How To Find The Cheapest Flights To Anywhere By Google Flights How To Find The Cheapest Flights To Anywhere By Google Flights
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Where to Find the Cheapest Flights - 15 Best Booking Websites
Where to Find Cheapest Flights Today

It can be difficult to know where to start looking when there are so many websites available for booking inexpensive flights. This list of the 15 best flight booking sites was compiled by KnowInsiders in order to assist you in finding the lowest possible fares.

How To Book Direct Through the Airline’s Website

Undoubtedly one of the simplest ways to book a ticket is to go directly to the airline's website. If you frequently travel with a small number of carriers, this is a great option. If you take part in a frequent flyer program, it's even better. Y

Naturally, you must first determine which airline offers the best deals in order to make a reservation through the airline's website. You can use a variety of OTAs and travel search engines to find the best offers so you can choose which airline's website to visit. Some OTAs even provide benefits that might encourage customers to book elsewhere in addition to the airline's website.

On online travel agency websites (OTAs), you can combine and match tickets with different carriers to get the best deals.

Go to that airline's website to check the flight once you've found a deal. There are times when flight aggregators give you the choice to go directly to the airline website.

Use one of the booking websites we mention in this article if the primary airline does not offer the best price from the flight search results.

The best course of action is to conduct some research, find the cheapest flight deals, and then search for those flights on the airline's website using one of these flight booking websites (or better yet, a combination of websites!). If you can save hundreds of dollars, it's worth it to mix and match airlines and airports.



Where to Find the Cheapest Flights - 15 Best Booking Websites
How to Find Cheap Flights in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

A complete compilation of the best travel search engines would be incomplete without including Going. They offer a free email service that can save you thousands of dollars annually on travel expenses. It's a game-changer for budget-conscious vacationers.

To begin, navigating the site couldn't be easier. You can let Going handle everything for you if you just sign up for email alerts. The Going team will find the most cost-effective vacation packages and send them to your inbox. Stop wasting time with endless web searches and page refreshes; Moving has you covered.

The service's true selling point, however, is the money it would save you. We're talking about hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in savings on tickets.

2. Skyscanner

Website: and

Where to Find the Cheapest Flights - 15 Best Booking Websites
Skyscanner - Best Sites for Book Cheapest Flight Today

Looking for a website to make a cheap flight reservation? Skyscanner should be your top priority! Thanks to this website, which is also a pleasure to use, discovering the best ticket discounts has never been simpler.

One of Skyscanner's best features is the "whole month" search option. Because you now have access to the cheapest flights for an entire month at once, it is simple to find the best deal for your travel arrangements. Additionally, you can use the "everywhere" search option to see the least expensive destinations to visit from your starting point if your travel dates are flexible. Talk about getting inspiration for your next vacation!

Skyscanner searches 1,200 airlines and travel agencies and consistently produces top-notch results, even on challenging routes where they frequently combine flights from two different airlines. At the airport, you might have to change airlines, but it's worthwhile if you want to save money. In that case, you can filter the outcomes to find the "fastest" path to take.

Skyscanner's incredible savings and price comparison tools make it a budget traveler's dream come true.

Although Skyscanner typically doesn't yield the most affordable results, it never hurts to look here first before moving on to other websites on this list.

3. Momondo


Similar to Kayak, Momondo is a travel metasearch engine. You can enter your travel information in the straightforward search box that is displayed on the homepage.

The visual way this site displays the price trends for your flight is one of our favorite features. You can tell right away if you could save some money by rearranging your travel dates. On the left side of the screen, there are numerous filtering options as well as a price tracker.

It also provides Mix & Match fares (previously known as Hacker Fares), which are just two one-way tickets from various airlines combined to get you the best price. To book these tickets, however, you do need to visit 2 different websites, unlike other websites.

In order to help you find cheap airfare, Momondo will combine and match airlines just like Skyscanner does. If your travel dates are flexible and you just want to explore a new destination, you can also create price alerts or search "Anywhere"!

4. Expedia


Another OTA that has stood the test of time is Expedia, which has been popular with travelers since the 1990s. When I first started looking for and booking flights, Expedia was my go-to resource. Now, though, how does it measure up?

You may not be getting a better deal by booking through Expedia, but you also aren't paying more than you would if you booked directly with the airline.

