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Who is Charles Bronson
Who is Charles Bronson

Who is Charles Bronson

After spending nearly 50 years in prison, Charles Bronson is one of Britain's most notorious prisoners.

His real name is Michael Peterson.

Early in March, a panel will decide whether Bronson is eligible for release during a public parole hearing. The 70-year-old, who was initially committed to Walton Prison, also known as HMP Liverpool, in 1974, is one of the country's longest-serving convicts.

The 70-year-old's seven-year sentence has been repeatedly increased as a result of his violent assaults on inmates and guards.

However, the panel also rejected his secondary plea to be moved to an open prison. This includes 11 hostage-taking incidents in nine different sieges.

Branson has had many parole bids turned down due to violent outbursts throughout the years.

He is currently in HM Prison Woodhill, Milton Keynes, where he has been since 2018.

Responding to the decision, Bronson’s son George Bamby said: “I would have loved Charlie to have been released but completely respect the decision of the Parole Board.”

He has been moved prisons more than 120 times during his spell behind bars.

Charles Bronson Biography: Early Life, Parents, Wife and Son

Irene Dunroe, from Barnston, Wirral, who is Charles Bronson's ex-wife with son Mike when they were younger
Irene Dunroe, from Barnston, Wirral, who is Charles Bronson's ex-wife with son Mike when they were younger

Early Life, Family

He was one of three sons of Eira and Joe Peterson. His aunt and uncle were mayor and mayoress of the town.

Michael Gordon Peterson, the son of Joe and Eira Peterson, was born Charles Bronson in 1952 in Luton, Bedfordshire. While he was still a teenager, his family relocated to Ellesmere Port.

From the time he was four years old, Bronson resided in Luton. Nevertheless, when he was a teenager, he relocated with his family to Cheshire, where, according to his aunt Ms. Parry, the life of crime really started.

He was described as a "beautiful lad" by his aunt Eileen Parry. "He was obviously brilliant and always nice with children. He was never a bully and was sweet and mild-mannered; he would stand up for the vulnerable, she claimed.

As soon as his family relocated to Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, Bronson started to encounter problems. He joined a gang of four thieves by the age of 13, and was disciplined in juvenile court after getting caught stealing.

He was frequently absent from school and tended to pick fights from a young age.

His first employment was at Tesco, where he worked for a week before being let go for berating his management.

Although Bronson had numerous run-ins with the law while still a teenager, his first jail sentence, which occurred when he was 22 years old, signaled the start of his crimes while he was incarcerated. Bronson was first imprisoned in 1974 for armed robbery, but throughout his stay there, he has held hostages in ten prison sieges, assaulted at least 20 prison guards, and staged rooftop protests that have cost £500,000.

Wifes and Son

Irene, Bronson's first wife, who still addresses him by his original name Michael (Mick) Peterson, said she thinks that Bronson has turned aggressive "in response" to how he has been treated while incarcerated.

At the age of 19, Irene and Bronson started dating. They later got married and had a son, Michael. Just two years after they got married, in 1974, Bronson went to prison for the first time, but Irene claims she didn't learn about his offenses until after he was sentenced in court.

However, five years later, they divorced.

Bronson remarried in 2001, this time to Fatema Saira Rehman, and the ceremony was held inside HMP Woodhill prison.

She claimed that she started writing to Bronson as soon as she saw his picture in the newspaper.

Bronson briefly converted to Islam after their wedding and adopted the name Charles Ali Ahmed.

Four years after their wedding, the couple filed for divorce, and Bronson later renounced both his new name and Islam.

Paula Williamson, a former Coronation Street actress, was the subject of the notorious prisoner's most recent public marriage.

Since 2016, the late actress had visited Bronson in prison. In 2017, he made the decision to pop the question; they were married the following year.

In 2018, Bronson filed for divorce, and their union was subsequently dissolved.

"Charlie has undergone change. I'm hoping he'll be freed by the time I turn 40 in August 2020 "The Daily Mail was told by Ms. Williamson.

The death of Paula Williamson, who was discovered dead in her home in July 2019, was not being investigated as suspicious, according to Staffordshire Police.

He has three marriages under his belt. Gemma Fernandez apparently became friends with Bronson in February 2022 and shared details of her visit to HMP Woodhill on her YouTube channel. After seeing Tom Hardy portray him in the 2008 film Bronson, the 30-year-old former model made the decision to get in touch with Bronson.

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Bronson: Life in Jail

Britain's most notorious prisoner Charles Bronson to remain in jail
Britain's most notorious prisoner Charles Bronson to remain in jail
Aged 13 he was part of a gang of robbers and ended up in court for stealing. His first job was at Tesco where he was sacked for attacking his manager. Bronson's first taste of custody came when he was remanded for criminal damage for smashing up parked cars.

In a nutshell, a burglary is a robbery. He was transferred to Walton Goal, a category B local men's prison, now known as HM Prison in Liverpool.

Then, he was sentenced to a year in prison for assaulting a fellow prisoner with a glass jug and was given an additional year of probation.

He continued to act violently, and from 1975 to 1977, he was transferred between prisons, spending the majority of that time in isolation. This included an incident where he attempted to poison the prisoner in the next cell in 1976 while he was serving time in Wandsworth Prison.

At the age of 34, he was released from prison in 1987; however, 69 days later, he was back behind bars after being given a seven-year sentence in 1988 for robbing a jewelry store.

After spending a few years out of jail, Bronson was once more released from prison in 1992. However, a short time later, he was sentenced to eight years in prison for intending to rob, and he has since been imprisoned for violent crimes committed while in custody.

He received a seven-year sentence for false imprisonment in 1994.

And in 1997, Bronson held three prisoners, staff members, and a deputy prison governor hostage; for that crime, he was sentenced to five years.

He kidnapped an art teacher for three days in Hull prison a few years later, in 1999.

Despite not harming the victim physically, Bronson traumatized him, which prevented the teacher from going back to work.

For the incident, Bronson received a discretionary life sentence that was to last at least three years but was released in 2003.

In order to lessen the risk to the staff and other inmates, a special prison unit was established at the facility later that year.

However, the accusations did not end there, and in 2014 Bronson was also given a three-year sentence for assaulting a prison governor.

Due to several violent attacks, Bronson moved to many different prisons during his time.

Bronson’s Name Changes

Who is Charles Bronson: Biography, Family, Crime and Prison
Bronson in 2001

Bronson has undergone several name changes, with each title signifying a different moment in his life. He was originally known as Michael Gordon Peterson, but during a brief period of freedom in 1987, he adopted the name Charles Bronson in honor of the Hollywood actor.

Charles declared in August 2014 that he was formally changing his name to Charles Salvador in honor of the surrealist painter Salvador Dali. He started practicing art, even founding a nonprofit organization with the same name. Moreover, the Tube had some of his artwork up there, but it was soon taken down.

Exhibition of art by Bronson

The following is a paraphrase of the phrase "Prisoners on parole"

Hundreds of Charles Bronson drawings are rumored to be on display and for sale; prices range from £700 to £30,000; at the highest price, you can purchase a set of nine drawings.

There's a good chance that this will aid in Charlie's parole if we can demonstrate that he genuinely wants to be let out of jail so that he can work on his art, curator and artist Oliver Hammond told Sky News in February.

Many of the drawings show Branson behind prison doors as they depict his life behind bars.

In addition to his work as an artist, Bronson has written eleven books, including the memoirs Bronson, Respect and Reputation and Loonyology: In My Own Words, since 1999.

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