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Container plants are a great way to bring some of the outdoors inside, whether your balcony is on the ground floor or the twentieth floor! Planting fragrant flowers in window boxes or containers is a great way to increase the enjoyment of your balcony and attract beneficial insects like butterflies and hummingbirds. And there's no regulation against cultivating food, either. If you're short on room, why not try growing some herbs or small vegetables?

Consider the sun exposure of your balcony at various times of day before making any plant purchases. Six or more hours of direct sunlight is considered full sun, while three to five hours is considered part sun. There may also be fully shaded balconies available. If you want to know if a plant will survive in your home's lighting, read its label or description.

Remember to water plants on a regular basis even if your balcony is shaded by an overhang. Keep in mind that terra cotta and coco fiber pots and other porous containers will dry out rapidly as water evaporates. Less porous containers, like those made of plastic or metal, take longer to dry out. Feel the soil with your finger before watering; if it's too wet, wait a while longer. Give your plant a drink if the soil is dry and pulling away from the sides of the pot.

Top 15 Most Beautiful Flowers For Balcony Garden


Photo Gardening Soul
Photo Gardening Soul

Because of their tall flower stalks, geraniums are among the most attractive plants. In contrast to the other fragrant houseplants on this list, this one has scented foliage.

Scented geraniums require a sunny location free of drafts. Consistently provide water and feed with a multipurpose plant food.

2. Impatiens

Photo Gardening Soul
Photo Gardening Soul

The impatiens is a type of flower that thrives in partial shade. Therefore, impatiens are ideal for your balcony if it receives partial shade. You can't completely protect it from sunlight, though. In order to bloom, it requires direct sunlight. This flower will produce a beautiful landscape if planted in soil that is both moist and well-drained.


Photo Getty
Photo Getty

Sunny balconies beg for potted lavender! These perennials bloom for a long time and offer a wonderful perfume that will transport you to the Mediterranean. Lavender needs full sun.

Advice for Beginning a Balcony Flower Garden

-Begin Small

Don't immediately overcrowd your balcony with plants if you just got started. Please be patient. Start off by growing 3 to 5 plants at once. Add more once you've developed a green thumb; otherwise, you'll become overburdened.

-Select the Best Plants

Buy a few annuals and a few perennials at first. You should start by experimenting with perennials that are native to your area and best suited to your climate. Despite the fact that it needs upkeep, roses are a perennial favorite; think about including one.

Annuals can be grown fairly easily. They have a shorter lifespan than perennials and produce a lot of blooms. You can select them based on the season, start with the most well-liked options, and experiment.

-Avoid Starting Annuals from Seeds

Unusual counsel? Okay, no! First of all, it takes time and effort to grow plants from seeds. Second, growing plants (annuals) from seeds requires patience; if the seeds were not started at the appropriate time, they may not start to bloom until the very end of the growing season.

Therefore, especially if you're a beginner, it is better to purchase potted plants for a small space like a balcony. You can begin growing plants from seeds once you have gained some knowledge.

Growing Together

Do not grow all of your flowering plants, particularly annuals, by yourself. Make interesting combinations to keep things interesting! Combining flowering species and colorful foliage plants is the best place to start if you want to give the area more drama.


Make one of the containers that adheres to the Thriller Spiller Filler concept for a balcony flower garden. Succulents, foliage plants, and ornamental grasses are additional plant options besides flowers that have comparable growing requirements.

4. Dianthus

Photo Gardening Soul
Photo Gardening Soul

Dianthus comes in more than 300 different varieties, including Sweet William, pinks, and carnations. The majority of dianthus species have pink, red, or white flowers with notched petals, and many varieties of this genus have flowers with a fragrant, spicy scent resembling that of cinnamon or clove.

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5. Zinnia

Photo Gardening Soul
Photo Gardening Soul

Zinnias thrive in warm weather and are dependable summer bloomers, covering the garden with vibrant, long-lasting flowers.

Small, single-flowered daisy-type zinnias and large, pom-pom varieties are both options, as well as everything in between.

hybrid varieties Profusion Zinnias are a fantastic option because they continue to bloom into the fall. The dwarf varieties work well as borders and bedding plants. These annuals should be grown in a sunny area. Although they benefit from routine watering and feeding, they thrive in hot weather.

6. Sweet Alyssum

Photo Getty
Photo Getty

You're missing out if you've never planted this adorable annual. Sweet alyssum blooms from spring until frost and has small, sweet-smelling flowers. In addition, pollinators adore it. Keep it watered and allow it to cascade down the sides of planters or hanging baskets. It can tolerate some shade but needs the sun.

7. Petunia

Photo Lamela
Photo Lamela

The longest flowering season among annual plants is that of petunias, which bloom from mid-spring to late fall.

Once all threat of frost has passed, plant them in sunny, well-draining beds, or raise them in containers. They work great for hanging planters. Feed and water them frequently to keep them content.

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8. Lobelia

Photo Ali Express
Photo Ali Express

Another lovely flower for your balcony is this one. Although it also comes in white and pink, lobelia is typically blue. This eye-catching plant is not only simple to grow, but also requires little upkeep. Although it can also thrive in some shade, this plant prefers warmth and sunlight.

9. Fuchsia

Photo Gardening Soul
Photo Gardening Soul

Fuchsia is a shrub that bears stunning, eye-catching bell-shaped flowers. The plant is simple to maintain and has a vibrant color. Hardiness zones six through eleven are suitable for growing it, and well-draining soil and partial sunlight are ideal conditions. The full sun will not be good for this plant.

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10. Caladium

Photo Getty
Photo Getty

The striking heart-shaped leaves and eye-catching lime green, hot pink, and red markings of the caladium are the reasons it is grown. Caladiums can grow to be between 10 inches and 2 feet tall, so it's important to read the label before giving it a pot that will allow it to spread out. To shade, it requires partial shade.

11. Begonia

Photo Gardening Soul
Photo Gardening Soul

One of the most intriguing flowers for a balcony garden is this one. Begonia has lush, heart-shaped foliage that is attractive even when not in bloom. Begonias are available in a variety of hues, including red, pink, orange, white, and golden. This sweet flower can withstand both cold and heat. However, it is very particular about the soil it grows in and requires fertile ground.

12. Lobelia

Photo Getty
Photo Getty

Low-growing lobelia in shades of blue, purple, or white look stunning cascading from baskets and containers. Prior to the nighttime temperatures becoming too warm, it blooms best. Trim the plant back if it stops blooming, and it will grow back when the weather turns cooler. Although it can survive in mostly shade, lobelia prefers morning sun and afternoon shade.

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13. Chrysanthemum

Photo Sunny Gardener
Photo Sunny Gardener

Mums, also known as chrysanthemums, are one of gardeners' most popular flowers because they are not only simple to grow but also incredibly picturesque and lovely. Anywhere, in any climate, can be used to grow this hardy plant. Mums need high-quality soil, exposure to the sun, and routine watering.

14. Pansy

Photo Gardening Soul
Photo Gardening Soul

Because they are so simple to care for, pansies are a garden favorite and are highly advised for novice gardeners.

Purchase these colorful and lovely flowers as bedding plants and plant them right into the ground to make their maintenance even simpler. After that, they only need the bare minimum of care to thrive.

15. Mandevilla

Photo Getty
Photo Getty

This climber from the tropics enjoys the heat! It has pink and red hues and requires a trellis to grow upright. You can bring it indoors in colder climates, but with less light, it tends to shed its leaves. Mandevilla prefers the sun, but in warm climates, it should be protected from the hot afternoon sun.

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