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How Man Utd Beat Man City
How Man Utd Beat Man City

Once again, the Red Devils must find a solution to the problem of blocking Erling Haaland - the most dangerous spearhead of Man City in the second leg Manchester derby in the 2022/23 Premier League.

In the match between the two teams in the first leg at Etihad Stadium in October last year, Manchester United lost to Man City 3-6. It was a game in which coach Erik ten Hag's men played badly, especially in defense when they could not stop Haaland and Phil Foden, despite the duo easily scoring a hat-trick each. .

It should be remembered that at that time, Man United was also full of confidence with 5 victories in the last 6 matches, including an impressive 3-1 victory over Arsenal. However, the Red Devils quickly collapsed in front of Man City's powerful and aggressive pre-emptive kick. As a result, just in the first half, Man United had to go into the net to pick up the ball 4 times, making the team's motivation almost completely disappear.

The same thing is happening at this stage, when Man United is possessing high confidence after a circuit of 8 victories in all competitions, including 4 consecutive victories in the English Premier League. However, the prerequisite for Man United to get a positive result against Man City at Old Trafford is spirit. The Red Devils need to put aside their fear after many painful defeats against opponents. In the first leg, Ten Hag's army gave up quite early, giving almost no positive reaction until Anthony Martial entered the field and scored 2 goals in the last minutes.

In the past matches, it is easy to see that Man United has played with high spirit, will and determination. Every link of the Red Devils competes with fire and blood, especially extremely cohesive. All create a strong collective instead of just focusing on a specific individual like the case of Cristiano Ronaldo before. That's what Coach Ten Hag is trying to build for Man United, and hopefully that synergy will be shown by the club in a heroic display with Man City.

Tactically, stopping Erling Haaland is definitely a priority for United. The Norwegian striker made MU's defense miserable in the first leg with situations of running, cutting and finishing nothing to stop, and this should be avoided. The good news for Man United is that midfielder Lisandro Martinez is completely healthy after playing the full 90 minutes against Charlton in the League Cup. The World Cup champion has played well with Raphael Varane in the heart of MU's defence, so his presence will certainly bring peace of mind to David De Gea's goal.

However, it should be emphasized that Man City is not only Haaland. The Citizens own many other stars who know how to shine, from Foden, Kevin de Bruyne to Riyad Mahrez. Therefore, the success or failure in this match lies in whether the Red Devils can break Man City's play or not. The responsibility placed on Casemiro's shoulders is relatively heavy because if the Green Man freely rotates the ball in the middle, Man United will not be able to stand. Breaking the game and sealing the gaps is what the Red Devils need to do in 90 minutes at Old Trafford.

In the opposite direction, Man United will rely on situations of rapid state transition to find opportunities for themselves. Casemiro's long passes, Christian Eriksen's assists or Bruno Fernandes' daring tackles can make all the difference. Do not forget that MU currently owns a Marcus Rashford in high form, and the English striker is one of the great hopes of the team.

Man City is very strong and more appreciated, but Man United with what has shown in the past time will not be easily subdued. As mentioned, success or failure in the competition lies largely in the spirit of Man United. If Ten Hag's teachers and students enter the match with confidence and fearless will, they can completely sow sorrow for a troubled Man City. Otherwise, the old scenario may repeat itself.

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