The "Deals" section of Expedia is one of the best parts of the site because of all the discounts and deals it offers on airplane tickets. In addition, the app does an excellent job of allowing you to save money by booking multiple aspects of your trip together.

Expedia's Expedia Rewards program is a great perk for frequent users. Save 10% or more on hotels, flights, car rentals, cruises, activities, and vacation packages with Member Prices and the opportunity to earn points with this program.

Expedia is a travel booking website where users can look through and compare prices for flights, hotels, rental cars, and vacation packages. Expedia's straightforward design and useful tools make it easy to locate favorable travel deals.


In the Expedia Rewards program, you can earn and redeem points for travel (though the earning potential is higher for hotels, cars, packages, activities, and cruises than for flights).


If you book with Expedia, your elite-status-qualifying mileage may be capped.

When using Expedia, your chances of receiving an upgrade are reduced.

5. Kayak


An OTA is not Kayak. Instead, it is a search engine for travel, making it a great place to begin looking for flights.

This flight booking website is a complete lifesaver when looking for the best airfare deals. One of Kayak's distinctive features is the "Hacker Prices" option. You can frequently find one-way tickets on various airlines for less money by doing this than round-trip tickets on a single airline.

Kayak can be considered the website with the most affordable tickets because so many other websites don't have this feature. In order to take advantage of a deal before it's too late, you can also use the "Price Alerts" feature to be informed when the price of a ticket that interests you changes.

One excellent way to reduce the cost of your flight is to use Kayak's ability to combine 2 one-way tickets (typically on different airlines) into 1 itinerary. These itineraries can be excellent values and are occasionally found in search results on other websites.


Ability to combine 2 one-way flights on a single itinerary

Price Alerts to keep an eye on flight prices


When your travel plans are very flexible, Kayak is the best option; however, since many of its most useful tools allow you to search for deals, this website might not be as appealing when you have a specific flight in mind.

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6. Google Flights


Where to Find the Cheapest Flights - 15 Best Booking Websites
Google Flights: Best Website to Find the Cheapest Travel Dates

Because it makes use of the potent ITA Matrix search engine, which was created for travel agents, Google Flights is another search aggregator and one of the best resources for finding low flight prices.

Therefore, if you're looking for the cheapest airfares and have flexible travel dates, Google Flights is a fantastic option. You cannot directly book tickets through the website; you can only find them using this search aggregator. But the user-friendly, ad-free design is simple and unambiguous.

Google Flights has a fantastic interactive globe that shows the best deals from the departure city of your choice. Simply zoom in on the location you want to go to see more routes.

Google Flights will automatically find the most affordable flight when you enter your flight information into the search bar.even before you need to click "Search."

You can see how much the price varies, even down to the day, by moving the cursor a few weeks or months in the future. If your travel dates are flexible, this is a fantastic tool.

The "Price Forecast" feature, however, is what really distinguishes Google Flights from its competitors. Using historical data to predict whether ticket prices will rise or fall in the future, you can use this feature to choose the best time to book a ticket. Additionally, the "Price Graph" option makes it simple to find the best deal by allowing you to view a flight's price history.

But the real reason to use Google Flights is the money you'll save on air travel. With its fantastic deals and price-comparison tools, Google Flights can help you save money on your upcoming trip.

When you purchase a flight with the price guarantee badge, Google Flights will refund you the difference (up to a maximum of $500 per calendar year) if the price drops. However, you are only permitted to get three price-guaranteed refunds at once.

Note: Check out the price graph to see how things are trending, or use the quick toggle button to easily set up price alerts. Google Flights will even inform you if there are additional baggage charges.


A price graph lets you see the pricing patterns for your route and determine when it might be more affordable to fly.

You will receive an email from price tracking whenever the cost of your flight rises or falls.

Automatic price protection for a few flights


Since this search engine is so powerful with lots of options, it could get complicated for a novice traveler

7. Priceline


Popular online travel agency Priceline invented the Name Your Own Price feature and opaque bookings. Discounts may be available with these bookings, but many of the specifics are not disclosed until after the reservation. Since Priceline no longer offers the Name Your Own Price feature for flights, it now functions like the majority of other OTAs.

One of the benefits of using Priceline to search for flights is that it has a nice color-coded calendar that makes it simple to see which days have the best deals.

