National Pancake Day. Photo: KnowInsiders
National Pancake Day. Photo: KnowInsiders

September 26 is National Pancake Day, a day to celebrate one of our favorite breakfast foods. The love of pancakes is so universal that #NationalPancakeDay is trending on Twitter.

Also known as Johnnycakes, griddle cakes, or hotcakes, this batter-made breakfast item dates back more than 30,000 years. In fact, it may be the oldest breakfast food in history.

What is National Pancake Day?

This is a day to eat pancakes, whether for breakfast or dinner! In fact, pancakes can be served any time and with any toppings, ranging from syrups to sweet jams. Pancakes are also known as hotcakes or flapjacks.

National Pancake Day History

Photo: Runner's World
Photo: Runner's World

Actually there are two National Pancake Days. First, IHOP states on its web site that it began National Pancake Day in 2006. The date changes each year. In 2017 it was on March 7. It has not listed a date yet for 2018. On that day, you get a free short stack of our its Original Buttermilk Pancakes! IHOP asks you to make a donation to charity, and raises millions each year.

Others also claim to have started National Pancake day, which is to be celebrated on September 26. That day was first referred to as Lumberjack Day in 2005, but its creators changed the name to National Pancake Day to honor eating pancakes.

When is the National Pancake Day?

National Pancake Day occurs twice a year, and the National Pancake Day on September 26th is actually the second iteration of the holiday.

Of course, IHOP’s National Pancake Day is more than just an excuse to fill up on the floury treats—IHOP also partners with a number of charities that help children battling critical illness, with donations on the day going straight to the charity of your choice.

Why do we love National Pancake Day?

Photo: Wordpress
Photo: Wordpress

There are many different types of pancakes

With so much variety in the pancake world, there are endless ways to enjoy these flavorful flapjacks. Some are thin and some are fluffy. Some are made with fruit and some are made with vegetables. Some are sweet and some are savory. Every country or region seems to have their own take on pancakes and they are loved in every culture. With so many varieties, there are endless options to keep breakfast (or any meal) new, delicious, and exciting!

Pancakes are versatile

While pancakes are generally seen as a breakfast food, they don’t have to be! Pancakes are great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! Breakfast for dinner is always a delicious idea, but you can have them any time of day! Indulge with pancakes for dessert with fruit, chocolate, whipped cream, and more! There’s no limit to when and how you can enjoy your pancakes and that’s one thing we love about them!

They make us happy

There’s no denying that pancakes are a comforting food that make us feel good. We enjoy them as children and adults and they are a beloved staple in many culture. The smell of them alone can make us feel content, reminding us of lazy Saturday mornings waking up to a pancake breakfast and a hug from mom. It’s a happy food, and happy food makes for happy tummies!

How to Celebrate National Pancake Day

Photo: National Today
Photo: National Today

Get cookin’!

It may seem obvious but there's no better way to celebrate National Pancake Day than to whip up some pancakes (and lots of 'em). You can make fluffy pancakes, crepes, sweet or savory flapjacks, or try a new recipe. You can make them with your friends or your kids. No matter what pancakes you choose to make, have fun and enjoy a large stack of them!

Pancakes for dinner!

If you’ve never had breakfast for dinner, specifically pancakes, you are missing out! Celebrate National Pancake day by whipping some up for your evening meal. Typical sweet pancakes are great for dinner when paired with bacon, sausage, and eggs, but savory pancakes are great for an evening meal too! Get creative and make the perfect pancake dinner!

Make pancake art

Pancake art has become a trendy lately with creative minds like Nathan Shields posting their fun flapjacks on YouTube. It may take a few tries, but you can make cool pancake art too! There are tutorials online on how to get it just right, but it involves adding batter to the pan at different places and at different times (thus the color difference throughout). You can divide up your batter and add food coloring to each to make your pancake art colorful if you like! Oh, and don’t forget to make your pancake art in mirror image so when you flip it over it’s facing the correct way. It may sound a little tricky but it’s so much fun!

Invite your friends for a get-together

Invite your friend’s over to your place and celebrate together by sharing each other’s homemade pancakes. Or you can to the nearby market or stall that sells readymade pancakes. It will become an occasion for getting together, laughter, and belly satisfaction for sure if not much!

Take a vacation and visit countries that make Pancakes:

You will be able to kill two birds with a single stone! One of your minds will get a break from your busy life for visiting an exotic place and all in all you will be told how pancakes from other countries are different from yours!

Gift pancakes to Loved Ones:

Give pancakes as a gift to your loved ones. This will make them feel valued and it can become a lifelong tradition if you all decide to continue!

National Pancake Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages

Photo: UKNow
Photo: UKNow

“Someone who eats pancakes and jam can’t be so awfully dangerous. You can talk to him.” ― Tove Jansson

“Maybe love was a woman feeding him pancakes. Maybe it was someone sitting across from him sipping orange juice just to please him.” ― Christine Feehan

“Take your hallowed halls of Congress or the littered floor of the Stock Exchange, America is built on its pancake houses!” ― Michael Paterniti

-Pancakes don’t drive the world as we know it. Hotcakes are what make the ride beneficial.

-All you need is pancakes. Hotcakes are also all you need.

-Frying pancakes, hotcakes, hotcakes, and pancakes: for what reason are there four names for flame-broiled players and just a single word for adoration?

– Wake, fresh, and eat pancakes because it is something that you can eat without any reason, something that is even easy to cook.

-Pancakes are one of the tastiest and most nutritious food items. So eat it without any tension.

-Regardless of how level you make your pancakes, it has different sides.

-There is no solution for hotcakes except for pancake more.

Research Shows Pancakes Might Have Been Eaten 30,000 Years Ago

According to National Geographic, there’s evidence that our ancestors are pancakes 30,000 years ago. Researchers found starch grains on Stone Age grinding tools that suggests cooks made flour out of cattails and ferns. Cooks likely mixed this with water and baked it on a rock. The result would have been a flat cake, similar to today’s crepe, but it was still similar to a pancake.

National Geographic notes that the remains of Otzi the Iceman, who took died 5,300 years ago, included evidence of something like pancakes in his diet. His stomach contents included “ground einkorn wheat” and bits of charcoal that hints he might have eaten an early form of pancake.

Pancakes remained popular throughout Ancient Rome and Greece. Of course, when Europeans reached North America, they took pancakes with them. During the Elizabethan era, pancakes were eaten on Shrove Tuesday, a feast before the start of Lent.

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