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Phil Murphy (Democratic Party) is the Govenor of New Jersay. He assumed office in 2018. His current term ends on January 18, 2022. Murphy (Democratic Party) is running for re-election for Govenor of New Jersay. He declared candidacy for the Democratic primary scheduled on June 8, 2021.

Early Life of Phil Murphy

Born in 1957 in Newton, MA, Murphy attended Harvard University and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He joined Goldman Sachs the year before receiving his master's degree and worked with the firm until 2006.

His career at Goldman Sachs included four years in Germany and three years in Hong Kong during the 1990s, where Murphy worked on the privatization of services previously run by the Chinese government. In 2005, Murphy was asked by Acting New Jersay Govenor Richard Codey to chair a committee intended to propose changes to New Jersey's pension system.

After leaving Goldman Sachs in 2006, Murphy was appointed National Finance Chair of the Democratic National Committee by Chairman Howard Dean. Murphy left this position in 2009 to found Murphy Endeavors, LLC before being named Ambassador to Germany later that year, Ballotpedia reported.

Private life of Phil Murphy

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Born in 1965, Tammy Snyder Murphy is a native of Virginia and a graduate of the University of Virginia (B.A., English and Communications, 1987). She and her family reside in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Tammy and New Jersey Governor Philip D. Murphy have been married for 25 years and together have four children: Josh, Emma, Charlie, and Sam. A transformative experience for the Murphy family was proudly representing the United States in the Federal Republic of Germany from 2009 to 2013. Tammy, individually and together with her husband, spoke and led on behalf of the United States of America. She chaired meetings, gave speeches, and hosted meals and receptions, strengthening our nation’s relationship with a critical ally while impacting the lives of thousands of Germans and Americans, NJ.gov noted.

Career Path of Phil Murphy

After earning a graduate degree at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Phil started his career at the bottom, working his way up to help lead a major international business by learning how economies grow and create jobs.

Nationally, Phil served proudly as New Jersey’s sole representative on the board of the NAACP, the world’s oldest civil rights organization. He served as Finance Chair of the Democratic National Committee, helping Howard Dean on the “Fifty-State Strategy” that rebuilt the Democratic Party from the grassroots up; that effort helped return Congress to Democratic hands in 2006 and elect President Barack Obama in 2008. Phil also has led national and state task forces on education and public employee pensions and benefits.

In 2009, Phil answered President Obama’s call to service and became the U.S. Ambassador to Germany after his confirmation by the U.S. Senate. After returning home in 2013, Phil and his wife, Tammy, saw our state falling behind. They founded New Start New Jersey as a “think and do” organization to rebuild the state’s economy from the middle class out — New Start New Jersey partnered with the Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University to create the New Start Career Network, which is helping older, long-term unemployed residents once again actively compete for good jobs.

As governor, Phil will make New Jersey more fair and just for all residents. His vision would grow the middle class and jumpstart the state’s economy by targeting investments in people and infrastructure, reclaiming New Jersey’s mantle as a center of the STEM and innovation economies, protecting working families by raising the minimum wage and expanding earned sick leave for all, and protecting the middle class with real tax fairness, according to Rfkhumanrights.

How Covid-19 made New Jersey’s Phil Murphy the most powerful governor in America?

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After six months, Murphy’s embrace of the spotlight, coupled with his unshaking control over the state through emergency powers, has fueled increasingly public displays of frustration.

Interviews with more than 20 lawmakers, elected officials, lobbyists and political operatives paint a complicated portrait of the governor's stance at the top of New Jersey’s political heap.

Praise for his early handling of the lockdown is often couched in resentment over the administration’s glacial unwinding of those restrictions. Recognition — both begrudging and reverential — for his use of emergency powers to flatten the curve fades into frustration when topics like school reopenings, indoor dining, gyms or long-term care facilities are raised.

Many of those critiques come with an acknowledgment of the impossible choices Murphy’s had to confront over the last six months; weighing livelihoods against lives.

Even now, with gyms, schools and restaurants set to reopen within days of each other, New Jersey’s rate of spread is hovering close to a dangerous benchmark. Hundreds of new cases are still being reported daily, Politico expressed.

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