Top 9 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World That You Need To Know Top 9 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World That You Need To Know
Top 15 Beautiful But Strangest Flowers in the World Top 15 Beautiful But Strangest Flowers in the World
Rarest flowers. Photo: Mixi
Rarest flowers. Photo: Mixi

Decorating with flowers is a wonderful idea. They are also a wonderful method of expressing gratitude or love. Flowers, in fact, have long been used to express a variety of sentiments. A variety of useful products, from medicines to air purifiers, can be crafted using the petals of specific flowers.

About 400 thousand species of flowering plants exist worldwide. Many more exist but have not yet been uncovered and recorded.

Therefore, compiling a list of the rarest flowers in the world is no simple task. Here are the top 10 most rare flower species, according to the general public. The wild populations of some of these flowers only see a revival once every few decades.

Which are the Rarest Flowers in the World?

1. Cape Sundew Flower

Photo: Pixels
Cape Sundew Flower - Photo: Pixels

The Cape sundew, or Drosera capensis, is an indigenous South African carnivorous plant. The abundant seeds the rosette-forming plant produces make it common in the wild.

Tentacles cover the leaves of the cape sundew plant. These colorful tentacles are covered in a sticky mucilage that is used to trap insects. When insects are caught, the leaves of the plant roll inwards, creating a cocoon.

It is possible to grow new Cape sundew plants from either seeds or stem or leaf cuttings. It thrives in bright, sunny locations and is a breeze to cultivate as an indoor carnivorous plant.

2. Corpse Flower

Photo: Toronto Star
Photo: Toronto Star

Amorphophallus titanum, also known as the corpse flower, can grow up to twelve feet tall. In Indonesia's rainforests, it naturally grows.

If you've ever wondered why this rare species is known as the corpse flower, it gets its name from the smell it produces when it blooms, which can smell a lot like a rotting corpse. Pollinators are drawn to the corpse flower's pungent scent.

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3. Middlemist Red Flower


The most uncommon flower in the world is the breathtakingly lovely middle mist red. Surprisingly, there are currently only two surviving specimens of this flower, located in a garden in New Zealand and a greenhouse garden in the United Kingdom. In 1804, a nurseryman named John Middlemist brought this amazing plant from China to the UK.

After that, the Middlemist flower mysteriously returns to cultivation in London's gardens after being completely eradicated from China. Middlemist's deep pink color makes it appear like a rose. Botanists have also been looking for plant species that are related to the Middlemist red for a very long time.

4. Erythrina Schliebenii Flower

Photo: WWF
Erythrina Schliebenii - Photo: WWF

In 2012, Erythrina Schliebenii, a group of 50 trees, was rediscovered during botanical explorations in Tanzania's south-east region. The statistics show that there are only 10 to 50 of these trees left, making them the rarest species.

Only in rocky areas that are unsuitable for cultivation do these trees grow. The tree is 5 to 10 meters long, with terminal leaflets that are 14 centimeters wide and lateral leaflets that are 14 centimeters long, as well as petioles that can reach a length of up to 8 inches. The IUCN recently designated the tree as a critically endangered species.

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5. Flame Lily Flower

Photo: WorldAtlas
Photo: WorldAtlas

The tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and Africa are the natural habitats of the flame lily (Gloriosa superba). The flower can be a variety of colors, from bright yellow and orange to deep pink and red. The flame lily, like the corpse flower, has the potential to reach heights of up to three meters.

One should avoid touching one of these stunning examples of nature because doing so could lead to poisoning or, at the very least, skin irritation. It's dangerous to eat a flame lily. Dogs have been poisoned with them, and they have even been used to cause abortions.

6. Ghost Orchid Flower

Photo: Ever Widening Circles
Photo: Ever Widening Circles

The perennial epiphyte Dendrophylax lindenil is commonly known by its common names, ghost orchid, palm polly, and white frog orchid. Natural threats to this orchid have made it difficult to grow in captivity. Roots are flat and green, and they have distinctive track marks that help them absorb water.

The velamen, or outer layer, serves as a protective barrier and a source of nourishment. The Ghost orchid, which blooms from June to August, can reach a height and width of 3 and 2 inches.

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7. Jade Vine Flower

Photo: Tinh Hoa
Jade Vine Flower

The jade vine flower is a member of the pea and bean family and is quite rare. Only the Philippine rainforest is home to this species. The flowers of the jade vine, which can reach a height of three meters, are shaped like claws. This stunning bloom can be anywhere from blue to light green.

Jade vine glows in the dark because it is sometimes pollinated by bats. It is extremely rare because of the natural pollinators and the ever-changing environmental conditions.

8. Franklin Tree Flower

Photo: Shelter Island Reporter - Times Review
Franklin Tree Flower

The sole member of the tea family, Franklinia is also known as the Franklin Tree flower. It is indigenous to the area around Georgia in the southeastern United States. Although it has vanished from the wild, the species lives on in a cultivated ornamental form. The franklin tree is uncommon because it takes 12–14 months from the time a seed capsule is planted until the tree is fully mature. Pollination occurs in the late summer or early rainy season, and fruiting occurs the following summer.

They have a bad reputation among gardeners because they are so difficult to grow. It thrives in acidic, sandy soil and cannot tolerate clay or waterlogging, which would kill the plant.

9. Chocolate Cosmos Flower

Photo: Flickr
Chocolate Cosmos - Photo: Flickr

They occur in great numbers in Mexico. Because they haven't been seen in the wild for hundreds of years, this is a very special find. The chocolate cosmos is the most widely grown plant because of its similar aroma to chocolate.

Cultivation of this species began in 1885, and by 1902, a sterile clone had been made. It flourishes in mid- to late-summer when exposed to full sun. Grown to a height of 3-4 cm, cosmo flowers are a brownish and dark red color. The plants are perennials, making them easy to maintain and the focal point of the garden.

10. Youtan Poluo Flower

Photo: Pinterest
Youtan Poluo Flowers

One of the most intriguing plants in the world is Youtan Poluo. Youtan poluo is said to bloom just once every 3000 years. The stories claim that the youtan poluo's blooming is a sign of the Buddha's reincarnation. This explains why blooming takes 3000 years.

Youtan poluo does not in the least resemble a flower. It smells like sandalwood and is extremely small. Chinese farmer Mr. Ding made the initial discovery of this extraordinary plant. Youtan poluo occasionally appears in China, Korea, Taiwan, and the US. Numerous studies have been conducted to determine the mechanism underlying the growth of youtan poluo.

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