Best Online Education Platforms In Germany
Best Online Education Platforms In Germany

Back then, online learning platforms were not so popular, and some courses can be expensive to most average students or employees. Today, most online learning platforms sell all their courses for a single monthly fee, which means it's now possible to subscribe to a few services and have access to more educational resources than you can possibly consume in a lifetime.

If you are living in Germany and looking for an online education platform, you have come to the right place. Take a look at these best online learning platforms here in Germany.

What are Online Learning Platforms?


Like any other online education platform, one designed for learning represents a web space or portal abundant with educational content and resources. This course content can be divided into different topics or subjects. It is typically uploaded to the platform by the course instructor or teacher, depending on the institution you’re signed up with.

An e-learning platform can be restricted by the membership (only those who are registered to it can access it), but it can also be free to access for anyone wanting to learn.

The benefits of an online course platform are that both students and teachers can track the students’ progress through the course material, and everything is neatly organized in one place. Additionally, students may also have an option of interacting with each other on the platform.

There are different types of online learning platforms:

Learning Destination Sites: An LDS is a site where many different course creators offer their learning material. It’s sort of like Amazon, only for online education. You can choose the topics and instructors that sound appealing to you and sign up for an individual course based on your preferences. Programs offered through an LDS are typically self-paced.

Learning Management Systems: An LMS is a software used internally within a specific organization or institution. Every school or university may have a different LMS platform based on the type of courses they offer (the most popular probably being Blackboard). It can be accessed online like an LDS, or an application that you need to download and install on your computer.

The course creation is, in this case, in the hands of the professors or anyone else who teaches in that organization or institution.

Learning Management Ecosystems: A learning ecosystem is an extensive online learning tool that encompasses several software solutions, such as adaptive learning engines, learning content management features, course authoring software, tools for assessment, and more. LMEs are usually reserved for large organizations, schools, or universities that offer many online degree programs and learning resources.

Digital learning in Germany – how it works

Photo: DW
Photo: DW

Learning German online, studying online at a German university or completing virtual training courses: e-learning and distance-learning programmes enable you to do all this anywhere in the world. Education is becoming global. Digitalisation has changed how we learn. Interactive, innovative and flexible formats have emerged on the Internet – and we aim to show you how to make the best use of them.

Different forms of e-learning

Synchronous e-learning All course participants take part in a learning event at the same time, interacting among themselves and with educators in real time. Examples include virtual classrooms and live-streamed lectures.

Asynchronous e-learning This means all participants study at different times and at their own pace without live interaction with the educator.

Blended learning This is a popular form of e-learning. It “blends” e-learning and learning in the classroom, combining the advantages of classroom teaching and digital study programmes.


  1. Flexible learning not tied to a particular place or time

2.Learn at your own pace

3.Repetition is possible any number of times

4.Content can be easily updated

5.Multimedia formats for every learning style

6.Easier to reconcile with work or family


1.Technological equipment and good Internet connection are a must

2.Little personal interaction with other course participants

3.Lack of real study experiences

4.Demands great deal of self-initiative and discipline

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Trends in distance learning and e-learning

Photo: Education Abroad
Photo: Education Abroad

Games-based learning Digital learning is often very multimedia-based – videos and podcasts are used to make the learning process more interesting and more appealing. Games-based learning is gaining in popularity as a means of providing new access to educational content.

Artificial intelligence AI is being used more and more often in e-learning courses. Many programmes can already use personal learning history data to ascertain whether content has been understood, progress is being made or when participants best learn and understand course content. This makes it possible to adjust the learning process to meet the needs of individual participants.

Augmented reality If e-learning content needs to be presented in a form that most closely resembles practical reality, then augmented reality can be used. It enables course participants to, for example, explore the inside of an electric motor, stand in the engine room of a submarine or fly through the solar system.

There are various providers of online higher education in Germany: many German universities now offer international degree programmes online. For example, you can complete many Bachelor and Master programmes with WINGS Professional Studies, the online branch of Wismar University of Applied Sciences. The highest number of online students is currently enrolled at FernUniversität in Hagen. The strategy of this distance-learning university is based on a blended-learning approach that combines printed, multimedia and online study materials with optional personal seminars and events.

