17 Little-Known Facts About Russia 17 Little-Known Facts About Russia
Top 7 Weirdest Things in Russia Top 7 Weirdest Things in Russia
2832 strangest things you only see in russia
Strangest things you only see in Russia. Photo: weird Russia

The geography and culture of Russia are incredibly varied and extensive. Due to its relative isolation, the country frequently astounds foreigners with its unique customs. You can verify this with your own eyes.

The Russians are notorious for their strange customs. From the outside, Russia may appear to have many peculiar customs or practices. Nonetheless, a closer inspection may shed light on all the 'weird' phenomena that perplex visitors from other countries.

1. The Soviet Union Loved Bollywood

Many Soviet citizens found solace in the vibrant musical worlds of Bollywood, where they could escape into elaborate drama and dramatic love stories.

Support for Indian independence and partition from the British was widespread among Soviet listeners. The crowd also connected with the repeated themes of good winning out over bad. Raj Kapoor, an actor from India, was just as well-liked in the Soviet Union as he was there.

2. Sweden, not the USSR, was the first to acknowledge the Chernobyl disaster

To the east, in Soviet-controlled Ukraine, The Chernobyl nuclear power plant experienced a catastrophic fourth reactor explosion on April 26, 1986. The Soviet government chose to overlook the fact that the explosion occurred on Soviet soil. The radioactive plume set off Sweden's radiation alarm within days, prompting the country to admit what had happened.

Even after Sweden threatened to officially alert the International Atomic Energy Authority, the regime continued to deny the disaster had occurred.

3. The USSR Sent Animals Into Space

The USSR's extensive space program not only launched the first astronaut but also the first animal into orbit. The first actual space pioneer was a street mongrel named Laika because the State needed to test the effects of atmospheric pressure before Yuri Gagarin entered the atmosphere. Scientists believed strays would be more resilient than domestic pets, so they took her off the streets of Moscow.

She passed away before the mission even got started, despite the fact that it was crucial to the success of later space missions. But after she passed away, she rose to prominence in popular culture and continues to inspire many Russians today.

4. The Grapes of Wrath was banned because the struggle wasn’t real enough

The Grapes of Wrath, a movie adaptation, was allowed to be screened despite the widespread rejection of Western culture because it depicted the struggles of the underprivileged and working class in the capitalist USA. The movie only had a short runtime, though. This happened as a result of the State outlawing cars because Soviet audiences were astounded that even the most impoverished American could afford one.

5. The Soviet Union was littered with secret bunkers and underground escape tunnels

Today's hidden tunnels and bunkers in Russia serve as reminders of the paranoia that pervaded the Soviet era. If necessary, underground tunnels in Moscow connected the Kremlin to undiscovered train stations.

Stalin even ordered the creation of plans for a subterranean, secret metro service. Despite being constructed in 1942, a bunker was discovered in Samara, a port city on the Volga. Before the air supply runs out, it can hold up to 115 people for up to five days.

6. The Soviet Union dug a really, really big hole

The Soviet Union and the USA competed to drill the deepest hole into the earth's crust in the 1950s and 1960s. The Kola Superdeep Borehole, which the Soviet Union dug in 1994, was the deepest hole ever created.

The hole, which is present in the Murmansk region of the Kola Peninsula, pierces the Earth's 30-plus kilometer (18.6 mile) crust by 12 kilometers (7.5 miles). The procedure uncovered proof of more than two billion-year-old biological activity on Earth.

ONLY IN RUSSIA: Strangest things you only see in Russia
The iconic Red Square in Russia. Photo: Planet Ware

7. Soviet scientists chose to die of starvation instead of eating the food they were working with

During World War II, St. Petersburg was completely destroyed by the Siege of Leningrad and the ensuing famine as the German forces advanced on the USSR. A group of botanists who were cultivating the largest seed collection at the time, in the midst of the chaos, locked themselves and their seeds away to keep them safe from the German military and the starving populace.

Approximately 632,000 people perished during the Leningrad Siege. Hunger made people act in extreme ways. Records show that some desperate people turned to cannibalism and others ate their pets. However, one by one, the individuals guarding these seeds opted to go hungry rather than consume what they believed to be the Soviet Union's cultural excursion and future.

