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Who is Teresa Fidalgo?

According to the legend, Teresa was a girl who passed away in a vehicle accident. However, her ghost is now haunting social media sites, appearing in pictures and videos shared on the internet. People have used Teresa’s story to create fear for others online for a long time. In addition, the story often includes a picture or video. It shows Teresa’s ghost that is visible in the photos and videos present on the internet.

Teresa Fidalgo’s profile summary

• Full name: Teresa Fidalgo

• Gender: Female ghost Origin: Portugal

• Teresa Fidalgo’s age: Teenager

• Nationality: Portuguese

• Famous for: Being the ghost of the ghost that commands readers to share her story or else something bad will happen to them

What is the story of Teresa Fidalgo?

Photo thetealmango
Photo thetealmango

The story began in 1983 when a young girl named Teresa Fidalgo was killed in a car crash near Sentra, Portugal. After 20 years of this accident, on July 12, 2003, the footage came out on the internet and quickly became viral.

In the video, three friends are driving at night in a car while discussing ghosts and other such things. They then saw a young woman walking on the side of the road.

The accident:

They invite her into the car for a ride. She seems like a good-looking and quiet girl. While driving, the girl points to a part of the road and says this is where I was killed in an accident. In a while, her face gets covered with blood, she screams, the car crashes, and the video ends.

According to the subtitles, one man and one woman died, while the third passenger, named David, survived. However, he wasn’t able to elaborate much on what actually occurred that night.

Police discovered that a girl named Teresa Fidalgo died in a car accident back in 1983 in that exact location.

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Is Teresa Fidalgo's story real?

The footage is real, but the story was fake and based on a writer’s script. The film was presented by a Portuguese filmmaker named David Rebordao. This film is called “A Curva.”

The writer and producer of this film, David Rebardao, stated in an interview with a local news channel that the story was not real. The story seems similar to the legend of the White Lady, which has been told throughout the world.

There may have been an accident in 1983 involving Teresa Fidalgo, but the footage you saw was not real. It was just for the audience’s entertainment.

What does Teresa Fidalgo’s story tell us?

The film was produced by David, but he had positive intentions when he filmed it. He just wanted to warn us to never pick up a stranger walking on the road as it is dangerous nowadays. As well as to use common sense to determine whether the ghost is real or fake and whether ghosts exist or not.

How has Teresa Fidalgo become popular on social media?

Photo thetealmango
Photo thetealmango

Teresa Fidalgo’s story has become a type of hoax that spread on social media platforms via copy and paste which says that the ghost of the woman will haunt you if you do not repost.

The viral post comes with a message saying, “I am Teresa Fidalgo and if you don’t post this on 20 other photos I will sleep with you forever”.

There were other versions of this Teresa Fidalgo Ghost story as well where few users have posted as “A girl ignored and her mom died 29 days later. You can even search me on google.”

Such videos and messages were seen circulating on various social media platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram all across the world.

What to do if you receive such a message?

If I were to answer this question in two simple words, it would be “Just Ignore”.

However, it all depends on the personality of the social media user whenever they come across this type of message. One of the best ways to deal with this kind of shocking message is to use common sense as the majority of these types of stories are full of loopholes.

Why do people keep sharing Teresa’s story?

Many believe that it’s because the story is simply too good to be true. After all, who doesn’t love a good ghost story?

Others may share it because they genuinely believe in the paranormal and think that Teresa’s story is a warning to others.

Whatever the reason, Teresa Fidalgo’s story is sure to send a chill down your spine. So, next time you see it pop up in your social media feeds, beware!

The Dangers Of Spreading Misinformation Online

Teresa’s story is a perfect example of how easily misinformation can spread online.

With the click of a button, her story has been shared millions of times, without any regard for the truth.

This is just one of the many dangers of social media and the internet- we must be careful what we share, lest we contribute to the spread of fake news.

Teresa’s story is a cautionary tale that we should all keep in mind the next time we’re tempted to hit the share button.

How can you spot a fake news story?

Raise questions:

Does the story seem too good (or too bad) to be true?

Are there any spelling or grammatical errors?

Does the story come from a reputable source?

Are there any other news stories corroborating the claims made in the story?

Wrapping up

Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost story is definitely one of the most viral fake news ever generated about Teresa Fidalgo. The majority of social media users get bewildered about the concept that either their mother or they themselves will notice some type of ghost and then she will die.

There is no truth in this story and it is absolutely baseless. In fact, the author Rebordão has also disclosed that this is a made-up story. The director in an interview given to channel TVI said that he was quite surprised to see the success of this story and its longevity as well. He pondered how come people believe in such stories. The director is now working on his new projects.

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