Who is Claudia Conway - Daughter of Kellyanne Conway
Claudia Conway posted a TikTok video titled, 'A Covid recap with Kelly,' referring to her motherCredit: TikTok

Who is Claudia Conway?

Claudia is the daughter of Kellyanne Conway, and George Conway, a DC based attorney and founder of the anti-Trump conservative super political action committee (PAC) called The Lincoln Project.

Claudia, 16, has a twin brother, George IV, and two younger sisters, Charlotte and Vanessa.

She's reportedly dating Carmelo Valardo, a high school football player from New Jersey.

When asked by a TikTok follower whether Claudia and her mother "get along usually," despite their political differences, Claudia responded, "yes we do get along!"

Another follower said: "Girl you got your platform now, use it."

Claudia wrote back: "i will!!!! WE WILL NOT BE SILENT."

Claudia has amassed 170,000 followers on Twitter and 250,000 followers on TikTok. On October 4, 2021, Claudia revealed that she has Covid-19, after her mom tested positive following "superspreader event" at the White House.

The teenager confirmed her diagnosis in a TikTok video.

 Claudia Conway, daughter of George and Kelltanne Conway

Claudia Conway, daughter of George and Kelltanne ConwayCredit: Instagram

What has Claudia said her mom Kellyanne of leaking photo?

CLAUDIA Conway said she thinks Kellyanne was hacked after an alleged nude photo leak as her mom is investigated by cops.

"I have faith and I know that my mother would never put something like that on the internet," Claudia said.

"I do believe she was hacked," she said in the third of a series of TikTok videos released on Tuesday, that she said she was not forced to make.

According to CNBC, Police in New Jersey reportedly visited the home of former Trump White House advisor Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday, a day after her 16-year-old daughter Claudia complained on social media about a topless photo of her that briefly appeared on her mom’s Twitter account.

The New York Post on Tuesday reported that four officers with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office and the Alpine Police Department visited the Conway home and spent an hour in the house before leaving.

Claudia Conway is a prolific user of the social media app TikTok, where she has documented complaints and disputes with her mother.

On Monday, Claudia on a TikTok video spoke about a topless photo of herself that was reportedly posted as a Twitter Fleet by Kellyanne Conway’s account. Twitter Fleets are deleted after 24 hours, as a rule.

The photo reportedly was quickly deleted, long before it normally would have been.

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