What is Astrology? Principles and Practice of Astrology
What is Astrology

The following article will fully explain information about this ancient discipline of astrology, which still contains many mysteries. Find out with us!

What is astrology?

Astrology is a system of divination based on the operation of the universe and planets around the Earth. Based on this operation, the ancient people created the "star map". The "star map" is a form similar to the "horoscope" of the Eastern people.

Considered as a discipline, astrology has the ability to predict destiny for individuals, nations, nations, even subjective events such as natural disasters, epidemics, and weather. It all depends on the movement and change of the constellations.

Astrology is a discipline containing a system of horoscopes, the English name is called horoscope. Based on the position of the Sun, Moon and other celestial bodies at the time of birth, astrology will explain their personality and predict their destiny. Famous astrologers around the world rely on this system to make predictions about future destiny.

The star map is formed from the moment a person is born, similar to DNA or fingerprints. It's easy to imagine like this, the moment you were born, someone took a picture of the stars in the sky, and that was the star chart of your life.

What is Astrology? Principles and Practice of Astrology
What is astrology and related information about astrology

Personal Star Map

What is a Star Map?

As explained above, the star chart shows the positions of stars and planets at the time of human birth. Besides, the star map also owns a special point. This point is determined by the place where the person was born.

Simply put, the chart shows the forms of energy that we were given by the universe on the day we were born. These energies will combine to determine the character, fate and destiny of each person's life.

The star map includes planets around the Earth such as: Moon, Sun, Mercury, Mars... Earth is influenced by which planet is most affected, then that planet will play an important role in the map. stars for each individual.

How to Create a Personal Star Map

The chart is considered an essential and indispensable tool for those who are new to astrology. Once the astrological chronology has been memorized, the learner may no longer need the chart.

What is Astrology? Principles and Practice of Astrology
What is a personal star map

Meaning of planets in astrology

♦ The Sun: Symbolizes the true nature of man

♦ Moon: Expressing inner thoughts that not everyone can see

♦ (AC): Shows the appearance as well as the personality that a person shows on the outside

♦ MC: The way that people show in their work, in their career

→ Venus: Is how people express their feelings

→ Jupiter: Is the way we treat people around us and the blessings we will receive when we live well

→ Mercury: How we communicate with people and how we use money

→ Mars: Are the ambitions and aspirations that people try to take actions to achieve them

→ Saturn: Are your weaknesses

Besides, in the universe there are some other constellations such as Neptune, Uranus or Pluto ..., they often have a rotation period in a generation of 10 years.

The relationship between the human body and the 12 zodiac signs

According to ancient astrology, planets have the ability to influence the human body. However, not only the planets but the 12 zodiac signs can also have this function. The 12 zodiac signs are linked to people through body parts:


Pisces is associated with the feet and toes. Feet play the main role, supporting the entire weight of the body.

Besides, the sensitivity of Pisces is a magnet for toxic energies. These toxic energies can come as fat or lymph. Therefore, this zodiac sign is often vulnerable to damage to the soles of the feet as well as the lymphatic system, which weakens the immune system.


With a rather eccentric personality and great intelligence, Aquarius has a close connection with the circulatory system, calves, legs, especially the ankles.

The ankle connects the upper body to the foot. This is a metaphor for Aquarius when living on the ground with many flying thoughts.

Aquarius often suffers from circulatory or ankle problems.


As an ambitious and ambitious person, Capricorn always tries to do everything to be able to fulfill their dreams. It is this personality that makes Capricorn have a connection with teeth, joints, and the supporting bone system.

Have beautiful teeth and strong bones. However, this zodiac sign is often prone to bone diseases such as calcification, aging ... or dental diseases such as misaligned teeth or tooth decay ...


An extrovert who loves parties and freedom, Sagittarius is associated with the thighs and sciatic nerve. In addition, the liver is also associated with Sagittarius because this zodiac sign has a dynamic personality and good regenerative ability.

Despite having strong thighs, Sagittarius often has problems with their thighs, sciatic system and liver.


Possessing a strong sexual instinct, Scorpio is connected to the reproductive system and the excretory system.

Scorpios are often prone to diseases related to the excretory, urethral system and sexual tract.


As the zodiac sign of balance and harmony, Libra maintains balance in the body with the following roles: the kidneys balance homeostasis, the soul keeps the focus, and the skin regulates temperature.

Libra often suffers from kidney, hip and lower back problems.


As a strongly intuitive zodiac sign, Virgo is closely related to the digestive system, spleen, and nervous system. This may explain why Virgo is a symbol of words and wisdom.

The diseases that Virgo are prone to are digestive disorders, indigestion ...


As a strong person, Leo possesses a strong spine system and a healthy heart. These two parts are the pillars that support the body, helping the Lion to confidently control his own life.

However, the diseases that Leo often encounters are also related to these parts, which can be mentioned as heart attack, injury or curvature of the spine.


As the zodiac sign of motherhood, sacred family, Cancer has a connection with the chest. Cancer often suffers from digestive and chest diseases such as indigestion, lymphoma in the chest or breast cancer (for women).


With the twin symbol, Gemini is associated with paired organs such as hands, feet, lungs or nervous system.

As a zodiac sign that often falls into anxiety and restlessness, Gemini often encounters accidents related to the hand and respiratory system.


With a natural talent for the arts, Taurus is associated with the larynx and neck region. People of this sign possess a beautiful voice with a longer and larger neck.

Taurus is prone to diseases of the larynx and throat, such as pharyngitis.


As the leader of the 12 zodiac signs, Aries is associated with the head, brain and face.

This zodiac sign often suffers from headaches, eye damage or sinusitis.


The above is extremely useful information about astrology. Hope has brought new and interesting knowledge to everyone. Stay tuned and stay tuned for the next news!

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