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Top 10+ Insanely Cheap Places To Travel In The UK Right Now
Top 10+ Insanely Cheap Places To Travel In The UK Right Now

We all feel the financial strain at some point during the month, no matter what time of year it is. When planning a vacation, it's common advice to double your budget and cut your time in half - a kick in the gut if you want to have a pleasant time without spending too much.

Fortunately, there are people who understand our financial situation and have graciously kept their rates low without sacrificing quality, allowing us to take a well-deserved vacation without having to survive on bread and jam for the next few weeks.

Take a look at these cheap and economical places to visit in the United Kingdom.

Best reasons to visit the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom never falls behind when it comes to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In the island nation of northwest Europe, there are a ton of incredible things to see and do, including famous landmarks, breathtaking coastal views, top-notch dining establishments, and international music festivals. Any traveler will be drawn to the UK, which is made up of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. It offers both traditional and contemporary attractions.

There are many opportunities to take Instagram-worthy photos in the UK if you enjoy posting panoramic photos or taking selfies. In this region of Europe, it is simple to find many breathtaking landscapes and landmarks. The Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, and Buckingham Palace are some of the most popular locations in London, which The Telegraph listed as one of the Top 10 Most Instagrammed Cities in 2017. Get in your car and drive to locations like the Lake District in northwest England, the Jurassic Coast in southern England, Orkney on the north coast of Scotland, and Glencoe in western Scotland to discover more beautiful landscapes.

In the UK, you don't need to travel to a remote island or a forest to experience nature in all of its splendor. Simply visit some of its magnificent gardens will do. The more than 50,000 plant species that make up London's Royal Botanic Gardens, which is regarded as one of the best in the world, are a source of pride for the city. Visit the renowned Mount Stewart gardens in Northern Ireland, the charming Colby Woodland Gardens in Wales, or the subtropical Inverewe Gardens in Scotland if you venture outside of London.

Attending some of the country's major festivals and events will help you get the most out of your trip to the United Kingdom, whether you're a fan of music or sports. Winning consecutively for 2017 and 2018 at the Music Week Awards for Festival of the Year was Glastonbury, which is held every year in late June in Pilton, England, barring fallow years. The festival presents some of the world's top performances of modern art and music. The top lawn tennis players from around the world compete in the Wimbledon fortnight, which is held every year from mid-June to mid-July.

How much does it cost to travel to the United Kingdom?

How much cash will you require for your trip to the UK? For your vacation in the UK, you should budget about £122 ($158) per day, which is the average daily price based on what other tourists spent there. In the past, tourists have typically spent £30 ($39) on a single day's worth of food and £23 ($30) on local transportation. Additionally, a couple can stay in a hotel for an average cost of £120 ($156) in the UK. Therefore, a trip to the UK for two people for a week typically costs £1,704 ($2,219). These average travel costs were compiled from feedback from other travelers to assist you in creating your own travel budget.

An average weeklong vacation to the UK for one person costs about £852. Therefore, a weeklong trip to the UK for two people will set you back about £1,704. In the UK, a two-week vacation for two people costs £3,409. When a family of three or four takes a trip, the cost can frequently be reduced because child tickets are less expensive and hotel rooms can be shared. Your daily budget will decrease if you travel more slowly over a longer distance. It is common for two people traveling to the UK together for a month to have a lower daily budget per person than one person traveling there alone for a week.

Accommodation Budget in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, a single person's lodging costs on average £60. In the United Kingdom, a hotel room typically costs £120 for two people sharing a double occupancy room.

Transportation Budget in the United Kingdom

In the UK, taxi fares are significantly higher than those for public transportation. In the past, visitors to the UK have spent an average of £23 per person, per day, on local transportation.

Budget for Intercity Travel in the United Kingdom

In the UK, the average cost of travel between cities and towns is £51. Naturally, costs differ depending on the distance traveled, the mode of transportation, and the day.

Food Budget in the United Kingdom

Despite the fact that meal costs can vary in the UK, the average cost of food there is £30 per day. An average meal in the UK should cost about £12 per person when dining out, according to the spending patterns of previous visitors. Prices for breakfast are typically a little lower than those for lunch or dinner. In the UK, sit-down restaurants frequently charge more for their food than fast food or hawker stands do.

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Top 10 cheap and affordable places that you can travel in the UK

1. York

Photo: The Guardian
Photo: The Guardian

The Shambles is one of the most historic (and picturesque) streets in the UK, with its overhanging timber-framed homes and traditional shopfronts giving the impression of stepping back in time.

