courses in a range of subjects.

With the educational course websites listed below, you can discover a course on anything you're interested in learning. There are levels for everyone, from the beginning to the intermediate to the advanced.

Here are 20 outstanding online websites to access tons of academic courses - for free, ranked by Knowinsiders.com.

What are the Best and Free Websites for Online Education - Top 20

1. Coursera

Photo: tinhte
Coursera - Photo: tinhte

Coursera is for you if you want to enroll in classes from more than 200 of the best institutions and organizations in the nation. In order to provide everyone with access to the greatest education available, Coursera has collaborated with institutions including the University of Michigan, Stanford University, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Develop your talents with online courses, certifications, and degrees from renowned institutions of higher learning. Around 190 colleges and businesses have partnered with Coursera, which offers over 3900 courses and specialties to over 35 million students. You can opt to take courses for free or pay affordable costs to acquire a degree or a professional certificate while studying at your own speed.

2. Udemy

Photo; sclsnj
Udemy - Photo; sclsnj

You can build courses for areas like business, design, marketing, etc. using the web platform Udemy. By studying the vast collection of different courses, you can get new abilities and accomplish your objectives. The courses that are offered on Udemy are instructed by professionals.

On any internet-connected device, you can view the course outline. You can enroll in any course without having to meet any prerequisites. The free courses on Udemy have a similar idea to those on Coursera, but users can also create their own courses from individual lectures.

The website combines the configurable platform of other websites with a strong emphasis on high-quality material, working with numerous renowned professors and institutions. Yet, this is another website that combines free and paid content.

3. Udacity

Photo: insider

Udacity is committed to making higher education accessible, affordable, and useful to as many people as possible. Students can learn the skills that are now in demand by industry employers through the online courses and credentials offered by Udacity. They assert that they provide education at a fraction of the price of conventional education.

If you want to work in technology, you should consider this platform. You may get the most recent education in these cutting-edge fields with courses and credentials in Android, iOS, data science, and software engineering, which are pertinent to today's IT startups and enterprises.

4. edX

Photo; blog.freec.asia

2500+ Online Courses from 140 Universities are Available. More than 20 million students, the vast majority of the world's best universities, and market-dominating businesses may be found on the edX platform, which Harvard and MIT founded. With the removal of barriers related to cost, accessibility, and location, edX, a global organization, is changing traditional education. With the goal of enhancing everyone's access to high-quality education, worldwide enhance classroom instruction and online learning Doing research to advance instruction and learning

A global non-profit, edX offers courses in subjects including computer science, languages, engineering, psychology, literature, electronics, biology, and marketing from professors and universities all over the world. Although you can pay for a verification certificate that proves you've finished a course, the majority of courses are free.

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5. Khan Academy

Photo: ybox
Khan Academy - Photo: ybox

A non-profit organization called Khan Academy's goal is to "provide a free, world-class education to anybody, wherever." For children in kindergarten through early college, Khan Academy provides free courses on a variety of subjects, including arithmetic, language, science, history, and preparation for AP® and SAT® examinations. The William and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, Ann & Jon Doerr, and Reed Hastings are a few of Khan Academy's original sponsors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has considerably increased the organization's online offerings for children in school, and students of all ages can gain from the expansion of content, lesson plans, and other resources.

6. Skillshare

Photo: sea.pcmag
Skillshare - Photo: sea.pcmag

A community marketplace for learning new skills, Skillshare is likely to have supported some of your favorite independent musicians, YouTubers, or podcasters. Skillshare provides an online catalog of video-based courses with a wide variety of topics to pick from, as well as in-person seminars in numerous places.

Several classes are accessible for free and without a membership. Although some trainers earn their living through online instruction, some classes do have a fee. You may either purchase them separately or gain access through a premium subscription. Memberships are available for $19 per month or $99 per year, and they will either make paid programs free or lower their price.

7. Open Culture Online Courses

Photo: marissaux
Open Culture Online Courses - Photo: marissaux

If you are struggling to find exactly the material you are looking for, try Open Culture’s listing of free online education courses. The page highlights 1000 lectures, videos, and podcasts from universities around the world.

The site features a lot of material found only on universities’ private sites, all in easy-to-browse categories. This means you can find hundreds of university courses without having to visit and search each university’s site.

