10 Crazy Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia
Photo: Wira Water Sports Bali

A lot of tourists love coming to Indonesia because of how beautiful and diverse this country is. Besides, Indonesia is also known for its bizarre oddities that people should check it out.

1. Walk on the seabed

Having fun ping and snorkelling in Bali’s best sites? What about taking your marine adventure to another level with sea-walking? That’s right, tourists can casually stroll on the bottom of the ocean and feast their eyes on what’s down there—which could be tropical fish, colorful corals, or other types of marine biopersity. Breath in and breath out seamlessly with Club Aqua’s special Seawalker helmet without the hassle of carrying a oxygen tank around, allowing you to truly focus on enjoying the underwater experience.

2. Party with Frankenstein

Who would’ve thought that Frankenstein would make a super-fun partying companion? Tourists can enjoy a horror-themed dining experience in Frankenstein’s Laboratory, topped with a cabaret show, live music, and dancing with the dead. Also featuring zombies, vampires, and all kinds of monsters in the house. The adult session in the evenings is definitely a highlight, with fun games and endless dancing.

3. Swim with sharks

10 Crazy Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia
Photo: Whats New Indonesia

You’ve seen them before, swimming inside a big aquarium, or roaming freely in the ocean. You’ve kept a distance, you adore them from afar. But while in Bali, tourists can get up close and personal with sharks. Bali Sharks offers just that as a part of their elaborate conservation program. Tourists can learn about sharks, feed them, and swim with their young.

4. Play mud games

10 Crazy Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia
Photo: Dreamstime

Balinese embrace their agricultural life in the most amusing way. After toiling in the paddy fields, local people enjoy mud wrestling in vacant grounds. Now, tourists can experience the same spirit through fun games like tug-of-war and frog-catching. More daring and adventurous tourists can always opt for the original Mepantigan, the art of traditional mud wrestling.

5. Visit the dead

10 Crazy Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia
Photo: South China Morning Post
Daring tourists can shift their sights from idyllic beaches to a native burial ground on the highlands of Bali. The people of Trunyan prefer to keep their deceased close, up on the ground, and relatively intact. Bodies of the deceased are laid around a big ancient tree and left to decompose, presenting an eerie but fascinating sight for those who dare to visit. Interestingly the burial ground doesn’t have the odour people would expect from a place with decomposing bodies.

6. Visit abandoned places

10 Crazy Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia
Photo: Atlas Obscura

While there are many luxurious, well-maintained spots throughout the island, Bali’s abandoned places guarantee tourists an intriguing experience. Bali has not one but two mysteriously abandoned airplanes, just lying on the ground for no apparent reason. The two sites, one in South Kuta and one in Kuta Village, have easily attracted people’s curiosity and become visitor attractions themselves. Another popular abandoned place is the deserted Taman Festival amusement park in Sanur.

7. Sambal Challenge

10 Crazy Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia
Photo: Internet

Sambal or chili in Indonesia is the pulse of Indonesian eating attitude. Indonesians do not eat without sambals, but you may find it too spicy and may suffer from a stomach ache after eating it, but that’s the challenge. Try to eat spicy food like sambals and see if you can bear the spice. You will feel literally hot and will sweat a lot!

8. Hot spring Challenge

10 Crazy Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia
Photo: Whats New Indonesia

In Central Java, there is the Slamet Mountain which lays marvelous 7 hot springs that pour hundreds of cubic water every second. The challenge will be to find the hidden hot springs and to take a bath right under it. Having your body poured in hundreds of cubic of water is something different! No fun if you do not fall asleep under it. Why? Do it and you’ll find out.

9. Climb the tallest and biggest mountain in Java

10 Crazy Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia
Climbing the highest moutain in Java would be an interesting experience (Photo: TourfromBali)

This challenge is not for everyone since only some people may have the ability to climb mountain and be ready for it, but if you want to travel to Indonesia and enjoy the beauty nature of Java, you should climb the biggest mountain in Java, Mt. Slamet and the highest mountain in Java which is Mt. Merapi. Both are still active and erupted sometimes within a year, but you can always check the time when it is allowed to climb them.

Still there are many crazy things that you can see, taste, and experience in the land of thousands of islands, but at least try those 5 before you try anything else.

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