Prahlad Modi
Prahlad Modi

Younger brother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Prahlad Modi (who is the Vice President of All India Fair Price Shop Dealers' Federation (AIFPSDF),) on Wednesday sat on a 'dharna' at the Lucknow airport, demanding release of his supporters who were arrested by the Police.

While speaking to reporters, Prahlad Modi said that he had come to Lucknow from where he was scheduled to visit Prayagraj, Sultanpur and other districts.

Prahlad Modi has been with the federation since its inception in 2001. He is also the president of the Gujarat Fair Price Shop and Kerosene Licence Holders Association, where he has held a ration shop in Ahmedabad for years.

Who is Prahlad Modi: Biography, Family, Property, Image and Personal Life
Prahlad Modi stages dharna at Lucknow airport

Who is Prahlad Modi?

Prahlad Modi is India’s present Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s younger brother

Prahlad Modi was born to Damodardas Bhai Mulchand Modi and mother Heera Ben Modi. He is the fourth child in the family and Narendra Modi’s younger brother.

Prahlad has three brothers as well as two sisters. They are six siblings in all. His mother, Heera Ben currently lives with the youngest brother Pankaj Modi.

His father, Damodardas Modi used to sell tea. .

Prahlad Modi has an emotional touch with Narendra Modi. It is said that Narendra Modi is not very close to any other family members than his younger brother Prahlad Modi, and his mother, Heera Ben Modi. Prahlad Modi owned a Fair Price Shop in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. After getting old, he stopped his business and retired. Even though he left the business, he is still active with the activities that involve all the struggles and problems faced by the fair price shop owners.

Even when his brother, the current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat from the year 2001 to 2014, Prahlad went as a delegate to discuss the problems of the fair price shop owners in the issue of supplies with low quality to the Chief Minister.

In September 2016, Prahlad’s daughter Nikunjben (age 41) died suffering from a heart disease. She was suffering from heart disease from over a decade. Her treatment was going on at UN Mehta Institute of Cardiology, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She was married to a computer repairer. Due to poor financial status, she used to give tailoring classes to support the finance.

Narendra Modi was attending the G20 summit in China when she passed away. He couldn’t attend the funeral but came back the next day. He called from China to give condolences to Prahlad Modi and his family.

Who is Prahlad Modi: Biography, Family, Property, Image and Personal Life
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s brother Prahlad Modi congratulated his brother for the BJP's massive victory in the Lok Sabha election

Prahlad Modi Biography Highlights

He is running a Kerana shop in Gujrat.

Prahalad Modi belongs to Modh-ghanchi community it comes under OBC(other backward castes) approved by the Indian government.

Vadnagar Mehsana district Gujrat is the home town of Prahlad Modi.

His mother Heeraben Modi is a self-independent woman. She does her work herself at the age of 99.

Father’s name is Damodardas Moolchand Modi and he is no more alive.

Prahlad Modi is 65years old.

He has five siblings in which 4 brothers and one sister.

Prahlad Modi is fourth among his siblings, The first is Soma Modi, the second is Amrut Modi, the third is Narendra Modi, the fifth is Pankaj Modi and the sixth is Vasantiben Hasmukhlal Modi.

Bhagwati ben is the wife of Prahlad Modi. she was 55years old.

His wife Bhagwati ben is no longer in this world. She was ill for several days, she had a heart-related illness. She was undergoing treatment at a civil hospital in Gujarat where she died a few days ago.

Prahlad Modi Property

Prahlad Modi is running a general shop in Gujrat and he is a member of All India Fair Price Shop Dealer’s Federation.

In childhood, he belongs to a poor family his father Damodardas Moolchand Modi used to run a tea shop on the railway station in his hometown Vadanagar Mehsana district Gujrat and his mother Heeraben Modi used to work as a cleaning woman in her locality.

He always follows the path of truth. His parents have always told him to hold the hand of truth, so Narendra Bhai does not panic when making his decisions because there is truth in his decisions and there is no fear where there is truth

All Modi brothers after his father death, they treat his big brother Soma Modi as a father and always take advice before doing anything.

He is determined like his brother Narendra Modi, he participated in the movement being organized by the All India Fair Price Shop Dealer’s Federation in Mumbai. This movement was against the BJP, in the movement, he said that if we did not meet our demands.

The movement will continue like this. This movement was in opposition to the ration shopkeepers who were distributing ration and black marketing among the people of their choice, to prevent this movement was taking place in which Prahlad Bhai played an important role and made the movement successful

Recently, Pramod Modi was going to Jaipur by road with his family, he demanded two constables including a police car for his security at Bagru police station in Jaipur, but the officer Anand Srivastava refused to hear this. Bhai started a sit-in in front of the police station, but the police officer explained to him that we can give you two constables for protection, which you can take with you to your car.

But it was not acceptable to Prahlad Bhai. Later, the officer Anand Srivastav told him about the order from above and Prahlad Bhai agreed that the program lasted about an hour.

Prahlad Bhai said that his car is very small and his family is also with him, so he was demanding a separate police car.

Prahlad Modi, who is the Vice President of All India Fair Price Shop Dealers' Federation (AIFPSDF), was spotted at the Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport in Lucknow.

While speaking to reporters, he questioned the functioning of Lucknow police and even threatened to go on an 'indefinite hunger strike' if his supporters were not released.

"Is there a law in Uttar Pradesh that prevents people from welcoming someone who has come to their city? I want a copy of that order. Some policemen told me that there were orders from Prime Minister's Office too. I want to see that order as well," news agency IANS quoted him as saying.

"Unless I am shown copies of the orders, I will not move from here. I have also decided to proceed on a hunger strike," he reportedly said.

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