On Priceline, the search results are easy to understand and navigate. You can easily see the cheapest nonstop options as you scroll through your search results, as well as things like flights with no change fees or early bird flights.

Examining Priceline's Express Deals is another way to save money. Select flight information (such as the departure and arrival times or even the airline) is withheld in these so-called "opaque bookings" until the booking is complete.


If you have some flexibility, Express Deal flights may be a good value. Many flight specifics, such as the airline and arrival and departure times, are concealed until the booking is finalized.

A calendar with color-coding and easily readable search results

Price-Match Promise

Free online cancellation is available within 24 hours (apart from flights included in Express Deals).


No rewards program

Express Deal flights can offer excellent savings, but they occasionally can cost even more than a regular reservation.

8. Orbitz


Another trustworthy OTA that has been around since 2001 is Orbitz. This website differs slightly from others in that it has its own rewards program, Orbitz Rewards. When you use Orbitz to make hotel, flight, and vacation package reservations, you can earn Orbucks. But you can only use Orbucks to pay for lodging.

You can receive 1% back as Orbucks (or 2% if you use the Orbitz mobile app) when you book a flight through Orbitz. You can use $5 toward a hotel reservation by earning 5 Orbucks for a $500 flight booking. The Orbitz Rewards program is open to everyone.

Sadly, Orbitz occasionally levies a 1% reservation fee. Before completing your purchase, keep an eye out for these on your trip summary page and include them in your calculations to determine whether you're getting a good deal or not. Earning Orbucks is fantastic, but paying a booking fee might negate all of the advantages.


You can earn Orbucks through Orbitz Rewards and use them to pay for hotel reservations.

24-hour policy for cancellation

Low Price Guarantee: Orbitz will refund the difference if you discover a lower price for your flight on another website within 24 hours.


Flight booking fees

9. Agoda


Priceline is the owner of the OTA Agoda. When looking for flights, this website doesn't provide much more than a straightforward search with a few selectable filters. Agoda is worth looking into if you're looking for unusual lodging options like an apartment or private villa, but it doesn't have much to offer when looking for flights.

The fact that Agoda is multilingual is a neat feature. By selecting the flag in the top menu bar, you can change the language.


Simple search functionality

Multilingual option


Limited filtering options for flights

10. Travelocity


If you're looking for affordable ticket-reservation websites, you're in luck. Here are some justifications as to why Priceline is the best resource for discovering the lowest airfares:

The good news is that you can use some nice filtering options to find the ideal flight for your needs. The prices may alter between selection and booking, which is a drawback. When we made a fake reservation, the price of the flight had increased from $157 to $338 by the time we reached the payment screen!

If you find a cheaper airfare offer elsewhere, Travelocity will match it and give you a future-use travel voucher thanks to their price match guarantee. In many ways, that is similar to winning the lottery, but it is better because you get to take a vacation. They have a ton of discounts and coupons, which can help you save a ton of money on your flights. You can search for tickets within a certain time frame and compare prices using their flexible time tool.

For booking hotels and tickets, you can earn points that can be redeemed for additional travel savings through their reward program.

Through their loyalty program, you can collect points for your hotel and airline reservations, which you can then redeem for additional savings on subsequent travel. However, with all the offers and discounts Travelocity currently has, you might be able to save a significant amount of money. When you arrive, there might be enough for a few celebratory cocktails.

Keep an eye out for booking fees in the payment section of the booking process because Travelocity, like other online travel agencies, may impose them.


Price Guarantee: Travelocity will refund the difference in price if you discover a lower price on an identical itinerary within 24 hours.

Free flight cancellation up to 24 hours after booking (on most airlines)


Travelocity sometimes charges a booking fee

Prices can change between flight selection and payment

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11. Kiwi


As with the other OTAs on this list, you can make direct reservations on's website, which is still fairly new to me.

Booking multi-destination trips on this flight booking website is incredibly simple. It's a delight to use! All you need to do is enter your starting point and ending location, and then fill in the rest of the information (including how long you want to stay in each location).

The search results will compile an entire itinerary for you by bringing up a selection of various airlines and routes with the best deal.

You can take a flight from Boston to London to start your country-hopping in Europe, then travel to Portugal for a while at your leisure before booking your flight back from a different city, such as Berlin.

