Top 10 Best Sites For Ghost Stories
Top 10 Best Sites For Ghost Stories. Photo KnowInsiders

For readers who love adventure, the spooky horror genre is definitely the best choice. Instead of downloading an eBook from Amazon or purchasing an audiobook on Audible, you have a variety of choices from free websites. Check out our 'Top 10 Best Sites For Ghost Stories'.

1. Scary for Kids

Top 10 Best Sites For Ghost Stories
Photo Scary For Kids

Scary for Kids is a website that features a wide range of scary content, geared toward kids. Content on the site includes scary pictures, videos, games, movies, and stories.

Select Scary Stories from the menu to access the area of the site where all of those stories are collected. On that page you can browse scary stories by categories like Halloween stories, urban legends, ghost stories, and more.

Since this site is for kids, expect spooky stories, but nothing that’s too gory or disturbing for younger children (or for easily scared adults).

2. Haunted Places

Hauntu is a blend of live theatre performance, role play and storytelling that comes together to provide an engaging experience that’s never been offered before in Kuala Lumpur.

Much more than a haunted house, Hauntu features real actors, audience interaction, intricate mazes and interconnected storylines that centre around a colonial hotel filled with mystery and the paranormal. Participants not only get to take on roles within the storylines but also experience Malaysia in different eras from its pre-independence days right up to the present.

Hauntu is the latest experiential offering from Superdough, an international franchise with 10 Breakout escape room outlets globally. Superdough is formed by a team of creative and passionate young people constantly pushing the boundaries of novel entertainment experiences. Having established the Breakout brand in 2014, Superdough launched HAUNTU, Malaysia and Southeast Asia’s very first fully immersive horror experience, in 2018.

What is the minimum age Hauntu is recommended for?

The minimum age to enter without adult supervision is 15 years old. The experience may not be suitable for young persons between the ages of 8 - 14, but we do have some who enjoyed the experience. They will need to be accompanied by an adult if they are required to participate. Children 7 and under are strictly not allowed to enter.

3. Housecreep

Top 10 Best Sites For Ghost Stories
Photo House Creep

Housecreep is a one-of-a-kind resource for realtors, homebuyers, renters, and true crime enthusiasts alike.

Since 2013, people have been using the Housecreep platform to map the exact addresses of homes where murders, crimes, or other historical events have occurred. The information is gathered from personal experiences, online articles, old newspaper clippings, death certificates, and other public records, which people upload and publish directly on the website.

How do you read a scary story?

If the horror story has a movie, don’t watch it. Most movies ruin the thrill if you read the story afterward.

Make the environment fit for reading the horror story. You have to be alone and choose to read the horror story during nighttime.

Don’t leave the story for later. Read it in one go.

4. Creepypasta

Top 10 Best Sites For Ghost Stories
Photo demdalat

Everything on the platform is divided into neat categories, making the experience of browsing the site super simple. For example, you can find Famous Creepypasta that holds the most popular stories, Top Ranked and Recently Published, which are self-explanatory, and of course, you can head straight to Creepypasta Stories.

The site offers plenty of filters you can use to sort your searches, and there's also a Random Story section you can go to and get a story selected for you. So it's no wonder Creepypasta has its place at the top.

What makes a ghost story scary?

There are some of the most important elements of a horror story, including-

A creepy or abnormal plot

A spooky character

Twists and turns in the story

Supernatural things

5. Oldstyle Tales Press

Oldstyle Tales Press boosts all things in writing that are scary. The platform focuses on the period of the Classical Era of Supernatural Fiction (1795 - 1935), which includes the works of Mary Shelley and M. R. James, both popular supernatural storytellers.

There's a Blog section you can browse to discover diverse scary stories you're free to read online. And apart from the vast collection of ghost stories, the site also offers annotated and illustrated editions of classic horror stories, matching the captivating writings with their corresponding aesthetic. So if you like something, you can use the platform to find its correlated book.

6. The Darkest Blog

Top 10 Best Sites For Ghost Stories
Photo online tech tips

The Darkest Blog takes horror short stories seriously. The owner of the site urges visitors to send in their scariest stories, true or fictional. The menu offers special categories like witch stories, ghost stories, “dud” tales (mind-bending), or creepy stories about dreaming.

The site design is somewhat outdated and plain, but that’s not why you’re there is it? You’re there to be spooked!

7. The Moonlit Road

The Moonlit Road offers a slew of, what it calls, strange stories. You can find specific categories of stories, depending on your mood, like Creepy Stories, Southern Folktales, and Weird True Stories. There's even a Your Short Stories section submitted by readers.

The platform also offers a Schoolhouse category that holds information regarding the topics, places, cultures, and everything else to do with the listed stories and the inspiration behind them. You can even find free downloadable teacher resources to browse through, with lesson plans and various learning materials included.

You can listen to the Moonlit Road Podcast at

8. Real Ghost Stories Online

Top 10 Best Sites For Ghost Stories
Photo makeuseof

Real Ghost Stories Online delivers on the promise of its name and offers a catalog of various stories. It enthralls its visitors in podcast form, which lets you consume narratives on a slew of platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, and Google Play Music, among others.

Real Ghost Stories Online accepts submissions, so you can even share your own scary experiences and thoughts. Finding the right horror podcast that fits your spooky mood can be challenging, so the platform has an archive section.

It lets you dive into previously released podcast episodes, ensuring you don't miss out on a single story, and if one doesn't catch your interest, you can simply move onto the next.

9. Reedsy Prompts

Top 10 Best Sites For Ghost Stories
Photo Reedsy Prompts

Looking for an endless supply of mind-boggling horror stories? Reedsy Prompts offers countless stories that talk about chilling encounters, real ghosts, and haunted places.

This is a treasure mine for horror story writers as well. The website runs a weekly horror story content and the winner gets $250 plus a feature.

This is one of the largest collections of horror stories out there. Want to start your horror story journey? Start with award-winning short stories and add some thrill to your life.

10. Medium

Medium is the largest platform for writers out there. There are publications that regularly publish short and long horror stories from writers around the world.

If you are looking for some diversity in the horror stories you read, go to medium and find what you are looking for.

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