Who is Isaiah Stannard: Biography, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth and More
Who is Isaiah Stannard: Biography, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth and More

Isaiah Stannard stars on NBC's Good Girls, where he plays Ben Marks, a transitioning transgender teen. Ben's story mirrors the actor's own life. Isaiah came out as trans at 12 years old and has received support from his mom Kristin Johansen and her partner Warren Marsh, to transition on his own terms and pace.

In Brad's status, Stannard starred alongside Jenna Fischer, Luke Wilson, Ben Stiller, and Michael Sheen. His breakthrough came after landing the role of Ben in Good Girls.

This article will look at Isaiah’s biography, gender identity, and career. Isaiah is trans and uses the pronouns he and him.

Isaiah Stannard's Biography: Early Days And Childhood

Isaiah Stannard was born on 1 October 2004, somewhere in New York, United States of America. His zodiac sign is Libra which defines his self-worth and self-love.

He belongs to a celebrity family, where his father (Eric) is a well-known springer’s Senior Editor, and his mother (Kristin Johansen) is a famous face in the Hollywood industry. Well, when Isaiah Stannard was a 10-year-old boy, his parents had a divorce, and Isaiah Stannard’s father got his custody. Also, currently, his mother is dating a famous therapy massager whose name is still unknown. However, Isaiah Stannard’s nationality is American, his ethnicity is Caucasian, and his religion is Christianity. In addition, Isaiah Stannard is a hazel green-eyed boy with blonde hair color naturally.

Isaiah Stannard's Family & Ethnicity

Isaiah Stannard was born into a White American family. Parents His father’s name is Eric Stannard, and he is a Senior Editor at Springer, New York. His mother’s name is Kristin Johansen, a singer, dancer, and actor. Currently, his mother is dating Warren Marsh, a professional massage therapist and personal trainer.

His Mother Is a Successful Actress

Like Isaiah, his mother Kristin Johansen is also a successful actress. She has appeared in dozen of movies and TV series over the years. As per the reports, she made her debut as an actress back in 1996 in the movie The Mouse.

Following this, she appeared in the New York Waiting, where she played a character of a Diner waitress. Moreover, she has also appeared in an episode of Good Girl along with her son. In the series, she portrayed a character named Cherisse.

Some of her other works include Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl, Winstead Women, Parallel, & others.

Isaiah Stannard Education

Isaiah Stannard attended a Professional Performing Arts School after high school, so he could pursue his career as an actor.

Isaiah Stannard's Hobbies and other interests

Photo: briefly
Photo: briefly

Isaiah’s main hobby is travelling, and he has been to several US states for both work and pleasure, while he has also been to Europe on a couple of occasions, staying in London in England, Paris in France and Venice in Italy. In early 2019, he traveled to Bangkok in Thailand which has since become his dream travel destination.

He prefers summer over other seasons as he enjoys sun tanning, swimming in the ocean and going snorkeling.

Isaiah spends most of his free time with his family as they are very close, and he loves them even more because they have accepted him for who he is.

He has his own favorite actors and actresses, some of whom are Channing Tatum, Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway, and a few of his favorite movies are “Dear John”, “Taxi Driver” and “One Day”.

Is Isaiah Stannard Dating A Girlfriend?

With all the fame he has achieved, there have been constant questions on whether he is seeing anyone. Well, the fact is, Isaiah is single and not dating a girlfriend at present. Also, he does not seem to be looking for a romantic partner at present.

Apparently, he is much more focused on his professional life. In fact, most of his Instagram posts are about his works. That said, we would love to see him with a perfect partner of his choice.

Isaiah Stannard's Career

He has only so far been credited with four other roles besides in “Good Girls”. Isaiah’s first credit was in 2015, when he voiced Child Carl in the short biographical drama film “Star Stuff: The Story of Carl Sagan”, written and directed by Ratimir Rakuljic, and which also starred Domagoj Culina and Ozren Muic. The story follows a boy who is interested in the sky and the stars, and is based on the life of Carl Sagan who was an American astronomer, cosmologist, and astrophysicist among many other things.

In 2017, Isaiah played Tween One in the musical comedy film “Brad’s Status”, written and directed by Mike White, and which starred the famous actor and comedian Ben Stiller, Austin Abrams and Jenna Fischer. It follows a man who, after taking his son to check out colleges on the East Coast, runs into a friend who makes him feel bad about the choices he has made in life – the movie won one award and was nominated for two others. Later in 2017, Isaiah starred as Harper Klein in the short drama film “Party Dress”, which was written and directed by Molly Fisher and also starred Alexandra Girellini and Jane Shearin – it follows a boy who is attending a birthday party wearing a pink dress.

