When is Pradosh Vrat celebrated this April?

Next Pradosh Vrat is on April 09, Friday

Chaitra Pradosh puja time : April 09, 6:41 pm - April 09, 9:00 pm

After April 09, the next pradosh vrat falls on April 24, Saturday.

History of Pradosh Vrat

Photo: Festivals Date Time
Photo: Festivals Date Time

Pradosh Vrat is a story of Pradosh as described in Skanda Purana. It is said that this festival has been celebrated since ancient times. The story is as follows.

Many years ago, there was a widowed Brahmin woman. This woman would leave her house asking for food with her son in the morning and get back to her home in the evening. it is said that one fine day, she found a boy standing at the bank of the river. The boy was in a very bad condition and was the prince Dharmagupta of Vidarbha. It is said that he was in such a condition as his father's kingdom was captured by enemies and his father was killed. After looking at the boy, the woman brought the child home and took care of him.

After this, the Brahmin woman met Maharishi Shaandilya in the temple and told the priest about the child. After listening to the story, the priest told her about the child's parents and asked the woman to fast on Pradosh. She followed the sage's order and started performing the fast along with her children. One day both children meet Gandharva girls in the forest. The brahmin boy left, but Prince Dharmagupta stayed and started to talk to the girl named Anshumati. He fell in love with the girl, and the girl invited him to meet her father for marriage. The next day, the Prince went to meet the girl's father. The girl's father was the king of Gandharva. He learned that the boy was the prince of the Vidarbha dynasty. After learning this, the father married both of them by the grace of Lord Shiva.

Pradosh Vrat: Significance

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Photo: Zee News

The benefits of the Pradosh vrat are explicitly mentioned in the Skanda Purana. It is said that one who observes this revered fast with devotion and faith is bound to possess contentment, wealth and good health. Pradosha vratham is also observed for spiritual upliftment and fulfilment of one’s desires. Pradosh vrat has been greatly lauded by the Hindu scriptures and is held very sacred by the followers of Lord Shiva. It is a known fact that even a single glance of the deity on this propitious day will end all your sins and bestow you with bountiful blessings and good fortune.

The benefits of the Pradosh vrat varies according to the day it falls on. The different names and respective benefits of Pradosh vrat is given below:

• Som Pradosh Vrat: It falls on a Monday and hence it is called as ‘Som Pradosh’. By observing the vrat on this day, the devotees will become a positive thinker and all their desires will come true.

• Bhaum Pradosh Vrat: When Pradosh falls on a Tuesday it is called as ‘Bhaum Pradosh’. Devotees will get relief from their health problems and also improve their physical health. The Bhaum Pradosh vrat also brings prosperity.

• Saumya Vaara Pradosh Vrat: The Saumya Vaara Pradosh falls on a Wednesday. The devotees on this auspicious day seek fulfilment of their wished and are also blessed with knowledge and wisdom.

• Guruvaara Pradosh Vrat: It falls on a Thursday and by observing this fast, the devotees are able to put an end to all their existing dangers. Furthermore the Guruvaara Pradosha Vrat also invokes blessings from the Pitru or the ancestors.

• Bhrigu Vaara Pradosh Vrat: When the Pradosh vrat is observed on a Friday, it is called as the ‘Bhrigu Vaara Pradosh vrat’. This vrat will bring you all the contentment and success by eliminating the negativities from your life.

• Shani Pradosh Vrat: The Shani Pradosh falls on a Saturday is considered to be very important of all the Pradosha vrats. The individual who observes the vrat on this day will be able to revive his lost wealth and also seek promotion.

• Bhaanu Vaara Pradosh Vrat: It falls on a Sunday and the benefit of Bhaanu Vaara Pradosh Vrat is that the devotees will attain longevity and peace by observing the fast on this day.

Pradosh Vrat: Celebration

Though the devotees can perform special pradosh pujas at their homes, the most important aspect of a Pradosh Puja is visiting the Shiva temple in the locality or any chosen special Shiva temple for the day. The devotees observing Pradosh Vrat must participate in the pujas conducted at the temples and if possible remain vigil throughout the night engaging in the singing and listening of Lord Shiva’s names and glories. Shiva Puja on this day with Bilva leaves is highly beneficial.

There are two ways of fasting on this auspicious day. One could either observe a 24-hour fast without sleeping in the night or fasting from sunrise till sunset. The other way of observing Pradosh vrat could be worshipping the Shivling, chanting the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra 108 times, lighting a single lamp in the period. The day begins by bathing and observing a fast before the sunrise. It is then followed by worshipping Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

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