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The International Children's Day is for children, and as suggested by its name. As children are the future of mankind, the event sends adults a reminder about taking better care and protection towards their beloved kids.

Also, this day specially marks the start of summer vacation—the occasion when children truly enjoy as they are free from school and homework.

What is International Children's Day?

Some nations observe June 1 as a public holiday in honor of International Children's Day.

The first "World Conference for the Wellbeing of Children" was held in Geneva, Switzerland in 1925, which is when this holiday first came into existence.

Following the conference, some governments declared a day as Children's Day to raise awareness of children's issues. Since no particular date was suggested, nations used the one that most closely reflected their respective cultures.

Many former Soviet states use June 1 because it is "The International Day for Protection of Children," which was established on that day in 1950 as a result of the 1949 Moscow congress of the Women's International Democratic Federation.

With the establishment of World Children's Day, UN member states acknowledged that all children, regardless of race, color, sex, religion, or national or social origin, have the right to care, love, understanding, enough food, medical care, free education, protection from all forms of exploitation, and the opportunity to grow up in an atmosphere of global peace and brotherhood.

International Children's Day - Universal Children’s Day and which day is right?

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When you click on the Google Doodle itself, you will see that it says Children's Day is on June 1. This shows that there is some confusion regarding the day Children's Day is officially observed. Since the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1959, November 20 is recognized as International Children's Day.

Every year on June 1, people around the world observe International Children's Day, which is distinct from Universal Children's Day. Even though it is widely observed, not all nations recognize June 1 as Children's Day.

Children's Day is typically observed in the US on the second Sunday in June. The custom was first observed in 1856 at a special service for kids led by Reverend Dr. Charles Leonard, pastor of the Universalist Church of the Redeemer in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Several religious groups have declared or advocated for holding an annual celebration for kids over the years, but no official action has been taken. Although former presidents have occasionally declared a National Child's Day or National Children's Day, there is no official National Children's Day holiday celebrated annually in the United States.

The International Day for the Protection of Children, which is also observed on June 1, has contributed to June 1's elevation as the day set aside around the world to honor children. In order to safeguard children's rights, put an end to child labor, and ensure access to education, the International Day for the Protection of Children was officially established in 1954.

According to the UN, the purpose of Universal Children's Day is to advance child welfare and promote global awareness among children.

Canada, New Zealand, and the UK all observe World Children's Day, which is observed on November 20 and recognized by the UN.

Both Australia and India observe this day on November 14; Australia celebrates it on the fourth Wednesday of October.

The first Sunday in June is National Child's Day in the US, which does not observe Universal Children's Day. Children's Day is observed nationwide in the UK on May 14 in order to allow kids to spend the holiday outside during the summer.

Even though Google is clearly celebrating today as Children’s Day and adhering to the UN international standard when you click on the Doodle it appears that Children’s Day is on June 1.

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Photo: radionigeriaibadan

What else is celebrated on June 1?

Since 2013, at the initiative of the UN, another family holiday is celebrated on this day - world Parents’ Day.

Since 2001 (as proposed by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations), World Milk Day has also been celebrated.

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