Isaiah’s most recent credit has been in the short film “5 Teenagers Walk Into a Bar”, which has recently been finished and should be released in late 2020.

He has also appeared in the TV special “88th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade” in 2019.

Stannard Has Appeared In Many Movies & TV Series

Photo: Tenor
Photo: Tenor

Like we said earlier, Isaiah is a successful actor and has already appeared in numerous movies and TV series. He made his debut as an actor back in 2015, where he appeared in a short movie named Star Stuff: A Story of Carl Sagan.

Later in 2017, he appeared in Brad’s Status, where he portrayed a character named Tween One. This was followed by his appearance in another short movie Party Dress, where he played Harper Klein.

His first breakthrough role came in 2018, where he appeared as Ben Marks in the TV series Good Girls. This has so far been his longest-running TV series and the one that gained him both fame and fortune.

Further, he also appeared in an episode of TV series named Generation in 2021.

Isaiah Stannard Gender

Isaiah Stannard was born as a girl to his parents. And even in this industry, nobody knew that he was transgender. But, after Isaiah Stannard worked in Charlie And The Chocolate factory, he admitted his wish to his parents, “if I’m a transgender, I chose to get pronounced as he and him.” And later, he decided to give himself a top surgery to remove everything that made him look like a girl. Also, he changed his name from Isaiah Stannard to Izzy Stannard.

Isaiah Stannard's surgery

The Good Girl actor has yet to open up regarding the surgeries he underwent to ensure his complete transition. His mother is actively involved with New York-based Ackerman Institute, a counselling facility that helps kids come out without fear.

Good Girls’ creator Jenna Bans changed Ben Marks’ storyline after learning that Isaiah Stannard is trans

The original casting call for Annie’s kid was for a son named Ben, but the showrunners eventually allowed kids of all genders to audition for the role. The show’s creator Jenna Bans didn’t know that Isaiah was trans when they cast him for the role. After learning about Isaiah’s gender identity, Jenna altered Ben Marks’ storyline to fit the story of a trans child.

Bans saw a chance to tell the story of a gender-nonconforming character without making it the lead narrative. To make sure that they got Ben’s story right, the show’s writers worked closely with GLAAD, an American media monitoring organization run by the LGBTQ+ community.

In the show, Ben comes out after the birth of his little brother. After the boy’s birth, Annie exclaims, “Yay, it’s a boy!” Marks, who still uses his given name Sadie at the time, pauses before replying, “So am I.” Annie then hugs Ben close and says, “I always wanted a boy.” It was one of the most emotional scenes in the entire series.

Jenna told Variety that Annie’s immediate and unwavering acceptance of Ben’s decision was just as important as Ben’s coming out moment. “What’s most important to the character and the story we are telling between Sadie and Annie is really about the bond between Sadie and her mom,” Jenna told Variety. Unfortunately, Ben’s dad and Annie’s ex-husband dismissed Ben’s trans confession.

He suggested to Annie that Ben pursues therapy. “She doesn’t need therapy, she’s figuring out who she is,” Annie rebuffed. Ben stuck with the name Annie in season 2 but changed it to Marks in season 3. Annie is desperately trying to get funds for Ben’s hormonal therapy, and despite being financially secure, Marks’ dad is reluctant to help.

Izzy Stannard Net Worth 2022

Izzy Stannard is a budding actor who is not much of an established name. He is still finding his feet, but he has a whole lot of time to make a mark on the list of top artists. Stannard’s current net worth is $50,000 above.

All of the net worth is from the acting and voice-over career. His salary is around $50-$100 per hour.

Izzy has only done some movies but has made many fans, and we can say with ease that he will do videos with big names in the future, which will add to his current net worth.

Harry Styles fan

The actor is a die-hard fan of superstar Harry Styles. The Watermelon Sugar singer is known for not conforming to labels. He often wears women's clothing and has not labeled his sexuality. Isaiah Stannard has shown the world that he is a talented and capable actor. He was lucky to have a supportive family, and his transitioning has also been easier because Hollywood did not question his choices. His coming-out story is an inspiration to many.

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