Top 7 Best Online Education Platforms In Germany

Photo:  Studyingram
Photo: Studyingram

1. iversity

Iversity is a Berlin-based online education platform. Since October 2013, iversity has specialised in providing online courses and lectures in higher education, specifically MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Courses are free and open for anyone to enroll and participate. Many of them are conducted in English or German, but also other languages. iversity cooperates with individual professors as well as different European universities. Some of the courses were winners of the MOOC Production Fellowship held in early 2013. officially launched the MOOC platform online in October 2013 and as of February 2015 has a user base of 600,000 online learners, enrolled in 63 courses offered by 41 partner universities. iversity is the only MOOC platform offering courses with ECTS-integration. iversity has branch offices in Bernau bei Berlin, Germany and Berlin.

iversity earns revenue through the sale of certificates, which online learners receive after successfully completing courses on thereby catering to all types of learners, among them working professionals who need to document their learning achievements and university students. Some courses at iversity can be integrated into the student's diploma through the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). iversity has raised more than €5 million in venture capital. The investors are T-Venture, bmp media investors, BFB Frühphasenfonds, Masoud Kamali, Westtech Ventures, CRALS, Peter Zühlsdorf and Kontor B45. The iversity Advisory board consists of Dr. Jörg Dräger and Prof. Édouard Husson.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) harness visual elements (lecture videos, animations, graphics), interactive elements (simulations) and written materials (scientific articles). All elements can be reviewed at any time. Instructor and course participants can interact with each other in discussion forums. Instructors can use quizzes to get feedback on the learning progress of the course participants. Most iversity courses end with a final assessment or exam. Exams can be taken on-site, online as “proctored-exam” or in form of a final project that has to be handed in to the instructor.

Students at can choose between different study paths, resulting in different certificates. “Statement of Participation” is free-of-charge, other certificates come with varying costs – depending on which level of certification the student chooses. Universities that offer a course at iversity have the option of offering European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) credits. This track allows students to receive credits from their course and apply them to their university studies. ECTS Credits can be used at any European Higher Education Institution. A certificate that awards ECTS credits is issued once the participant has passed an on-site or online proctored exam. Enrolment to courses is free, costs only apply when purchasing certificates.

2. Lecturio

Lecturio is a learning management system designed to help content providers, conference providers, website owners, and businesses of all sizes choose videos from the prebuilt content to train employees and minimize liability risks. Managers can develop and upload personalized training courses for staff, create quiz questions, and track learning progress. The solution also offers learning material for various courses including project management, bookkeeping, and accounting.

Considering all of their prep materials together, Lecturio provides one of the most thorough bodies of coursework in the USMLE prep industry, even rivaling USMLE prep giant Kaplan in some respects. It is clear their course focuses on two things: high-quality, exam-like practice questions, and quick hit video lectures that cover just about every USMLE topic. There are obviously other features of this course as well, but these two aspects are by far and away the most noteworthy of Lecturio’s prep assets.

On the instructional side of your study work, Lecturio offers a library of thousands of video lessons. In total, there are roughly 515 hours’ worth of videos across 5,500+ lessons. These lessons can be accessed either directly through a filterable library (sortable by subject, organ system, or USMLE top diseases), or through one of their interactive study schedules. Lecturio offers a number of set study schedules, which you can adopt and follow. These study schedules will direct you each day on what to study. The 40-day schedule seems to be their most popular option.

3. Paradiso eLearning Solutions

Paradiso Solutions is the best eLearning solution provider in Germany that offers best-in-class features that make it the most viable option for your learning needs. It is a web-based and cloud-based LMS loaded with features and tools to have the best online learning experiences. The LMS can be personalized, and it is highly customizable, quick to learn, easy to use, and a multi-device friendly platform. It is value for money and feature-rich that makes it high on compatibility. Paradiso Solutions is known for its features like branding, gamification, virtual classroom, blended learning, and many more. Any size of organization can choose Paradiso LMS and find it beneficial for its eLearning Programs.

Paradiso have produced an LMS featuring some considerable innovation and multiple feature sets. Unlike a lot of the more simple SaaS LMS solutions, Paradiso LMS presents the opportunity for some very powerful customisation, which is to be welcomed – especially by the more sophisticated and discerning LMS customer.

This is a cross over LMS. It has demonstrable pedigree in Higher Education and in Corporate Learning and Development. It is rare to find an LMS that can acquit itself well in both domains, but Paradiso does so with its rich set of features that are highly integrated and allow for advanced levels of learner engagement, course creation and learner management.

Paradiso introduces us to the ‘SMAC’ LMS: Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. It is on these principles that this LMS is built, but what does this actually mean?