The most impressive gothic cathedral in the world and one of the biggest cathedrals in Northern Europe is York Minster, which is impossible to miss.

Formerly known as Jorvik, York served as the seat of government for a Viking realm. At the realistic Jorvik Viking Centre, you can travel back in time to learn more and take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the era.

Visit the National Railway Museum to learn about 300 years of railway history, board restored locomotives, and peruse some of the 1 million train-related artifacts.

There are many distinctive attractions in the immediate vicinity. Discover one of England's most stunning stately homes, Castle Howard, or be amazed by the bizarre and wonderful Brimham Rocks, a remarkable collection of wind-weathered rock formations.

York is a two-hour train ride from London. It can also be reached by train in just 20 minutes from Leeds city.

A city of extraordinary cultural wealth, York is a must-see for history buffs. It is a beautifully preserved medieval city. Wander the Gothic halls of York Minster Cathedral to travel back in time 2,000 years, explore the city's Viking past at the yearly Jorvik Viking Festival, or learn about history of a different kind at the National Railway Museum. Follow William the Conqueror's path and take in the breathtaking views from Clifford's Tower, or explore the eclectic mix of independent boutiques tucked away in the picture-perfect 13th century timber buildings that make up The Shambles, York's most picturesque street. You'll quickly realize why York is the place to be when you combine these factors with a thriving food scene and some of Britain's most breathtaking scenery.

Where is York?

Located in the heart of North Yorkshire, York’s nearest airport is Leeds-Bradford. Located 30 miles (about 50 minutes by car) from the city centre, the airport operates flights to and from 70 destinations worldwide.

Accommodation: You can stay in Bed and Breakfast accommodation at James College for just £30 per night. Don't let the college part fool you. The beautiful green lawns and rivers make it quite a special place for travellers during holiday times.

Food: The Hairy Fig claims to sell York's finest pork pies, and at £1.30 a pie, it's worth the gamble. Or for something a little more filling, Cafe No.8 Bistro's steak and chips has been known to keep patrons full for days. At just £4.95, it certainly is a delicious bargain.

Top attractions in York

Yorkshire Museum and Gardens

A great introduction to the city, at the Yorkshire Museum you can explore York’s medieval history through interactive activities for all ages The building is surrounded by beautiful gardens and the remains of an abbey, on the banks of the River Ouse.

JORVIK Viking Centre

Travel back in time at JORVIK, one of the UK’s most popular attractions, to see how the city looked in 975AD. You can see the real remains of 1,000 year old houses beneath your feet. Proof that you’re standing in a very old city!

York’s Chocolate Story

With this guided tour of a chocolate factory, you can learn about the humble York origins of foods like Toffee Crisp, Smarties, and KitKat. There are also lots of opportunities for tasting, and you can even try your hand at making chocolate.

The National Railway Museum

The largest in the UK and ideal for families, York's Railway Museum is also entirely free. Whether you enjoy trains or not, the collection of over 1,000,000 artifacts from history and close to 300 historic trains is very impressive and well worth a visit.

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2. The Gower, Swansea

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

The first location in Great Britain to be designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty was Gower. The Gower peninsula, which has cliffs and woodlands surrounded by sparkling beaches, is so adored by walkers, birdwatchers, sunbathers, and surfers that it has been winning awards ever since. Here are 10 ways to enjoy this paradise's 70 square miles (180 square kilometers).

You'll miss out if you stay on dry land. Sandy Llangennith has long been a favorite among surfers because it consistently produces some of Britain's most incredible waves. On the global stage, Rhossili Bay has also been getting some attention. According to TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice Awards, it has been ranked among the top ten beaches in Britain for the past eight years and is currently the 11th best beach in Europe.

True adrenaline junkies should try coasteering, which involves scaling cliffs and diving into the water below. But make sure a professional is always with you; there are many activity providers who would be happy to hear from you.

Starting at Mumbles and extending westward is the 19-mile-long Peninsula. It is well-known for its breathtaking coastline and beaches, which range from the expansive Rhossili Bay to the cozy and secluded Pwll Du, and is a popular vacation spot for surfers and walkers. Country pubs and fine dining can be found inland, along with protected woodlands and undulating grasslands.