Open Culture’s list features courses from England, Australia, Wales, and many state universities around the United States. It’s a very helpful resource for finding many courses in one area of study.

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8. Alison

Photo: tikibook
Photo: tikibook

One of the biggest free learning platforms in the world for education and skill development is Alison. It is a for-profit social enterprise whose mission is to enable anyone to study anything online for free, at any level, and from anywhere at any time. With more than 14 million learners in 195 countries, Alison is revolutionizing how people learn and upskill throughout the world via their aim to be a catalyst for positive social change.

Alison provides free courses for improving one's abilities and overall well-being as part of her commitment to make learning accessible to everyone. Information technology, languages, science, health, business, software development, the humanities, and more are all covered in the courses offered. Lifestyle programs include everything from music and photography to cuisine and drink.

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9. MIT OpenCourseWare

Photo: abakcus
MIT OpenCourseWare - Photo: abakcus

MIT OpenCourseWare is a learning website that offers various courses. It provides high-quality teaching and learning material that is available in an easily accessible format.

The website offers free notes of lectures, videos, and exams. This platform can be accessed with login. You can find courses by department and topics.

MIT OpenCourseWare can be accessed without any registration. The videos can be viewed online as well as offline. Such clips are accessible from Youtube and iTunes.

10. Stanford Online

Photo: online.stanford.edu
Stanford Online - Photo: online.stanford.edu

Stanford Online is a great site for high-quality courses, though the topics are somewhat limited compared to sites partnered with more than one school. If you’re looking for free courses, make sure to mark the “free” option on the left-hand side.

Stanford Online, an education initiative at Stanford University, offers free online courses as well as professional certificates, advanced degrees, and executive education. Stanford Online offers courses from Stanford's undergraduate and graduate schools, including Stanford Law School, Stanford Business School, and Stanford Medical School, among others.

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11. LinkedIn Learning

Photo: etest.edu
Photo: etest.edu

Professionals eager to gain new business, creative, and technological skills frequently turn to LinkedIn Learning. Categories covered by the more than 16,000 expert-led courses include business, design, development, marketing, photography, video, and animation.

A 30-day free trial of LinkedIn Learning is offered when you sign up. After that, you pay $30 for a month-to-month membership or $20 per month for an annual membership. LinkedIn Learning provides a reactivation function that restores your account information, including your course history and progress, if you want to deactivate your membership and return later.

12. General Assembly

Photo; bryanberger
Photo; bryanberger

General Assembly, which focuses on education in design, business, and technology, has campuses in more than 30 locations worldwide and offers a thorough online learning environment. It provides a range of online full- and part-time courses in addition to seminars, no-cost training, and coding events.

Many of its services are often provided in person or as a combination of in-person and online choices. Nonetheless, it introduced Livestream and online alternatives for every event it hosts in response to the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020. According to the firm, due to the positive reaction to its digital tools, many students now solely take lessons online.

Popular lectures are livestreamed via General Assembly, which also offers in-person interaction between students and the presenter. If you choose singular lectures or multi-part workshops, costs will vary.

13. Academic Earth

Photo: alum-r1.mit.edu
Academic Earth - Photo: alum-r1.mit.edu

This website presents free online college courses and lectures from leading universities like Berklee College of Music, California Institute of Technology, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Princeton University, and the University of Notre Dame. Courses range from accounting and biology to finance, world history, and health care administration. The platform also features original video presentations and curated playlists of college lectures.

The subjects of Academic Earth are designed in a way that suits your personal and professional needs. The platform has varieties of courses related to computer and IT, business, education, and health. These courses can be learned for free.

14. Harvard Extension

Photo: insider
Harvard Extension

Harvard University has made some of its courses and unique projects available online if you're interested in studying business development or STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). You can choose from a variety of programs through the Harvard Online Courses program, with costs ranging from $25 to several thousand dollars. The newest in computing trends, learning how early explorers navigated using the stars, and even real estate planning for a post-COVID world are just a few of the topics that are covered.

The majority of courses are self-paced and include with supplemental reading material in addition to lectures by Harvard professors. A transcript is included with every piece of audio or video content to increase accessibility. Although Harvard has thousands of courses available online, it only offers a small number.