8. The Soviet Union had a domain name

Beginning in the late 1980s and early 1990s, there were some early internet service providers. The Soviet Union technically entered the digital world after officially collapsing in 1991, and it has a domain name to prove it. Although.su was only officially active for about 15 months, cybercriminals significantly extended its life because it was a popular domain for online crime.

9. The Soviet Union Invented Clear Coca-Cola

Georgy Zhukov, a revered war hero, played a key role in ending the Leningrad Siege. He also contributed to the development of clear cola. General Eisenhower introduced him to the beverage, and he was captivated by it right away.

However, because Coca-Cola had come to symbolize the ideological divide between the USSR and America, Zhukov could not be seen downing the beverage. Zhukov therefore asked the producers to create a clear version for him so he could pass it off as vodka, and they obliged! Trucks carrying Zhukov's valuable cargo were spared the frequently protracted delays as they made their deliveries through eastern and central Europe in exchange.

10. Dressing up

Russians, and Russian women in particular, are well known for their love of fashion. Young women especially like wearing high heels. Sometimes, the custom of dressing up even for the most mundane occasions, like going shopping, can seem rather strange to visitors.

For anyone visiting this country for the first time, the excessive dressing up will be something they notice right away. Even though you might not get used to this tradition right away, after the initial shock of it as being peculiarly Russian wears off, many people will undoubtedly come to appreciate it.

11. Mayonnaise in everything

In Russia, there is one peculiar thing that can catch you off guard whenever you go to someone's house for dinner. It appears that Russians do enjoy their mayo. A lot. Whether it is fish meat or something else, it is typically included in almost every dish. Mayo is frequently layered on top of salads in particular. So keep that in mind whenever you're invited to a dinner party or placing a restaurant order.

12. Not smiling that much

Yes, we're accustomed to seeing stern, unsmiling Russians in Hollywood productions. Even so, you might be surprised to learn that in Russia, frowning is more or less the norm. You can attribute it to the chilly winter weather, the unfavorable political climate, or anything else, but the reality will still stand. Russians don't just smile randomly. However, that doesn't mean they never smile. Naturally, they do. Simply get to know someone better and establish a rapport. The most sincere and kindhearted Russian smiles can then be seen.

13. Hospitality

There are a few things you should be aware of if you receive an invitation to dinner in a Russian home. First of all, congrats. They respect and value your friendship because of this. It is not typical in Russia to host dinner parties at home or special occasions with unknown guests. Russians are rather private, as you might have guessed by now, especially when it comes to their personal lives. They will remain somewhat dubious throughout the entire process, even when they ask professionals, "Can you write my essay for me cheap?"

Anyhow, being invited indicates that you were found deserving. You shouldn't let your new Russian friends down by showing up empty-handed, though. Bringing gifts when you are invited as a guest is customary. Obtain something for the children if you have any. Another requirement in Russia is that.

14. Dining traditions

Make sure there won't be any small talk or mingling when you go to someone's house for a dinner party. There will be so many dishes on the table when you are seated there that you will begin to fear for your life. Of course, dessert would include some cake and a cup of strong black tea. After they have sat down at the table, people typically don't move around much. On your way home, be prepared to receive a piece of cake.

ONLY IN RUSSIA: Strangest things you only see in Russia
When visiting someone’s home for a dinner party, be sure there will be no small talk or mingling happening. Photo: Russia Beyond

15. Sitting down before going on a road

The rest of the world may find this custom to be quite fascinating. An ancient Russian superstition exists regarding the best way to begin a long journey. In conclusion, whenever you are about to embark on a journey, whether it be a flight to another country, a move to a nearby city, or something equally serious, you should take a seat for a brief period of time just before you leave your home.

Even today, the majority of people still hold this superstition, especially the older generations. This minute-long rest is intended to keep you safe during the lengthy journey ahead of you. Overall, many Russian superstitions are still practiced in contemporary homes.

Wearing special indoor footwear

Russians never wear their shoes inside of their homes, which may seem like a very strange custom to those from other cultures.

You have to keep that in mind when you are a guest in a Russian home. You should remove your shoes as soon as you enter the apartment, or at the very least, confirm that this is the expectation.

You'll frequently be given a pair of special home shoes. You're supposed to feel more at ease wearing these shoes, which will also shield your feet from potentially chilly floors. Of course, the country's extreme weather variations can also account for this tradition.

When you spend half the year wearing bulky winter boots, you also wouldn't enter your home in shoes.

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