Outstanding Natural Beauty

The Gower Peninsula is commemorating 64 years since 1956, when it became the first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK. With an area of 188 square kilometers, it was given AONB status for its beautiful natural surroundings (33% of which are National Nature Reserves or Sites of Special Scientific Interest) and classic coastline (much of which is Heritage Coast).

The heathland, limestone grassland, fresh- and salt-water marshes, dunes, and oak woodlands that make up the Peninsula's naturally diverse environment are renowned. Its diverse geology has produced a wide range of landscapes in a comparatively small landscape area. Its southern coast is dominated by imposing limestone cliffs that are dotted with sandy beaches and rocky shorelines. The coast is low-lying and has extensive salt marshes and dune systems in the north.

Travel Back in Time

The AONB contains at least 1200 archaeological sites from various eras and genres. As examples, there are caves, Iron Age forts, medieval castles, churches, a lighthouse, and parks from the late 19th century. 124 of these buildings are listed, and 73 of them are of national significance.

Due to the abundant evidence of a lengthy sequence of land use and occupation from the prehistoric to industrial periods, the western portion of the AONB is listed in the Register of Landscapes of Outstanding Historic Interest in Wales. This includes remnants of medieval open field systems (such as the Vile, near Rhossili) and Iron Age forts.

3. Bristol

Photo: Hotels
Photo: Hotels

This vibrant university city is home to many exciting attractions and hosts unique events and festivals all year long, such as Caribbean carnivals and ballooning extravaganzas.

Great global cuisine is served at St Nick's, a Georgian market hall, fantastic shopping on the independent-minded Gloucester Road, and lively bars and cafes line the Harbourside.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel's Clifton Suspension Bridge is the most well-known landmark and is a delight to cycle or walk across. Then, at Brunel's ss Great Britain museum, be in awe of yet another of the engineer's accomplishments. When it was launched in 1843, the ship was the biggest afloat.

Did you realize? There is now a posh lodge on the grounds of the elegant Bristol Zoo Gardens. A 4-course meal prepared by your personal chef, a behind-the-scenes tour with a zoo keeper, and breakfast with the gorillas are all included in this special stay.

From a Banksy street art tour to a trip to the 3D planetarium at the We the Curious science and arts center, VisitBristol has plenty of suggestions for things to see and do while you're here.

The Roman city of Bath and the bucolic splendor of Gloucestershire and The Cotswolds are both close by.

By train, Bristol is 140 minutes from London.

Cool and original If you enjoy art, culture, and thrilling adventure, Bristol is a must-visit location. And the city is no slouch when it comes to delicious food and friendly pubs! Take a street art tour to see the creations of Bristol's most well-known son, Banksy, for a true taste of the city. Explore maritime history at the storied SS Great Britain steamship or take a tour of the famed Clifton Suspension Bridge to see breathtaking views.

Feel your heart racing at Bristol's brand-new inland surfing venue, the Wave, view historical artwork at the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, or savor local beer and cozy up in one of the city's unique bars, pubs, or breweries. One thing is for sure: the hometown of Massive Attack and The Eagles doesn't let you down, with shopping options ranging from budget to extravagant and an impressive music scene to boot.

Bristol is a city that exhilarates slowly.

Bristol is a medium-sized city that is both manageable on foot and expansive enough to keep you entertained.

Bristol is where?

Bristol, which is tucked between Gloucestershire and Somerset, is only one hour and forty minutes away from London. Bristol International Airport serves the city, making it simple to get to by train and car from anywhere in the United Kingdom.

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4. Bath

Photo: TripAdvisor
Photo: TripAdvisor

One of the most appealing cities in Britain is Bath. It's difficult to resist the beautiful Roman and Georgian architecture, hipster hangouts, and upscale spas.


Bath's extraordinary collection of architectural gems has been recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site for the entire city. Why is clear to see. One of the best-preserved Roman bathhouses in the world is located in Bath, where hot springs bubble up at a toasty 46°C (115°F). Some of the largest Georgian structures in Britain can be found in the city's Circus and Royal Crescent.Due to their construction, Bath became the social center of the 18th century. Thermae Bath Spa, a luxurious new/old building combination with cityscape views from its outdoor roof-top pool, carries on that affluent spa town tradition.


There is more to this city's history than just its buildings. Bath is frequently associated with English author Jane Austen. The early 1800s resident who wrote Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion used this city as the setting for two of her novels. The Jane Austen Centre, which has costumed tour guides and a Regency tearoom, is a great place to start. Other heritage attractions include No. 1 Royal Crescent, which gives visitors a peek at the interiors hidden behind the grand semicircular facade, and the sizable collections of folk art held by the American Museum in Britain.


