Most Popular Leaders In The World
Most Popular Leaders In The World

Morning Consult Political Intelligence is tracking the approval rating for governmental leaders in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, ect. Approval ratings are based on a seven-day moving average of adult residents in each country, and samples sizes vary by country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again been elected as the world's most popular leader. PM Modi is followed by Mexico President López Obrador at 66% and Italy Prime Minister Mario Draghi at 58%.

India Prime Minister is also way ahead of US President Joe Biden and UK PM Boris Johnson. Among other world leaders, German Chancellor Angela Merkel secured (54%) and Australian PM Scott Morrison got (47%) approvals.

US President Joe Biden ranks at the sixth spot with 44 per cent approvals, Canada's Justin Trudeau at seventh with 43 per cent while United Kingdom's Boris Johnson rounded the top 10 with 40 per cent.

Here is the latest 'Global Leader Approval’ ratings of world leaders - Top 10:

1.Narendra Modi: 70 percent

2.Lopez Obrader: 66 percent

3.Mario Draghi: 58 percent

4.Angela Merkel: 54 percent

5.Scott Morrison: 47 percent

6.Justin Trudeau: 45 percent

7.Joe Biden: 44 percent

8.Fumio Kishida: 42 percent

9.Moon Jae-in: 41 percent

10.Boris Johnson: 40 percent


Who Are The Most Popular Leaders In The World - Top 10
Most popular leaders in the world today

Who Are The Most Popular Leaders In The World?

1.Narendra Modi (PM of India): 70 percent

Idian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for the second time, topped the ‘Global Leader Approval’ ratings released by American research firm - Morning Consult, with the highest 70 per cent approval ratings. PM Modi has got the highest rating among adults across the world via

Earlier this year, the Morning Consult dubbed Prime Minister Modi as the “Most Popular Head of Government” in a survey. Even in September 2021, PM Modi was ranked the most approved world leader.

Narendra Modi (full name is Narendra Damodardas Modi) was born on 17 September, 1950 at Vadnagar, Mehsana Gujarat. On the 71st birthday of PM Narendra Modi let us read about his early life, family, education, political career, awards and recognition, books written by him, etc.

He is a personality of motivation who rose from a poverty-stricken tea-selling boy to a development-oriented leader.

2.López Obrador (President of Mexico): 66 percent

Who Are The Most Popular Leaders In The World - Top 10
Rating tracker deemed López Obrador the world's second most popular leader after India's

The Global Leader Approval Rating Tracker, developed by the data intelligence company Morning Consult. approval ratings are based on a seven-day moving average of the results of surveys conducted with adult residents in 13 countries, currently shows that López Obrador’s approval rating is 65%.

With an approval rating of 71%, Modi is the only leader who is more popular than López Obrador, as Mexico’s president is widely known.

López Obrador often referred to by his nickname AMLO, his initials. He has written more than 15 books.

His grandfather, a native of the Spanish town Ampuero, arrived in Mexico as an exile during the 1930s under the protection of President Lázaro Cárdenas.

Lopez Obrador, an impeccably honest and frugal leader, transformed the social, political and economic landscape of Mexico City.

Lopez Obrador was born on November 13, 1953, in the southern Mexican State of Tabasco, an oil rich location with abundant natural resources. He was raised in a middle class family. A former altar boy, he grew up inspired by the Lone Ranger and his hard-working parents. An avid baseball fan, he usually played the center field position and once considered becoming a professional player.

3.Mario Draghi (PM Of Italy): 58 percent

Who Are The Most Popular Leaders In The World - Top 10
Mario Draghi - PM of Italy - One of The Most Popular Leaders In The World

Mario Draghi is an economist, banker, and professor who helped bring economic reform to some of Italy's largest corporate and financial institutions before becoming the country's prime minister in 2021.

Mario Draghi served as head of the European Central Bank between 2011 and 2019. In 2006, he became governor of Italy's central bank. Draghi taught at the University of Florence before joining Goldman Sachs, where he worked between 2002 and 2005. He graduated from the University of Rome and received a doctorate from MIT.

Born on Sept. 3, 1947, Draghi was raised in Rome, where he studied under the Jesuits. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Rome, then moved to the U.S, where he studied economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Draghi followed in the footsteps of his father, who was also a banker, after completing his education. In addition to working in the academic world, he spent the majority of his career heading up numerous global financial and economic organizations.

Draghi retired to private life after leaving the ECB but came back into the public sphere after Italy's president, Sergio Mattarella, requested that he form an administration.

Mattarella's appointment came after the collapse of the government due to its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.14 Draghi won a confidence vote in Italy's lower house of parliament, giving his government the authority it needed to take power.

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4.Angela Merkel (Germany): 54 percent

When the president of Germany Steinmeier swore-in Merkel as chancellor, appeared to say that her fourth term in power could yet prove to be her most challenging.

Angela Merkel is a German politician best known as the first female chancellor of Germany and one of the architects of the European Union. Trained as a physicist, Merkel entered politics after the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall. Rising to the position of chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union party, Merkel became Germany's first female chancellor following the 2005 national elections. Merkel is a prominent figure within the European Union and has helped turn Germany into one of the world’s leading nations.

5.Scott Morrison (PM of Australia): 47 percent

Who Are The Most Popular Leaders In The World - Top 10
Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison (born May 13, 1968, Bronte, New South Wales, Australia) is Australian conservative politician who became leader of the Liberal Party and prime minister of Australia in August 2018. Morrison was born in Waverley, Sydney, the younger of two sons born to Marion (née Smith) and John Douglas Morrison (1934–2020). His father was a policeman who served on the Waverley Municipal Council, including a single term as mayor.