The search results appear very quickly, and I like how clearly they are organized. Even the flight times are clearly discernible right away. Can you believe the total cost of the trip was only $920 USD?

Additionally, you can filter your results to only see the quickest, cheapest, or "best" routes.

Be aware that there may be additional costs, such as baggage charges. So, keep those in mind. Additionally, pay close attention to the flight information because you won't always be departing from the same airport where you arrived.

Be aware that there may be additional costs, such as baggage charges. So, keep those in mind. Additionally, pay close attention to the flight information because you won't always be departing from the same airport where you arrived.

12. Hotwire


Like their hotel stays, "Hot Rate Flights" withhold the airline and precise flight times until after you have made a reservation. Who doesn't like living life on the edge a little bit? If those details don't matter too much to you, this could be a great money-saving option to try out.

When you combine your purchases and reserve a hotel along with your flight, Hotwire really shines. For instance, a message informed me that I could save almost $400 USD if I booked the hotel and the Hot Rate Flight together when I was looking for a flight and hotel package from New York City to London.

With Hotwire, you also get a 24-hour cancellation policy. Hotwire is refreshingly upfront about baggage fees, seat selection, etc., so there are no additional fees (although there may be a booking fee).


Package deals that include a hotel stay can save money

24-hour cancellation policy

Low Price Guarantee


Hotwire can sometimes charge a booking fee

13.Wheels Up


Where to Find the Cheapest Flights - 15 Best Booking Websites
Best Websites for Booking Flights at the Cheapest Prices

When a flight is scheduled but not carrying any passengers, as when an aircraft must return for a charter, the term "empty leg flight" is used. This typically occurs with private jet companies, and as a result, you may find affordable flights up to 75% off the standard charter price.

These flights are very dissimilar from regular flights. Routes are constrained, availability is unpredictable, and empty legs typically don't appear until the very last minute.

You can only book one way, and cancellations are frequent; additionally, the airline won't rebook you like a commercial airline would. You'll be in charge of making your own way home.

You might be perplexed as to why you would choose this option at all. Well, it's partly to enjoy the experience, but it's also sometimes possible to find an excellent deal if you're not overly concerned with where you're going.

You can browse empty legs directly on the websites of some private air charter companies, but you'll save the most money by becoming a member of a company like Wheels Up, which is the parent company of Delta Private Jets.

A membership costs around $3,000 a year, but after that you can fly on empty legs for as little as $320 for the whole plane. Therefore, this is a good way to treat a group of friends or family to an exciting weekend away.

14. CheapOair


The website of CheapOair, an online travel agency, is easy to use, and making reservations is simple. The website specializes in providing great last-minute deals as well as the most affordable airfare when booking in advance. Simple sorting options include suggested, least expensive, and flight duration for the search results. At the top, you can see a list of the airlines, sorted by lowest ticket price and showing both direct and indirect routes.

Additionally, CheapOair offers a variety of travel specials and discounts that can further reduce the cost of your trip. Additionally, CheapOair's robust search tools and extensive network of available routes make it simple to find the lowest airfares. You can quickly and easily schedule a ticket online in a few easy steps once you've made your choice.

You have the choice to confirm the fare rules and your allowed luggage before completing the booking. Additionally, you will have the choice to add more luggage or buy travel insurance. To save the ticket, just make sure to complete the reservation within the allotted time.

15. Airfare Watchdog


Where to Find the Cheapest Flights - 15 Best Booking Websites
Airfare Watchdog

A group of flight hackers from Airfare Watchdog search the Internet for the most affordable flight options. That covers miscalculated prices and other last-minute offers that might appear at any time.

You have a great chance to save money if you can book a flight at the last minute and have flexible travel dates.

The website is incredibly simple to use. As soon as you enter your city, Airfare Watchdog provides you with a list of offers that are currently available, with airfare deals frequently costing less than $100 round-trip. These offers are updated every day.

Additionally, you can find Today's Top Deals at the top of the page and Weekend Deals under the Flights heading. If you want to arrange a brief vacation of three to four days, the weekend deals are especially helpful. To see what express deals are available from your departure airport, choose the "Take Me Anywhere" option.

The drawback is that almost all express deals are for travel to US cities. For instance, I might need to look a little further if I want to get an express deal for somewhere south of the border.

