World Laughter Day: Best Wishes, Great Quotes, Date, History and Health Benefits
World Laughter Day: Date, History, Health Benefits, Wishes & Quotes

Laughing is one the cheapest and by far the most pleasant form of therapy in the world. It has the power to heal not only your soul but also your body. It relaxes your whole body, relieves physical tension and boosts your immune. It works as an antidote for pain, stress, and conflict. Nothing works faster to bring your mind and body back into balance than a good laugh.

Hence, to mark the importance of laughter, World laughter day is celebrated every year. Do you know when it is celebrated?

World Laughter Day: Date

World Laughter Day is an annual event celebrated on the first Sunday of May to raise awareness about laughter and its many healing benefits. This year the day falls on Sunday, May 2, 2021.

Every year more than 70 countries around the world celebrate World Laughter Day on the first Sunday of May, according to Indiatoday.

World Laughter Day: History

Photo: Desicomments
Photo: Desicomments

In 1998, World Laughter Day was created by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement. In more than 70 countries, World Laughter Day is celebrated around the world on the first Sunday of May. This year it falls on 3 May.

Dr. Madan started the Laughter Yoga movement in 1995 with an aim that facial feedback hypothesis postulates that a person's facial expressions can have an effect on their emotions. It builds a global consciousness of brotherhood and friendship through laughter.

Do you know that "HAPPY-DEMIC" was the first World Laughter Day gathering outside India? It took place at Town Hall Square in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2000, more than 10,000 people were gathered. The gathering was the largest, people together laughed and bonded in such a way that the event went into the Guinness Book of World records, Jagranjosh noted.

World Laughter Day: Health Benefits

Photo: Nationaldaycalendar
Photo: Nationaldaycalendar
On the brighter side, laughing will help you bring things into perspective and encourage you to move on from confrontations and not holding on to bitterness or anger. So, time to spread laughter, it is the only thing anyone would want to catch during this time while a contagious virus is on the loose to affect our health.

Feel Relax: The biggest advantages associated with laughter is you are going to feel better. It relaxes your whole body. Laughter relieves physical stress and anxiety and leaves the muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes.

Trigger the release of endorphins: Inside the body, endorphins are the body's natural feel-good chemical. Once you laugh, they're set loose. This will make you feel comfortable all over and at the same time relieving chronic pain.

Strengthens immune system: Laughter can boost T-cells. These are specialised cells in your immune system that only wait for activation. T-cells are brought to life as you laugh, they help you fight off sickness.

Tone Abs: Laughter can tone your abs. As you laugh the muscles in your tummy, continue to expand and contract. At the same time, the muscles that aren't in use while you laugh will have the chance to relax.

Improve cardiac health: Laughter enhances blood vessel function and increases blood flow which can help protect you from a heart attack and other cardiovascular problems. It will stimulate your heart, helping you to burn at a slow to moderate pace about a comparable amount to the calories you would burn when walking.

Lowers Blood pressure: Laughing will lower blood pressure. This can lower the risk of a heart attack or a stroke, Thebridgechronicle listed.

World Laughter Day: Wishes & Quotes

Photo: Wewish
Photo: Wewish

One good laugh is what you need for a healthy body and mind and World Laughter Day messages and Laughter Day funny jokes are who you need to make your friends and family laugh. Share the best of World Laughter Day wishes, Laugh Week Day messages and World Laughter Day quotes with everyone around you, Bestmessage cited.


“The best therapy for a happy and healthy life is laugh…. So laugh every day and laugh on World Laughter Day.”

“Wishing a very Happy World Laughter Day full of healthy laughs and hilarious jokes to make it a good day.”

“If you want to stay healthy and happy then all you need is a carefree laugh…. Best wishes on World Laughter Day.”

“Make it a wonderful World Laughter Day by making everyone around you laugh and have a joyous life.”

“The best thing about laugh is it doesn’t give you wrinkles but adds glow to your face…. Happy World Laughter Day.”

“World Laughter Day is a reminder that we must never miss a chance to laugh to add more years to our lives.”

“No matter how many tensions surround us but we can always keep them at bay by sharing good laughs.”

“The most precious gift you can give anyone is a happy laugh…. Best wishes on World Laughter Day to you.”


"The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter," by Mark Twain

"Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Don't, and the world laughs at you," by Fakeer Ishavardas

"A day without laughter is a day wasted," by Charlie Chaplin

"The earth laughs in flowers," by Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Laughter is America's most important export," by Walt Disney

"and our few good times will be rare because we have the critical sense and are not easy to fool with laughter," by Charles Bukowski

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