Best Ways to Remove Evil Spirits in Ghost Month
Best Ways to Remove Evil Spirits in Ghost Month
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According to folklore, the 7th lunar month, also known as the ghost month, in this month, the demon gate is opened, yin can overflow into the yang world, in which, the 14th day of the 7th lunar month is the day of heavy yin.

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the taboos in the ghost month to avoid the spirit of wandering.

1.Aries: Ask for parental protection

The month of ghosts can't even be avoided, I pretend to be a ghost to scare people, and then bring some ghost stories out to entertain and make fun of friends.

Originally just wanted to have fun, who would have thought that it was they who were threatened in the end. Anyway, the month of the soul has many taboos, can't do it indiscriminately.

Aries this month it's best not to upset your parents, try to make them happy. If you want to exorcise evil spirits, ask your parents for some hair and bring it with you, your parents will protect you.

2.Taurus: Read Buddhist scriptures

If you are afraid of the ghost month being pursued by the devil, then Taurus remember well at night, don't go into small streets, few people pass by. Late at night, the yang and yin decline, be careful, but the devil blocks the way and loses all that direction.

If in case of force majeure, there is no other way than that, try to calm yourself, read the Buddhist scriptures aloud while walking.

3.Gemini: Be prepared with dog blood, pupil urine

Gemini is inherently curious, whenever he hears something outside, he has to look forward to it. But if in this lunar month of July, you hear someone crying or calling your name outside the door, don't arbitrarily open the door to look, because maybe it's the wild ghosts trying to entice the soul. that friend.

This constellation wants to avoid evil spirits, it is also very easy, Gemini should scatter some pupil urine or dog blood in front of the house, even if the devil wants to harm you, there is no door anymore.

Did you know that in the past, dog blood was considered an extremely effective exorcism? Especially black dog blood, can destroy Bach Kill. But now suddenly killing a dog is a bit too cruel, it's best to choose pupil urine.

4.Cancer: Wear a dog's fangs

Cancer is kind, likes to help people, or does good deeds. But in the spirit of the month, you need to be more careful, Cancer.

If in the middle of the night suddenly an old man, a child or a woman says that she has lost her way and asks for your help, do not rush to agree. Those may be lonely souls, wanting to bring you along to relieve their sadness.

But if on your neck you wear a dog fang necklace or some jewelry shaped like a dog's fang, the devil will be afraid and dare not approach again.

5.Leo: Feng shui items have been cleared

Leo is enthusiastic and enthusiastic, likes to help people, even if he hears someone calling his name in the middle of the night, he will immediately reply. But did you know that the ghost month is very afraid to call people's names in the middle of the night.

If you hear it, don't rush to answer, because it may be the ghost looking for that companion. You should bring with you a feng shui item or certain jewelry that has been cleared, which can reduce your ears. It's just that such magical things are very rare, only those with predestined conditions can have them.

6.Virgo: Leaving shoes messy

Virgo, who likes to be clean and tidy, in the house rarely appears the scene of messy furniture. This sign is also very afraid of seeing things that are not normal. But the habit of hating what God gave her.

Demons, they often have a habit of looking at shoes to guess where the person they are looking for is. If you wear slippers in the house and turn your toes on the bed, you will be careful to dream of all those ghosts.

In front of the house or in front of the bed, it is best to turn the toes of the shoes out, or simply leave the shoes a little messy to distract the demons.

7.Libra: Rarely looks in the mirror

For people who value appearance like Libra, a mirror is an indispensable thing in personal belongings, every once in a while, Binh takes out a mirror to look at it.

But please also sincerely advise Libra not to look in the mirror too much during the spirit of the month, in case you see someone with messy hair and a scary face standing right behind, your heart will stop and you will die.

8.Scorpio: Use glutinous rice to exorcise evil

Scorpio is quite sensitive to things with aura or strange. When ghosts walk on the road, they can also hear strange calls coming from somewhere, but remember not to be curious and look back, and don't be too afraid to run away, otherwise they will know and chase you. follow you.

It is best for Cable Cable to try to calm down and pretend that you can't see or hear anything and just keep going. In the spirit of the month, if you have to go out at night, don't forget to put a handful of glutinous rice in your pocket, it can exorcise evil spirits.

9.Sagittarius: Spit

Sagittarius is inherently liberal and optimistic, so there is no taboo when going alone at night, even in the middle of a lonely month. If you have friends to avoid fear, you will whistle or sing loudly, but you will make a huge mistake, because the devil will hear your voice and come and sing along with you.

There is an effective way to exorcise Ma Ma, even though it sounds a bit unhygienic, that is, keep some saliva in your mouth, when you feel cold and scared, turn your back and spit. saliva please.

10.Capricorn: Use garlic to exorcise

The month of ghosts falls in the hot summer, which is also the time when people's families go swimming to avoid the heat, but Capricorn remember not to go into the water lest it be easily pulled by the water demon. If you want, bring someone or keep some garlic cloves in your mouth, the devil will automatically avoid this smell.

11.Aquarius: Wearing a red thread

Normally taking selfies is nothing, but if it's a negative month in July, don't arbitrarily raise the camera all the time lest you save pictures of things you don't want to see. In this month, Aquarius, wear a red thread that has been soaked in tea, which may reduce the harassment of the devil.

12.Pisces: Hang a mirror in front of the door

Ngu Nhi runs from place to place all day, when you get home, don't rush into the house right away, but stop for a few seconds to brush off the dust on your body, otherwise it is easy to bring unclean things into your house. . It is best to hang the mirror right in front of the door, so the devil only sees you standing in front of the door, not knowing that you have come home.


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