How to watch BBC iPlayer in Singapore
How to watch BBC iPlayer in Singapore

Whether you are on holiday in Singapore or live overseas, the chances are you cannot stream BBC iPlayer. The reason is that BBC iPlayer only works in the United Kingdom. However, there is a workaround to this problem. You can use a VPN connection on your device to watch BBC iPlayer in Singapore. And once you do, you, like other UK residents, can enjoy thrilling shows and channels on BBC iPlayer without the ads.

What is BBC iPlayer?

BBC iPlayer is a video on demand service from the BBC. The service is available on a wide range of devices, including mobile phones and tablets, personal computers and smart televisions. iPlayer services delivered to UK-based viewers feature no commercial advertising. The terms BBC iPlayer, iPlayer, and BBC Media Player refer to various methods of viewing or listening to the same content. Viewing or recording live television broadcasts from any UK broadcaster or viewing BBC TV catch-up or BBC TV on-demand programmes in the UK without a TV licence is a criminal offence.

In 2015 the BBC reported that it was moving towards playing audio and video content via open HTML5 standards in web browsers rather than via Flash or its Media Player mobile app.

On 17 October 2018 the BBC iPlayer Radio brand was replaced with BBC Sounds.

Why Doesn’t the BBC iPlayer work in Singapore?

BBC iPlayer is limited to the United Kingdom only. Even if you have paid for a UK TV license, you can’t watch BBC iPlayer in Singapore or anywhere else. Why? BBC iPlayer uses IP tracking to easily detect and block your access if you are outside the United Kingdom. If you try to access BBC iPlayer in Singapore, this message will appear.

BBC iPlayer Geo-Error. Photo: Screenshot
BBC iPlayer Geo-Error. Photo: Screenshot

This happens because BBC iPlayer can check your IP (Internet Protocol) address and determine whether you are in the UK or not. You can get a British IP address to convince BBC iPlayer that you are residing in the UK, even though you are currently in Singapore or anywhere else. This is where a VPN comes in.

A VPN can help you connect to a third-party server and make it look like you are residing somewhere in the United Kingdom. The best part is that a VPN works on many streaming devices so you won’t face any trouble in using PureVPN and unlocking BBC iPlayer.

What’s an IP address? Simply put, an IP address is your internet address. It is a 4-part number that is assigned to your internet device. Just like your house has a permanent address, your device has a unique internet address that identifies you to websites and services, providing details like your ISP and the country you are located in, which is known as an IP address. You can check your IP address by typing “IP Address” on Google search.

Step-by-Step Guide: How To Watch BBC iPlayer In Singapore

First, you need a VPN connection on your device and connect to a British IP address. After that, you can create an account on BBC iPlayer and easily unlock any show. Here is how to do it:

  • Sign up and download PureVPN on your device.
  • Launch the PureVPN app and log in with your credentials.
  • Connect to the United Kingdom from the server list.
  • Once connected, visit the BBC iPlayer website or launch the app
  • Now you can stream BBC iPlayer in Singapore for free

BBC iPlayer Compatible Devices

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Roku
  • Chromecast
  • Android TV
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation

How to Watch BBC iPlayer in Singapore for FREE on your iOS Device

First, you have to change the region on your iPhone and iPad by following the steps below:

  • Click on Settings on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Tap on your Apple ID > iTunes & App Store> Apple ID.
  • Choose View Apple ID.
  • Use Touch ID to authenticate.
  • Click on Country/Region > Change Country or Region > United Kingdom.
  • Press Next > Agree.
  • Put in your billing information and click on Next.
  • Download the PureVPN app.
  • Create an account and sign in using your credentials.
  • Choose the United Kingdom from the server list.
  • Sign in to your BBC iPlayer account.
  • Select “Yes, I have a UK TV license.”
  • Click on any show and grab some snacks.

Best VPN to watch BBC iPlayer in Singapore

1. ExpressVPN

Known for its impressive connection speeds, ExpressVPN allows you to seamlessly stream online content without any buffering or annoying pauses.

It also offers robust security features such as military-grade AES 256-bit encryption and perfect forward secrecy, which means the VPN negotiates a new secret key every 60 minutes. Therefore, even if a hacker is able to break into your computer, they would not be able to decrypt any of your traffic from previous sessions.

The automatic kill switch also ensures your data remains private even if your web connection suddenly drops.

It’s no wonder ExpressVPN has fantastic reviews. Check them out risk-free with their 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. CyberGhost VPN

With headquarters in privacy-friendly Romania, CyberGhost is able to stand by its transparent no-logs policy.

In addition to its top-tier security standards, this VPN offers an easy-to-use, intuitive platform. With the click of a button, you’ll be automatically connected to dedicated user profiles with pre-configured settings for your specific needs.

For example, if you’re interested in torrenting, there’s a dedicated profile designed to connect you to P2P-supported servers for the optimal torrenting experience.

Find out why CyberGhost is a crowd favorite with their 45-day money-back guarantee or 7-day free trial for iOS or Android users.

3. IPVanish

PVanish is yet another leading VPN provider that offers you incredible streaming speeds without compromising your online security.

Their security features include military-grade 256-bit encryption, OpenVPN protocol, DHE-RSA 2,048-bit key exchange, and perfect forward secrecy.

IPVanish also has an impressive server network of over 1,600 servers spread across over 75 countries, with 18 in Singapore. It’s one of the best options out there if you use a VPN for torrenting.

Kodi fan? You’ll be happy to hear you can download the Android APK directly to your Kodi device. It also features a remote-control friendly interface for Kodi devices that don’t have a keyboard and mouse.

Try IPVanish for yourself with their 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to watch BBC iPlayer in Singapore using Domain Name System (DNS)

An alternative to a VPN is to subscribe to a DNS (Domain Name System) service, such as GetFlix (which we highly recommend which is $6 per month). After set-up, when you access sites with geo-blocks it automatically bypasses the blocks by providing you with a local IP address. A DNS service offers a more seamless viewing experience as streaming speed is generally higher. The benefit of a DNS is that it can be configured directly on computers, as well as AppleTV, without any impact on performance and this negates the need to connect every time you wish to watch anything. As AppleTV can be configured with a DNS, it means that you are able to access the region-specific apps i.e. BBCiPlayer, directly on your TV.

**In the past couple of weeks, Getflix is having issues with UK content but they are looking to fix it and the resolutions they are providing are successful and so it is still a good solution**

Getflix has a great customer service team and so, in the event of issues, like at the moment, they are very responsive and take swift action to rectify issues and provide instructions on how to fix your configuration.

Tips on How to Choose the Best VPN for Malaysia

To select the best VPN for Malaysia, follow these strict criteria:

Top security features. To stay safe and anonymous online, you need a VPN that offers AES 256-bit encryption, a no-logs policy, and a kill switch, which all the VPNs on my list do.

Global network of servers. If you want to bypass censorship and geo-restrictions, choose a VPN that has servers in multiple countries. My top VPNs for Malaysia are all great for accessing international content.

Local servers. To unblock Malaysian websites while traveling abroad, you need a VPN with servers in Malaysia. All VPNs on my list can offer you a Malaysian IP address.

Fast speeds. Avoid VPNs that will slow down your connection. For the fastest speeds, choose a VPN with servers in or near the country you’re located in. The VPNs on my list are all fast enough to stream videos in HD without buffering, game without lag, and torrent without delays.

Trustworthy money-back guarantees. A VPN might sound great on paper but not live up to the hype when using it. My shortlisted VPNs all offer money-back guarantees, so you can first try them out risk-free.

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