Morrison grew up in the suburb of Bronte. He had a brief career as a child actor, appearing in several television commercials and small roles in local shows.

Morrison is a fan of rugby union and supported the Eastern Suburbs RUFC during his childhood.

Morrison is Australia's first Pentecostal prime minister. He thinks misuse of social media is the work of "the evil one" and practises the Christian tradition of the "laying on of hands" while working. He said in a speech to the Australian Christian Churches conference in April 2021 that he believes he was elected to do God's work, although he later said that his comments were mischaracterised and that they were meant to reflect his belief that "whatever you do every day ... is part of your Christian service".

6.Justin Trudeau: 45 percent

Justin Trudeau (born December 25, 1971) is Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister. The oldest of three boys, Justin grew up with the profound influence of his father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, and his mother, Margaret Trudeau. He was raised speaking both French and English and has family roots in both Eastern and Western Canada.

Justin studied literature at McGill University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in 1994.

Justin entered politics to make change that would better serve all Canadians. In 2007, he built a community-based, grassroots campaign to win the Liberal Party nomination in the Montréal riding of Papineau. He was elected in 2008, and re-elected in 2011, 2015, and 2019.

As Prime Minister, Justin leads a government that works hard every day to continue moving Canada forward. His team is focused on creating good middle class jobs, making life more affordable, keeping Canada’s communities safe, fighting climate change, and moving forward on reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. A proud feminist, Justin appointed Canada’s first gender balanced Cabinet.

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7.Joe Biden: 44 percent

Joe Biden is the president of the United States. He also served as Barack Obama's vice president from 2008-2016.

oe Biden briefly worked as an attorney before turning to politics. He became the fifth-youngest U.S. senator in history as well as Delaware's longest-serving senator.

Biden launched his campaign for U.S. president and was elected as the 46th president of the United States.

Nine months into his term as US president, Joe Biden’s approval rating has slumped to a new low. The president’s approval rating stands at just 43 per cent according to the US website FiveThirtyEight, which aggregates data from all polls.

Biden has struggled through a tough first year as president. The US has faced surges of Covid-19 cases, rising inflation rates, disappointing jobs figures and the global fallout from its chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan in August. A recent poll by NBC News found that while approval of Biden’s handling of the pandemic has increased since the summer, more people are unhappy with the way he has tackled economic challenges now than they were in August.

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8.Fumio Kishida: 42 percent

Who Are The Most Popular Leaders In The World - Top 10
Fumio Kishida

Fumio Kishida (born 29 July 1957) is a Japanese politician serving as Prime Minister of Japan since 4 October 2021. He has also been the president of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) since 29 September 2021. A member of the House of Representatives, he previously served as Minister for Foreign Affairs from 2012 to 2017 and as acting Minister of Defense in 2017.

As with most Japanese prime ministers, Kishida comes from a family of politicians. Hereditary politics is common in Japan. The majority of prime ministers in the post-war era have come from a political dynasty and Kishida is no exception. Both his grandfather Masaki and father Fumitake were both lower house members. Fumio eventually followed in their paths after first working for the now defunct Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan. His political career began in 1987 as a secretary to his father who was a lawmaker of the lower house. Six years later, he was elected to the House of Representatives in his domicile of Hiroshima.

He is not particularly popular with the public, but now most popular leader!

According to various opinion polls taken prior to the election, Taro Kono was the people’s choice to be PM. In a survey by the Mainichi Shimbun, 45 percent of respondents felt he was the best man for the job. Kishida was well back with just 18 percent. The Hiroshima-native doesn’t have as strong a connection with the public as Kono who regularly interacts with followers on Twitter. While campaigning for last year’s leadership election, Kishida thought he’d post a nice family picture on the same platform. Showing his wife serving him dinner in an apron, the photo was widely mocked and described as “anachronistic.”

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9.Moon Jae-in (President of South Korea): 41 percent

Who Are The Most Popular Leaders In The World - Top 10
South Korean President Moon Jae-in addressing a press conference at the Blue House

Moon Jae-in was elected President of the Republic of Korea and began his five-year term in May 2017.

Moon Jae-in was born on Geoje Island, South Korea, on January 24, 1953. His parents, who had fled the North Korean communist regime, struggled to keep the family out of poverty; Moon has recounted the tale of being strapped to his mother's back as she sold eggs to make ends meet.

Moon announced his plan to move out of the traditional Blue House and be available to the public as the "Gwanghwamun president." He also put forth the policy goals of his administration, which included an emphasis on addressing income inequality and the decentralization of governmental authority.

The president has authored multiple books, including his 2011 autobiography, Moon Jae-in: The Destiny.

10.Boris Johnson (PM of UK): 40 percent

Boris Johnson was born on June 19, 1964 in New York City, New York, USA as Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. He is known for his work on Have I Got News for You (1990), EastEnders (1985) and PMQs (2010). He has been married to Carrie Johnson since May 29, 2021. They have one child. He was previously married to Marina Wheeler and Allegra Mostyn-Owen.

He studied at Eton College, Elton, Berkshire, England, and read Classics at Balliol College, University of Oxford, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. During his time at Oxford he was the President of the Oxford Union, a prestigious role held by many top British politicians.

In March 2004, he was nominated for a Best Entertainment BAFTA following his famously bumbling performances hosting Have I Got News for You (1990) . He was, ironically, up against regular panelist Paul Merton for the same Award.

He is the son of Stanley Johnson, a prominent environmentalist, & a politician and author who has served as an MEP, and of Charlotte Johnson Wahl, an artist.

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