You will receive updates when airfare prices change if you sign up for airfare alerts because Airfare Watchdog is excellent at tracking price trends over time. Additionally, Airfare Watchdog is accessible in Canada, unlike Scott's Cheap Flights.

More Booking Websites for Cheap Flights in 2023/2024


To begin, Hopper is the Michael Jordan of travel scheduling software. It's the best in the business, a slam dunk, and it can save you a ton of cash. But in all seriousness, there are a number of reasons why Hopper is among the best sites for booking flights.

An app called Hopper aims to foretell the best moment to book a flight. It asserts that you can save up to 40% on flights by using its app. You can see the cheapest and most expensive times to fly to your desired location using the straightforward interface and color-coded map.

If your travel dates are flexible, you can also set up alerts to monitor prices for an entire month or for your specific dates.


Like on CheapOair, you can use OneTravel to compare airfares from different airlines and make a direct booking. OneTravel provides comparable features to other OTAs, such as the ability to filter results based on the number of stops, duration, and arrival and departure times.

You might find affordable last-minute options when looking to make a reservation in advance. You can also set up alerts to keep track of the price of the flights you're interested in.


Since the late 1990s, Priceline has been a leading online travel company. It is owned by Booking Holdings, the same company that operates and Kayak in the travel technology sector.

Customers can compare flights from different airlines and make direct bookings on the website, just like with other OTAs. The website offers discounted rates when booking combinations like "flight + hotel" or "flight + vehicle."

A free VIP subscription is given to each and every customer who creates an account with Priceline. Registered users can advance to higher levels after making a certain number of reservations throughout the year, giving them access to additional benefits like rebates and vouchers.

TripAdvisor Flights

TripAdvisor has grown into a monstrous website that offers everything from flight deals to rental cars to tour activities, which is only logical. Compared to other websites, it is much more comprehensive.

As an aggregator, TripAdvisor makes use of a number of OTAs that I was unfamiliar with. How does it compare to other flight search engines then?

Many people are unaware that the popular review site also compiles travel searches. Cost comparisons between OTAs are made simple by Tripadvisor's travel search tool. All it takes to make a reservation is to go to your preferred Agency after finding the best price.

Thrifty Traveler

Thrifty Wanderer is one of the best websites for booking flights and discovering the best deals on tickets, hotels, and vacation packages. Additionally, it offers details on local credit card deals and suggests the top destinations to see while traveling.

If you pay $49.99 for a Thrifty Traveler entry, you can access the rest of the website. They guarantee savings of $250 to $500 per trip and give you direct email access to the best deals.

Dollar Flight Club

One of the best-known and longest-running online resources for finding cheap flights is The Dollar Flight Club, which is used by millions of people daily.

If you want customized flight offers and travel deals that are catered to your needs, look towards the Dollar Flight Club. In terms of usability, it is comparable to Google Trips, but it is frequently much less expensive.

Fare Compare

Although it was founded in 2004, Flight Compare has grown significantly since then to rank among the top websites for finding cheap flights online. Enter your information once, and Fare Comparison will take care of the rest.

You can search for the best deals on affordable tickets to your current location or your ideal destination. Finding the best cheap tickets is easy and only takes a few minutes with Fare Compare. Although you can access the majority of the information on the website, there isn't an app.


Skiplagged became well-known for using a strategy called the "secret city pass." The scam entails selecting a less expensive flight with a layover, failing to catch the connecting flight, and landing in the layover city as opposed to the destination.

However, this option is only available to travelers who are checking a bag and are traveling one way. Many news outlets, including CNN and BBC, mentioned the ticket scheduling website.

Travelers looking for new places to explore can also check the Skiplagged rates listed on the homepage.


You won't find the best flight deals in one convenient location. The prices offered by OTAs are generally comparable.You won't find the best airfare deals in one convenient spot. When it comes to pricing, most OTAs are on par with one another.

If you're flexible with your departure and arrival dates, you can use these sites to find the best deals.

If you're flexible with your departure and arrival times and locations, many of these sites can help you find the best deals. Start with a trip search tool like Google Flights or Kayak to examine alternative booking options if you prefer the tried-and-true method. That will point you in the direction of the travel booking site where you can save the most money.

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