Bath has a strong contemporary arts scene, as one would expect from a city that has long been a leader in the cultural world. Theatrical, classical music, and literary festivals are among a number of high-caliber events that are held outside of the busy summer months and are ideal destinations.

An arthouse theater, a comedy club, and the historic Theatre Royal are among the year-round options for evening entertainment. The latter has a main stage, a studio venue, and — unusually — a space designated specifically for children's and teen performances.

Eats & Drinks

Bath's pubs and restaurants have real appeal, despite being a less obvious draw than the city's architecture and history. Spending time there is one of the best ways to get to know the contemporary city. There are upscale period tearooms, elegant restaurants, retro cafes, artisan bakeries, and a crop of top-notch gastropubs among the dining options.

Bath's nightlife is also a real highlight; you can find everything from heritage pubs to hip bars, bistros, and boozers that are popular with the music crowd. Additionally, due to Bath's small size, most venues are accessible by foot.

Accommodations: Since we're in a university town once more, university residences are ideal if you're looking for affordable housing. You'll be saving a lot of money with a standard room costing £30 per person. Another option is to stay at a farm or inn if you want to leave your student days behind but still want to save money. Consider freshly baked bread, roaring fireplaces in the winter, and river swimming in the summer, all accompanied by the friendliness of the locals. For two people sharing, a farm house bed and breakfast costs more than £60.

Food: Best of British is not only a deli selling organic, regionally grown food with a focus on making everything delicious; it is also incredibly affordable, which is unusual for organic, healthy food. It's not surprising that this restaurant is one of the more well-liked ones in Bath given that gourmet sandwiches cost just £2.50 and a slice of quiche only costs £3.25.

5. Brighton

Photo: BBC
Photo: BBC

A welcoming, progressive city in the county of Sussex. Make Brighton your base to explore new places and things to do both inside and outside the city, with a blend of modern culture and exotic architecture, sea and countryside.

What can you sum up about Brighton?

Brighton has drawn tourists looking for fun, frolics, and fresh sea air ever since the 18th century, when party-loving royal George IV fell in love with the city. With its grand Regency squares and crescents, iconic Royal Pavilion, and well-known piers, Brighton is still well-known for being a hospitable and diverse city with a passion for culture, creativity, and sustainability.

What more could a city have to offer than art, live music, and entertainment, not to mention the ever-increasing number of independent stores, boutique hotels, and acclaimed restaurants? It turns out to be quite a bit! In addition to being right in the middle of a UNESCO World Biosphere Region and having eight miles of beach at its doorstep, it borders the magnificent South Downs National Park, which is also an International Dark Sky Reserve. And getting here couldn't be simpler—it's only a one-hour train ride from London and a half-hour train ride from London Gatwick Airport.

The availability of many activities for no cost is one of Brighton's best features. It's a budget traveler's paradise, with opportunities to visit the beautiful beaches, take in some of the 98 parks and gardens, and go for a stroll through the Sussex countryside. Of course, we can't spend our entire time outside, so on gloomy or rainy days, you can visit the Hove Museum and Art Gallery, the Brighton Fishing Museum, or the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. Every type of traveler can find some free entertainment, and with the sea right outside your door, your vacation is off to a fantastic start.

Accommodations: For just £125, many of Brighton's hotels offer family rooms that can accommodate up to five people. Self-catering lodging facilities have cozy rooms and chalets with breathtaking sea views. Self-catering is the best option if you want to save money significantly because prices start at a manageable £29.

Food: Food lovers will adore Planet India if they enjoy a good curry. The starters cost a reasonable £2, and the warm dishes are only served for £4.50.

6. Belfast

Photo: Conde Nast Traveler
Photo: Conde Nast Traveler

After years of political unrest, Belfast is now a rising star and one of the UK's top tourist attractions.

Visits are quickly rewarded by friendly locals, outstanding restaurants and pubs, and top attractions like the eerie Crumlin Road Gaol and walking tours of Belfast's well-known murals.

The city has both a distinctive fusion of traditional and modern culture, as well as historic landmarks like Belfast Castle and Belfast City Hall.

Belfast, the birthplace of the Titanic, is now a vibrantly cultural city thanks to its industrial heritage.

Belfast is a gateway to Northern Ireland's rural retreats and offers all the vigor and energy of a British capital city.

