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What is National Anthem of Indonesia?

Indonesia Raya is the national anthem of Indonesia. The song was first introduced by the composer , Wage Rudolf Soepratman , on 28 October 1928 during the Youth Congress in Batavia or Jakarta.

This song marks the birth of the nationalism movement across Indonesia and then supported the idea of one “Indonesia” as successor to the Dutch East Indies , rather than divided into several colonies.

When did it become Indonesia’s national anthem?

Indonesia Raya was chosen as the national anthem when Indonesia proclaimed its independence on 17th of August , 1945 . Indonesia Raya was played at the flag ceremony. Indonesian flag was raised solemnly and the movement was arranged so that the flag reached the top of the flag pole when the song ended. This flag raising ceremony is then held every year on August 17 to commemorate Indonesia’s Independence Day . The ceremony is chaired by the President of Indonesia and held in Istana Merdeka (Merdeka Palace) annually.

Who is Wage Rudolf Soepratman?

As already mentioned above, Indonesia Raya was created by Wage Rudolf Soepratmatn. W.R Soepratman’s father who named Senen was a sergeant in Battalion VIII. Soepratman had a total of 6 siblings,with one brother and five sister. One of them was named Roekijem. In 1914, Soepratman joined Roekijem to Makassar. In Makassar he was educated and financed by Roekijem’s husband, Willem Van Eldik.

While living in Makassar, Soepratman got a music lesson from his brother-in-law Willem Van Eldik, then made him good at playing violin and also able to compose songs. While living in Jakarta, he once read an essay in Timbul magazine. The author of the article challenged Indonesian music experts to create the national anthem.

Soepratman felt much challenged, and then he started composing songs. In 1924 he successfully composed Indonesia Raya song, at that time he was in Bandung and at the age of 21 years.

In October 1928, a Youth Congress II was held in Jakarta. The Congress gave birth to the Youth Pledge which consisted of some promises from youth people to stay united as an Indonesian. On the night of the closing of the congress, on October 28, 1928, Soepratman played his instrumental song in front of the general participants.

He played only the instrument of the song with a violin at Soegondo’s suggestion regarding the conditions and circumstances of the time. It was at that time when Indonesia Raya’s first song was publicly performed. Everyone who attended the congress was amazed to hear it. Quickly the song became famous among national movements. If the political parties held a congress, then the song Indonesia Raya was always sung. The song is a manifestation of a unity sense and a strong will for Indonesia’s independence.

Song Description

Photo Facts of Indonesia
Photo Facts of Indonesia

From the composition of the lyrics, it is a 14-line sonnet or poem consisting of an octave (or two strong ones) and one sextet. The use of this form is seen as “ahead of the times” (avant garde), although the sonnet itself has been popular in Europe since the Renaissance era.

Apparently the use of the sonnet inspired because five years after it was echoed, the new artists began to use sonnet as a form of poetic expression.

The lyrics of Indonesia Raya are a series of shawls or traditional poetry, resembling the way of Master Walmiki when writing Ramayana epics. With the power of its lyrics, Indonesia Raya soon became a powerful to unity of the nation, and with increasingly prohibited by the Dutch, it became stronger and also became the encouragement and unite of Indonesian nation.

Indonesia National Anthem Lyrics in Indonesian

Indonesia, tanah airku

Tanah tumpah darahku

Di sanalah aku berdiri

Jadi pandu ibuku

Indonesia, kebangsaanku

Bangsa dan tanah airku

Marilah kita berseru

Indonesia bersatu!

Hiduplah tanahku, hiduplah negeriku

Bangsaku, rakyatku, semuanya

Bangunlah jiwanya, bangunlah badannya

Untuk Indonesia Raya

Indonesia Raya, merdeka! Merdeka!

Tanahku, negeriku yang kucinta

Indonesia Raya, merdeka! Merdeka!

Hiduplah Indonesia Raya!

Indonesia, tanah yang mulia

Tanah kita yang kaya

Di sanalah aku berdiri

Untuk selama-lamanya

Indonesia, tanah pusaka

Pusaka kita semuanya

Marilah kita mendoa

“Indonesia bahagia!”

Suburlah tanahnya, suburlah jiwanya

Bangsanya, rakyatnya, semuanya

Sadarlah hatinya, sadarlah budinya

Untuk Indonesia Raya

Indonesia Raya…

Indonesia, tanah yang suci

Tanah kita yang sakti

Di sanalah aku berdiri

Menjaga ibu sejati

Indonesia, tanah berseri

Tanah yang aku sayangi

Marilah kita berjanji

“Indonesia abadi!”

