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Fun math games help your child to practice their numeracy skills. Photo: Mental Up

Your child will probably now be starting to read independently, but games and activities are still a fun way to help with phonic skills, word recognition and general language development.

Your child may become more aware of signs, notices, posters, newspaper headlines, TV adverts, and so on… so make the most of this new reading opportunity! This also helps to reinforce why learning to read is so important.

Try some of our fun math games with your child to practice their numeracy skills, build confidence, and support what they are learning at school.

In addition to educational games, you can train your children to write simple essays to train their brains and improve their thinking skills through the website Domyessay.com, for example.

Top 7 Best Educational Games for 7 Year-Old Kids

1. Mastermind

Mastermind Board Game is a code-breaking strategy game for two players. It’s one of the most popular games especially among learning games for 7-year-olds and learning games for 8-year-olds. The game improves strategic thinking, logic and reasoning skills in children.

The Codemaker creates a secret code and the Codebreaker tries to match the code using logic and even a bit of luck. After each move, the Codemaker gives the Codebreaker clues. Make the code even more challenging by using multiple pegs of the same color or leaving one or more peg holes blank. With many possible code combinations, every game is guaranteed to be a brain teaser!

2. Marble Math

Marble Math makes practicing math fun for kids. Marble Math is one of the most fun, customizable, and effective math games more appropriate for 7-8 year olds. Marble Math is an engaging, sticky way for kids to practice math skills. Marble Math gives kids who enjoy puzzle games an engaging and entertaining way to get the practice and repetition that they need to hone and sharpen their math skills, Educational Appstore cites.

3. Monster Physics

Monster Physics is a unique building application that allows kids to play with physics! This game has an important place in the category of fun games for 8-year-old boys and games for 8 years old girls.

It supports children to improve their learning skills, physics knowledge and logic. In addition, a separate learning section introduces players to basic physics concepts such as friction, force, mass, acceleration and more, according to Mentalup.

Children create and operate their own cars, cranes, rocket ships, aircraft, helicopters, tanks and more. They build complex working mechanisms with over 68 different parts. They choose from different materials such as metal, wood, plastic, rubber and ice.

4. Geography Drive USA

If you are looking for games for 7 years old boys or 8-year-old boy games, Geography Drive USA is for you. Children in this age group love to explore. And this game will contribute to their mental development, learning skills and academic success.

In this online game, kids jump into their cars and embark on a fun and educational journey. During the journey, they learn about the states, history and important places of America.

5. ABCMouse.com

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Photo: Kids 'R' Kids

ABCmouse.com is available both as an app and a website. It uses fun storyline-based videos, quizzes, and activities — there's even a virtual map outlining your child’s learning path to keep kids engaged. Our parent testers said they loved ABCmouse.com even before we started testing the best apps for 7-year old kids! ABCMouse 30-day free trial gives you access to all of the educational site's 9,000 activities in reading, science, math and art.

6. Duolingo

Duolingo only has minimal gameplay elements but still makes learning new languages an engaging experience. Each lesson includes a variety of speaking, listening, translation, and multiple choice challenges. To keep kids hooked, there are game aspects like XP and a health bar included.

7. MentalUP

MentalUP Educational Games is a great brain teaser resource for children of all ages. It offers dozens of games and different difficulty levels for educational games for 7 years old, educational games for 8 years old, 7-year-old cognitive development games, math games for 8 years old and many more options. MentalUP determines the player's intellectual potential and starts it from the most appropriate game.

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