Visit the Causeway Coast on a tour from the city to see where Game of Thrones was filmed.

From most British cities, you can take a flight to Belfast. The flight takes one hour and fifteen minutes from London.

Belfast, a vibrant cultural center on the eastern coast of northern Ireland, is a colorful, vibrant, and dynamic port city with a troubled past. You can learn about history, science, literature, and more in this vibrant city that is home to a variety of lively pubs, a diverse food scene, iconic buildings, upscale boutiques, and numerous museums. Each of the city's quarters has a unique story to tell, from the Titanic Museum's history of one of the most famous ships in history to the Ulster Museum's tales of the city's past. At the Crumlin Road Gaol Visitor Center, you can take a guided tour of the former prison, experience First World War maritime combat on board the HMS Caroline, or simply enjoy nature at the Belfast Zoological Gardens. Belfast offers a wide variety of memorable activities, which accounts for the city's rising popularity.

Belfast is where?

The capital of Northern Ireland is located in the east of the nation, with numerous connections by land, sea, and air. More than 70 international destinations are served by Belfast International Airport, which is located 18 miles northwest of Belfast and can be reached in about 30 minutes by car. The city and airport are connected by 300 Airport Express buses. The George Best Belfast City Airport, located about five miles from Belfast's center, offers international passengers a transfer option by offering flights to and from Amsterdam and other British destinations.

Ibis Belfast Queens Quarter offers rooms for two at a low price of £50. The three-star hotel is tastefully decorated with wooden floors and contemporary furniture and is only a short distance from the city's center.

Food: The ultimate fast food experience is probably Build a Burger. A burger can actually be built. There are four different bun options to start, followed by four different burger patties. Before you know it, there are hundreds of sauces and toppings available for you to choose from. It's a lot, if not quite that many. All of this and chips are available for £5. (If a sentence in this article breaks in the middle, you know where to find me.)

Accommodations: The charming John Hewitt Bar offers a delicious salmon salad among other options if you're looking for something a little healthier. John Hewitt is a success because it has all the amenities of a traditional pub, including solid dark wood, a polished bar, and friendly patrons who enjoy food and drink. The price of the food is in the £5–£8 range.

7. Cornwall

Photo: Hotels
Photo: Hotels

The 300 miles of coastline that make up Cornwall's gift are tied with a peninsula that falls into the magnificent Atlantic Ocean rather than your typical bow. Cornwall is well-known for surfing and other water sports because it has all the amenities of a thriving beach destination, including busy fishing harbours and crystal-clear waters.

Or, if you'd rather stay on solid ground, you should go to Heartland Amusement Park. Anywhere in the world, finding a free amusement park is pretty unlikely, especially one with slides, tunnels, and a shipwrecked boat. The Camel Trail, Falmouth Art Gallery, and Roskilly's Ice Cream Farm are also fantastic places to visit in Cornwall. And unrestricted.

Accommodations: Cottages are very popular and reasonably priced in Cornwall. One of Cornwall's top cottages is called Tideway. It's simple to see why when you consider that there are pubs, shops, and the beach nearby, as well as a garden and a pool to enjoy. Even though it is a little more expensive than other Cornwall cottages, the total cost is still only about £30 per person.

Food: I originally wanted to include Porthmeor Beach Cafe because I was drooling over their menu. Additionally, I gave a mental fist pump when I looked at their prices because they appear to be competitive as well. They love breakfast, and plates of scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, and freshly baked bread are frequently seen leaving the kitchen. They offer a wide variety of tapas as well as grilled fish, chips, and vegetables for lunch. Not bad given that each item costs less than £10.

Another well-known cafe in Wadebridge is called Relish. From homemade soup with bread to Thai fish cakes with Thai dipping sauce and salad, their menu items scream independent deli. They sound delectable.

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8. Manchester

Photo: PCMA
Photo: PCMA

Manchester, one of the most famous cities in the UK, is always bustling with activity and offers a variety of inexpensive things to do. It is the birthplace of well-known musicians like Oasis and Joy Division.

The Manchester Tart is a typical Mancunian dessert that consists of a shortcrust pastry shell filled with custard and raspberry jam, topped with desiccated coconut and a cherry. It doesn't really matter how traditional an ingredient desiccated coconut is to Manchester.

Eat a Manchester tart if you're ever in Manchester. Make sure to only consume Manchester Tarts that have been baked by Robinsons.