Selamatlah rakyatnya, selamatlah putranya

Pulaunya, lautnya, semuanya

Majulah negerinya, majulah pandunya

Untuk Indonesia Raya

Indonesia Raya…

Indonesia National Anthem Lyrics in English Version

Indonesia, cherished land!

‘Tis for thee we shed our blood,

On guard for thee we stand,

In thee we put our trust

Indonesians, our people!

Each other we do uphold,

In declaration wholesale:

To each other be true!

Let her valiant people and her pure lands,

Let her mighty peaks and prodigious sands,

In body, in spirit, let them all arise,

For Indonesia the Great!

Indonesia the Great, be free! Be free!

These isles of ours beloved dearly!

Indonesia the Great, be free! Be free!

For Indonesia the Great!

Indonesia, land sublime,

Fore’er bountiful and free,

Where our roots we shall plant,

For millenia to stand

Indonesia, land of inher’tance,

Entrusted to us all,

For one thing we do ask,

Strengthened be our esperance!

Fertile are her fields, holy her soul

From Sabang to Merauke, hear the call!

With hearts awakened, with goodwill served,

For Indonesia the Great!

Indonesia the Great…

Indonesia, land so pure,

A land mighty with resolve,

To thee we pledge allegiance,

Our sole unending love

Indonesia, resplendent land,

Patriot love in us command,

Foremost in our hearts and minds,

Indonesia, fore’er to stand!

May her people, her land, may her peaks and her sands,

From sea to seas, in peace be,

May they all then advance, may they all then commence,

For Indonesia the Great!

Indonesia the Great…

National symbols of Indonesia

National Coat Of Arms Of Indonesia

Photo wiki
Photo wiki

Called Garuda Pancasila, the national emblem of Indonesia is composed of a Garuda (large mythical bird) and heraldic shield. The five sections of the shield represent the five Pancasila principles of Indonesia's national philosophy, and the scroll in the Garuda's talons bears the national motto, "Bhinneka tunggal ika." ('Unity in diversity'). Garuda (mythical eagle) is used on the arms to invoke the pre-colonial Hindu Kingdom that dominated the island. The bird symbolizes power and strength while its gold color symbolizes glory and greatness. The feather on Garuda are arranged in a way that they invoke Indonesian independence day (August 17, 1945)

17 feathers on each wing

8 feathers on the tail

19 feathers below the shield

45 feathers on the neck

National Flag

The national flag of Indonesia has a simple design with a height to width ratio of 2:3. It is a bicolor of two horizontal equl bands of red (top) iand white. The flag was first adopted and hoisted for the first time on August 17, 1945, following the reaing of Indonesian Declaration of Independence, and officially adopted in 1950. The day marked the beginning of the diplomatic and armed resistance of the Indonesian National Revolution against the Dutch colonial rule. It finally led to independence in 1949. Indonesia’s flag is graphically identical to the national flag of Monaco. The only difference between the two flags is in the ratio of the dimensions. Poland’s flag is also is similar in appearance but has the colors in the reverse direction with white on top and red on the bottom.

Photo wiki
Photo wiki

There are varied opinions as to the symbolic meanings of the red and white colors used in Indonesia’s flag. According to some, the colors are derived from the Majapahit Empire’s banner. It was a thalassocracy based on the Indonesian island of Java and ruled in the region from 1293 to 1500. Thus, the red stripe represents the body, while the white stripe represents the soul. However, records of the existence of the red and white pataka (an elongated flag hoisted on a bamboo pole) exist even prior to the rule of the Majapahit Empire. According to others, the red and white colors of the Indonesian flag symbolize Mother Earth and Father Sky, respectively, as per the Austronesian mythology. The second belief is more widespread in the Austronesian region and many flags used in the region have these colors.

National motto

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika is the official national motto of Indonesia. The phrase is Old Javanese translated as "Unity in Diversity,".

It is inscribed in the Indonesian national symbol, Garuda Pancasila (written on the scroll gripped by the Garuda's claws), and is mentioned specifically in article 36A of the Constitution of Indonesia.

It is a quotation from an Old Javanese poem Kakawin Sutasoma, written by Mpu Tantular during the reign of the Majapahit empire sometime in the 14th century. Kakawin contains epic poems written in metres. This poem is notable as it promotes tolerance between Hindus (Shivaites) and Buddhists.

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