Paradiso has integrated with social media platforms to enable users to login from social media platforms; it is fully mobile enabled for Android and IoS; the platform has a comprehensive analytics suite (more on this later), and it is hosted on the Amazon Cloud.

4. itslearning

itslearning is so much more than just a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) . Our learning platform comes straight out of the box with powerful tools made specially for teaching and learning such as complete curriculum management, educational resources, and full mobility with just a single sign-on. We take data security very seriously (one of the first LMS/VLE providers to be GDPR compliant), and provide above-industry-average uptime.

Unlike other LMS providers, at itslearning we only focus on the education sector, so all our developments are geared for education, at every level. We work closely with teachers so our features and tools are what they need now, as well as for tomorrow's classrooms.

*Save time

Easy and intuitive design that makes itslearning a breeze to use. Common tasks are automated so your school's teachers have more time for what they love best - teaching. Reports are easy to access and read, so you can use clear and in-depth data to inform teaching.

*Personalized learning

Feedback promotes effective learning. Add personalized audio, video or text feedback to student work to motivate learners. Web video conferencing boosts engagement and keeps learning going when remote learning becomes a necessity. Self and peer assessment features, as well as student progress reports empower learners to take charge of their learning. Embedded plagiarism tools foster academic integrity.

*Powerful tools and analytics

Communication is core to learning and itslearning makes it easy for faculty, administration, staff and students to communicate across the platform. Create learning in minutes with course templates and other tools that are designed to make a teacher's everyday easier. Quickly assess assignments with the All-in-One Grader and give feedback directly while grading. Easily compare student progress and engagement at a glance with detailed analytics from our 360° Reports to improve learning. Free ePortfolio and blog for students to document and share their journey.

*Plan lessons with ease

The itslearning planner is a centralized hub for all teaching and learning. Connected to learning objectives, activities, assignments, resources and notes to give students structure, sequence, scope.

*Integrations friendly

Google and Microsoft integrations makes it easier for teachers to share content directly with students. One click to make a copy for every student. Easily connect your favorite education software with LTI (learning tools interoperability).

*A dedicated education partner

We work with you to create an implementation, training and support plan that is unique to your needs. Access free information and help articles on our support site. At itslearning, we try to make it easy for you. Our goal is your success.

5. DQS eLearning

DQS eLearning is one of the eLearning companies in Germany where auditors and experts share their know-how and expert knowledge with users on the platform. It helps employees engage, learn and expand their expertise in management systems. It also gives them exposure to understand standards and audits from experts in the industry. It thus fosters social learning and aims at building more expertise among employees.

6. Lingoda

Lingoda is a well-respected, online language-learning service that combines flexibility, quality instruction, and an affordable price tag. Its system is flexible, allowing you to choose between individual classes—with lessons scheduled at your convenience—and group classes that meet at a predetermined time.

The group class is quite affordable at $9.50 per session, and classes generally have three to five students. (A typical class at a school is usually as large as 15 students.) Private lessons are $22 to $37 per lesson (depending on frequency—the more often you meet, the less you'll pay), but they may be worth the extra cost for those who learn best one-to-one.

Lingoda also offers a Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) certificate, which can be useful for students studying abroad or professionals hoping to get a job in a German-speaking country with a required level of proficiency. Your certificate is available to you once you've completed 90% of your chosen proficiency level.

On its website, Lingoda claims that 92% of users are satisfied customers. In fact, it has a rating of 4.5 on Trustpilot with more than 2,800 reviews.1

Lingoda offers a seven-day free trial, which can consist of three group classes or one private class. But you'll have to enter payment information and agree to cancel before the trial ends if you don't wish to be a paid subscriber—otherwise, you'll be billed monthly after the seven days are up.

7. Yabla

Yabla is a great platform for learning German online. Their main feature is videos. Its website contains an endless amount of videos on pretty much every possible topic, and for every level of German learning. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced German learner, Yabla has language learning videos for everyone. These videos tend to improve students’ listening skills, comprehension, spelling, and expanding vocabulary. It engages and encourages you to identify unknown words and listening to them carefully. The best part of these videos is that they have transcripts associated with them so every time you watch a video you can also have a transcript of that particular lesson.

Also, you can slow down videos and listen carefully to any word that may sound unfamiliar to you or that you didn’t hear how it was pronounced. If there’s a word which you don’t understand you can click it in the subtitles and an explanation of it will appear below, which is a really nice feature. Additionally, Yabla gives you the opportunity to print out these transcripts in English and in German so you can make a closer comparison to identify unknown words.

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