Since they have been a family-run craft bakery in Manchester for 152 years, it is safe to assume that they have mastered their signature tart by this point.

They have a regular stall in Piccadilly Gardens every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday throughout the year, with the exception of January, even though their base of operations is a little outside the city center in Failsworth.

You could also make the journey to the bakery; it's worthwhile to stop by. Each tart costs £1.80, or $5 for three. With your tenner, you could theoretically buy six of them, but I'm not saying you should. Delicious, too. And you should without a doubt.

Complete the Free Walking Tour.

We are promoting the amazing invention known as the Free Walking Tour as usual. The post-industrial era (when "Madchester" occurred) and the industrial era, which are both significant eras in Manchester's history, are covered in this fantastic history of Manchester.

While your guide regales you with tales and secrets from Manchester's colorful, musical, and intriguing past, you'll visit all the city's most well-known attractions as well as some of its less well-known oddities.

As is customary with these free tours, tip your guides nicely and only pay what you can afford.

Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 11 a.m., tours leave from the Alan Turing Memorial. Dress appropriately because they last three hours (including a coffee stop) and go regardless of the weather.

Head over to the John Ryland Library

One of Manchester's most well-liked, intriguing, and highly suggested attractions is the Jon Ryland Library.

You don't have to be a bookworm to enjoy this one; just the architecture is impressive and gives you the impression that you've just arrived at Hogwarts. but they also have a pretty amazing book collection.

Free admission is available, and you can even sign up for a free tour of the library. You can get afternoon tea at Café Rylands if you have ten pounds burning a hole in your pocket.

If you do that, for the princely sum of £8.50, you can enjoy an awesome attraction, a guided tour, and a delectable selection of cakes, scones, and sandwiches. Do it.

Warmon Park

Large and lovely Heaton Park is conveniently accessible from the city center (especially with one of those Metrolink tickets).

When it comes to parks, this one checks off all the boxes: lovely open spaces, large, mature trees everywhere, a lake with row boats for hire (£8.50 for up to four people, so it's within a tenner budget), an animal center, a beekeeping center, a tram museum, and much more.

If the sun is shining when you're in Manchester, you really couldn't ask for a more picturesque place to spend an afternoon. Even in poor weather, it's worth seeing.

9. Pembrokeshire

Photo: National Parks UK
Photo: National Parks UK

Why Pembrokeshire is the most popular coastal destination in Wales is easy to understand. It has the only coastal national park of its kind in the UK, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Now is the ideal time to visit Pembrokeshire because there are so many fantastic beaches there. A beach vacation within your budget? I'm in, please!

Accommodations: The cozy, three-star Springwell Inn is available for just £25 per night. In addition to offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner at its Welsh Cottage Pub, this bed and breakfast is situated directly across from Pendine Beach.

For even more affordable accommodations, Bunkers Self Catering is great for large groups. At £20 per person per night, it's clear why this is the go-to choice for those wild nights. It takes pride in its convenience for Hen and Stag Parties.

Food: One of Pembrokeshire's most well-liked cafes, The Sound Cafe, offers breakfasts starting at £1.50. Customers adore their fish cakes made in the style of Thailand and their linguine pasta with roasted vegetable sauce (one of my personal favorites).

10. Dorset

Photo: Hotels
Photo: Hotels

The charming region in the South West of England has a long history of human settlement, stretching from the Romans who subjugated the local Celtic tribes to the Saxons who built shires in the 7th century. Dorset is a place best enjoyed with a good camera, a sense of adventure, and a desire to learn more. Its 200 million year old shoreline has been designated a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, and its countryside has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Accommodations: The best way to save money is to book ahead of time. While a lot of people believe that making reservations in advance is ideal, sometimes taking a chance and making last-minute reservations pays off. Four-star hotels can be stayed in for as little as £20 if you can make your reservation quickly. In many cases, there is a requirement that you book at least four nights in advance, but for that price, I'd stay for a week.

Food: Town Mill Bakery not only produces tasty, freshly prepared food, but it also exudes a charming quality that sees the casual bordering the alternative. Today, it's fashionable to be uncomplicated and carefree, and this attitude is reflected in the menu of the restaurant. You can simply grab a breadboard and help yourself to toast, eggs, muesli, or pizza since they don't provide plates. Once this is finished, you can eat in a shed that was once a boatyard. Being hip has just gotten a whole lot more affordable at £5.75.

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