15. Open Yale Courses

Photo: codecondo
Open Yale Courses - Photo: codecondo

The finest resource for online learning is Open Yale Courses, which provides free and open access to beginning courses taught by academics and professors. The lectures you can access on this website were captured in Yale College lecture halls.

Open Yale Courses is similar to Stanford Online in that it only offers Yale courses. Open Yale Courses provides a large number of videos of actual campus lectures, albeit the service is similarly restricted to subjects covered at the university. The website is a fantastic choice if you want to take high-quality courses but learn best by watching rather than reading.

This website provides educational content in the form of audio, video, and text transcripts. These resources are accessible without registering.

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16. Canvas Network

Photo: classcentral
Canvas Network - Photo: classcentral

An online learning platform called Canvas Network provides a variety of courses from prestigious colleges. All students from all over the world are welcome to enter our website. This platform's learning management system facilitates teaching and learning.

Some of the courses offered by Canvas Network are also open to the general public, and it gives educators access to professional development courses and programs. You may register with just your email and gain access to a wealth of information and training. You can use what Canvas provides in some circumstances even if you may eventually wish to build your own content and lesson plans because its content is also freely accessible under an open license.

Canvas is open and accessible since it provides tools and courses in many different languages.

17. Open Learning Initiative

Photo: lumenlearning
Open Learning Initiative - Photo: lumenlearning

The majority of Carnegie Mellon University's courses are offered online, and a free component is open to everyone. Anyone can take the "independent learner courses" offered as part of the Open Learning Initiative for free. You must register for an account and add the course to your list of courses as soon as you locate one you want to take. You then receive a fantastic dashboard that displays your "Open & Free" course options and keeps tabs on the progress of the assignments you complete.

Resources range from acquiring better study and research habits to more conventional courses like general chemistry, engineering statistics, environmental technology, and more. They also include resources for business management and computer programming. STEM-related topics are the main focus of free courses, although there are also premium plans for other areas as well, such French.

18. iTunes U Free Courses

Photo: thegioididong
iTunes U Free Courses

iTunesU is a particularly practical resource for free online education because it works well with your iPod or any other Apple mobile device that supports apps. The iTunesU app is downloaded by users onto an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

On desktop computers, customers can access iTunesU in the iTunes Store's upper right corner. While iTunes-like categories are used to organize the store, iTunesU is also practical.

There are many other ways for users to search for educational content, including by genre and topic. Nonetheless, courses frequently combine premium content with free podcasts or videos.

Although iTunesU offers classes on a range of subjects, it is not compatible with Android, Google, or Windows mobile devices.

19. Codeacademy

Photo; commonsense
Photo; commonsense

A website devoted solely to teaching coding is called Codecademy. With the aid of interactive tools and the most practical programming languages, like as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby, and PHP, Codecademy teaches you how to write the code required to create interactive websites.

You can track your progress on Codecademy's central dashboard and group lessons into coherent modules. You can learn an entire language this way without having to manually choose the following lesson.

An interactive platform called Codeacademy teaches you how to code in a variety of different programming languages. The majority of free courses can be finished in under 11 hours. More than 45 million students have received training from Codeacademy in subjects like web development, programming, computer science, and data science.

20. TED-Ed

Photo: commonsense
TED-Ed - Photo: commonsense

TED-Ed is a fantastic resource for more general learning and free online education. The creators of the all-encompassing, inspirational online series have returned with a website packed with instructional videos. The majority have excellent animation, and all are ten minutes or fewer.

In addition to being a great resource for those who are curious, TED-Ed also offers tests on the videos and extra materials. This makes the website very helpful both in formal educational settings and as a fun way to brush up on recent research and themes.

How Effective is Online Learning?

According to research from the National Research University's Higher School of Economics, traditional classroom instruction and online learning are both equally successful. Groups of student participants were divided, with an emphasis on in-person instruction as opposed to online classrooms, and they studied the same contents in various methods.

Although the average grade for evaluations was higher for students who took classes online, the average degree of information obtained from each group was similar overall. This kind of research shows the potential value of online learning and professional growth, especially when you take into account how much less expensive online courses are than their traditional counterparts.

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