Dominic West. Photo: The Telegraph
Dominic West. Photo: The Telegraph

The fifth season will chronicle the Prince of Wales revealing that he was having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles while married to Princess Diana. In June 1994, Charles revealed the affair during a televised interview, and in 1996, he and Diana divorced. The England native was killed in a car crash the following year. Charles got engaged to Parker Bowles in February 2005, and the pair married in April of that year. “The Crown” has found its Prince Charles for its final stretch: Dominic West.

West, 51, is best known for “The Wire” and for Showtime’s “The Affair” — not to mention, his recent real-life alleged affair with Lily James, 31, and his bizarre headline-grabbing response to it alongside his wife Catherine FitzGerald.

In the ultimate irony considering his recent alleged behavior, West will play Prince Charles as the series depicts the royal’s own infidelity and its impact on his tumultuous relationship with Princess Diana, who will be played by newcomer Emma Corrin, 24, in the show’s upcoming fourth season.

Who is Dominic West - Biography

Childhood of Dominic West

On a beautiful spring day, April 2, 1842, in the village of Riva, two miles from the town of Chieri, in the province of Piedmont, northern Italy, Dominic Savio was born. He was the second of eleven children born to Charles and Brigid Savio, who were poor, hard-working, pious people. Charles was a blacksmith. Dominic was a remarkable boy. What we know of him comes from a biography written by St. John Bosco and the testimony of family and friends. He attended the Oratory of St. Francis De Sales a school, youth center and hospice founded by Don Bosco.

School Days of Dominic West

Dominic was very bright and enjoyed school as well as play. He was well liked and respected by his friends. Dominic had remarkable control over his emotions, and while he could get angry like any of his companions, he was able to control himself in most situations. He was friendly and showed early his leadership qualities and a strong sense of duty. He was a prayerful person and had an ever-maturing spirituality, as reported by Donboscowest.

The Savios attended church in the town of Murialdo and the pastor, Father John Lucca, knew them well. He saw Dominic in Church often. Once he learned to serve Mass he was there every day. While children of the time customarily received their first Communion in their early teens, Fr. Lucca recognized the boy’s remarkable piety and let him make his First Communion at the age of seven.

Dominic West: Married life

Dominic West is a British actor. He was born on October 15, 1969, and is originally from Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

He has been in numerous well-known TV and film productions, including ITV’s Fred West drama Appropriate Adult (2011), The Wire (2002-2008), John Carter (2012), and 300 (2007).

Dominic West and his wife Catherine Fitzgerald have been married for 10 years.

They tied the knot in June 2010 in Glin, a village in the northwest of Ireland’s County Limerick.

At the time, The Irish Times reported that Catherine said, as she arrived at the church via horse-drawn carriage and wearing a cream gown designed by pal Siana Yewdall: “I feel so excited, really happy, really thrilled. It’s a fairytale.”

Catherine FitzGerald, formerly Catherine Lambton, Viscountess Lambton, is an Anglo-Irish aristocrat. Her father is Desmond FitzGerald, 29th Knight of Glin.

She is a landscape gardener and designer, having worked on projects at places such as Northern Ireland’s Hillsborough and Glenarm castles, reported.

Dominic West: Career

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

HBO's The Wire.

HBO's Baltimore-set crime drama is widely regarded as one of the best television shows of all time, and West starred as wise-cracking police detective Jimmy McNulty. The Guardian aptly summed up the character as a "drunken, obnoxious but strangely lovable detective with a dogged and destructive approach to his work."

When West auditioned for The Wire, he was on the verge of abandoning Hollywood to go home to the UK, and didn't know anything about the show beyond the one scene he was sent. "I set up a video camera in my living room and started doing my best Robert De Niro impression," he told The Guardian. "My girlfriend was supposed to be reading the other lines but she was laughing too much so I just had to leave pauses where necessary. Anyway, within 10 days I was in Baltimore shadowing a homicide cop."

The Wire's creator, David Simon, has credited West with helping to shape McNulty into the iconic character he became. "At some points, the audience desperately wanted McNulty to be a better man than he was, and at other key moments, that same audience came to love him for being so bluntly honest and indifferent to the rules," Simon told the Baltimore Sun. "Dom provided room for all of that, and he found the core of every scene we threw at him. He's a pro and among the best I've worked with."

Showtime's The Affair

Six years after The Wire wrapped up its acclaimed run, West returned to American television to star in another premium cable hit. Showtime's The Affair chronicled the extramarital affair between West and Wilson's characters, and the impact it has on their lives and relationships. But what made the show groundbreaking was a narrative device wherein it depicted the same events from the perspectives of two different characters, showing how unreliable and biased memories can be. West appeared in all five seasons of the show, which aired its finale in 2019.

Other dozens of movies

Ever since he broke out in The Wire, West has been working regularly on both the big and small screens. His best-known movies include 300, Chicago, Mona Lisa Smile, Pride, Finding Dory, and 2018's Tomb Raider remake. Two years ago, he also starred as Jean Valjean in PBS and the BBC's adaptation of Les Misérables.

West has also been announced as a new addition to the Downton Abbey cast. He'll appear in the upcoming movie sequel Downton Abbey 2. Though script details are being kept tightly under wraps, according to the Daily Mail, West will play a wealthy aristocrat who's invited to stay at Downton by Lord Grantham.

What is The Crown TV show about?

Written and created by Peter Morgan, The Crown follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II from her marrying Prince Philip in 1947, giving birth to her first son Prince Charles, becoming Queen in 1952 and finishing the first season in 1955 after Prime Minister Winston Churchill's resignation from office. Season two picks up in 1956 with the outbreak of the Suez Crisis, another two Prime Minister's leaving office, the Profumo Affair and the birth of her second son Prince Edward. It is a historical drama series that is broadcast on the online streaming service Netflix as one of its original shows.

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