Photo: Country Living Magazine
Photo: Country Living Magazine

Do you have the ability to cultivate plants, vegetables, and flowers to their full potential? Do you have to put in very little effort to get your roses to blossom, your lawn to become a lush, verdant color, and your trees to develop rapidly? You might have what is known as a green thumb since everything that you touch seems to thrive. Everything that you touch seems to thrive.

Check out Top 5 Zodiac Signs who do the best gardening below (ranked by Astrology):


Springtime is when Taurus roots down or goes deeper. You place a premium on pragmatism and you appreciate regularity and predictability. Carrots, beets, potatoes, and turnips are your favorite vegetables to grow and tend to thrive in your garden. Your enhanced sense of taste and touch leads you to favor traditional dishes over trendy ones.

Potatoes in any form (chips, fries, baked, or mashed) could be part of the dinner menu. You are always eager to remove your shoes and enjoy the sensation of bare skin. Since Taurus values tradition, your gardens have heirloom kinds of plants that bloom in a wide range of colors.

Photo: Plant Collective
Photo: Plant Collective

The Perfect Houseplant for Taurus: The ideal complement for Venus-dominated Taurus is the philodendron with the most heart-shaped leaves. Plants with heart-shaped leaves are an excellent match for Taurus because Venus, the sign's ruling planet, is associated with love and beauty. Finding a position with low to bright light and watering when the soil is dry to the touch are all that's required for success. Given enough time and attention, it may transform your home into a verdant forest with trailing tendrils as high as 8 feet.


Summer ends with Virgo. The season's peak temperature is waning, and a transition appears to be on the horizon. You are a hard worker at heart who appreciates things that stand the test of time, just as this sign signifies the harvest. Popular crops include potatoes, corn, and a wide range of winter squashes.

Since you are such a dedicated organizer, we anticipate finding your vegetable gardens to be in perfect order. Throughout the whole growth season, your gloves never leave your hands since you are so patiently and persistently dedicated to crossing things off your "to do" list. In these kitchens, everything has its place, and meat and potatoes are always on the menu.

Photo: PlantingTree
Photo: PlantingTree

The Perfect Houseplant for Virgo: The fact that the Banana Plant isn't the most low-maintenance houseplant is precisely why Virgos should consider caring for one. Since Virgo is so skilled at paying attention to detail and taking care of things, the luxurious (although picky) banana plant is a good match for this sign. Dwarf varieties of banana trees, which are usually grown outside for their fruit, can be planted successfully indoors to add a tropical feel to your space. Banana plants require a lot of water while they are actively growing, so make sure to give them plenty of sunlight and water regularly. Some kinds stay under 4 feet tall while others can reach heights of 6 feet or more when grown indoors.


The sign of Sagittarius signals the final days of autumn. Since you anticipate seasonal changes as an inherent part of who you are, you already feel them coming. Because Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, you have a preference for huge plants like azaleas, rhododendrons, and rosemary. Your senses will be tantalized by the towering sunflowers, climbing beans, and peas.

You enjoy being physically active and spending time in nature, therefore plants with a wide spread and an untamed appearance appeal to you. Check your garden for lily-of-the-valley or mint areas. Your dinners consist of quick and easy dishes like salmon and salad, and your go-to snack is popcorn.

Photo: World of Succulents
Photo: World of Succulents

The Perfect Houseplant for Sagittarius: Baseball plants, a succulent species, resemble enormous circular cactus in appearance but lack spines. As the baseball plant can be left alone for short periods of time, it is a good fit for the Archer's nomadic lifestyle, which allows them to quickly pack up and move to a new location if necessary. The baseball plant, like other succulents, can tolerate neglect as long as it is kept in bright, indirect light. If the top 8 inches of soil are dry, you can stop watering your plant until next time.


The final sign of winter is Pisces. There's a feeling of transformation in the air because spring is so close. As most Pisceans are also artistic, your garden should feature a variety of beautiful plants like lupines and poppies. Your front doors and sidewalks are surrounded by a riot of color. Watery foods like cucumbers, melons, and summer squash are perfect for you.

It's common for Pisces to have a pot of chicken or fish soup cooking away on the stove or in the crock pot. The cold soups gazpacho and vichyssoise are always a hit.

Photo: Gardening Know How
Photo: Gardening Know How

The Perfect Houseplant for Pisces: As the zodiac's dreamer, Pisces is also highly attuned to the feelings and wants of those around them. The fragile Piscean spirit needs soothing because being so sensitive can be exhausting. The lovely blossoms and fragrant foliage of a jasmine plant may help transform any space into a soothing oasis. Indoors, jasmine requires a bright location (a south-facing window is ideal) and regularly wet soil. Even though jasmine can reach up to two feet in height in the garden, it will stay much shorter as a houseplant.


Leo calms or deepens, the summer. With your cheerful personality, Jerusalem artichokes, black-eyed Susans, and sunflowers enliven your gardens and are relatively easy for you to grow. Leos never do anything halfheartedly, so enormous and extensive displays of orange gaillardia, poppies, marigolds, and/or zinnias decorate your front walkways and patio gardens.

A staunch soul, you take great care in your surroundings and strive to have the best in the area. Your zeal for living may be apparent in the salsas, gazpachos, and saffron delicacies made in your vast kitchen. Expect a hefty bottle of hot sauce to stay there as well.

Photo: VivaTerra
Photo: VivaTerra

The Perfect Houseplant for Leo: The zodiac sign Leo is the lion, and as such, it merits a noble plant. Amaryllis, with its enormous, showy flowers, is an ideal choice. These plants are typically associated with the winter holiday season, and are frequently grown as little more than wax-coated bulbs. Nevertheless, if you plant a bulb in soil, you may keep it alive as an indoor plant all year long. The 'Red Lion' variety, with its stunning dark crimson blossoms, is a great choice for Leo.


Some who have a green thumb are happy to spend hours in the dirt and sunshine tending to their gardens. They find fulfillment in tending to the soil and watching their garden flourish throughout the year.

Some folks can't help but feel closer to God when they're out in their garden. There are many nature-loving Virgos and Taureans in the zodiac. And these astrologers' green thumbs are the envy of the gardening community.

Some people have a hard time keeping houseplants alive and wouldn't have any luck growing a tomato plant even if they tried. The ability to cultivate plants benefits the ecosystem, increases oxygen generation, and beautifies the earth.

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