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Weirdest Things in Russia - Photo: EnW.

It's not just Red Square and churches in Russia; there are a few peculiar sights to look for while exploring this amazing nation. The insider would like to introduce you to seven peculiar things you should be aware of before entering this nation.

1.Go down to the Moscow Metro

The Moscow Metro, one of the biggest underground museums in the world and one of the key attractions of the Russian capital, is definitely worth visiting. Three basic facts you should know about it are listed below.

First, all the stations have a unique design, no duplicates at all. Second, Moscow metro is a true example of Soviet and modern Russian décor, there are stations which are 80 years old in the centre, and there are ones younger than a year in the suburbs. And finally, one of the bronze statues at Ploshchad Revolyutsii station depicts a dog and carries one of the main superstitions of the metro: One should rub the dog's nose for good luck.

2.Go skating… on the roof of a skyscraper

Russians are the greatest fans of winter, which by the way lasts from the end of October to the beginning of April. One of the main Muscovites’ leisure activities is skating at popular public places like Red Square, Gorky Park, and VDNKh, where Europe’s biggest skate rink is located. At the end of 2016, the new skating rink started operating on the roof of Moscow City’s 85-floor OKO tower at a height of 354 metres. Breathtaking!

3.Visit Bolshoi Zayatsky Island

Bolshoi Zayatsky Island is third on the list of the weirdest facts about Russia that should be known. The mysterious little island of Bolshoi Zayatsky is located in the White Sea, close to Finland, according to the worldnomads.com. Bolshoi Zayatsky, a region of less than two square kilometers, is the location of 35 Babylon Neolithic labyrinths.

Nobody knows for sure how these elaborate labyrinths came to be, but according to the majority of local archaeologists, the intricate maze formations act as a portal between this world and the afterlife for the departed Sami people who lived in the area.

The islands are most easily reached by plane from either Moscow or St. Petersburg. The opportunity to feel as though you are in another world is well worth the trip.

4.Take a riverboat trip over the frozen waters

The season for river transportation in Moscow never ends. On the Moscow River, there are a lot of enclosed, heated boats with panoramic windows and ice-breaking equipment. Both the Gorky Park pier and the pier next to the Radisson Royal Hotel, also known as Ukraine in the Soviet Union, have boarding areas.

As you travel, take in the top attractions of pre-revolutionary and Soviet Moscow, including the Kremlin, Stalin's skyscrapers, and Novodevichy Convent. You can take pictures on the open deck by going outside. Although a ticket only costs $10, you should be aware of additional costs in the onboard restaurant.

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Photo: Worldnomads.

5.Experience in Golosov Ravine

Take Moscow's Line 2 metro to the Kolomenskaya stop, and after a brief stroll through the lush forests of Kolomenskoye Park, you'll come face to face with the infamous Golosov Ravine. Russian folklore claims that Golosov Ravine is a haven for fantastical creatures and that there have been stories of time travel since 1621.

6.Shoot an AK-47

Don't worry if the tank experience left you disappointed by having to shoot blanks from an AK-47. At Labyrith Shooting Range, you can use any gun of your choice—including the AK-47—to fire real ammunition. A knife and ax throwing range is also available.

The underground range is not the friendliest place to wait for your shooting time, so I advise calling ahead to reserve the time you want to go. (However, there are plenty of classy eateries and bars close by.)

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Photo: Have clothes will travel.

7.See the First Space Dogs

Visit the Museum of Cosmonautics if you want a more affordable way to learn about space exploration. You can visit a space exploration museum in this location that details the history of the Russian space race and notable Russian astronauts, displays a remarkable array of space equipment and suits, allows visitors to try out space food, and even displays some well-known taxidermied dogs.

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