Virgo Health Horoscope. Photo: knowinsiders.
Virgo Health Horoscope. Photo: knowinsiders.

VIRGO Health Horoscope: Overview

In classical astrological medicine, there were four temperaments that were connected to four vital fluids and four essential constitution types. Being an earth sign, Virgo is associated with the melancholic temperament, which was understood to be cold and dry.

The melancholic temperament was thought to be connected to the spleen, which filters blood and supports immunity. The melancholic constitution was also considered to be connected to a metaphorical substance in the body that ancient physicians called “black bile.”

This represented a tendency for the melancholic constitution to become cold and stagnant, where toxic substances were able to build up too much and not be adequately cleaned out. This lends itself to the medical astrology idea that Virgo’s mood and constitution can become too chilled and blocked if it is not balanced by movement, circulation, and cleansing hydration.

Virgo’s constitution had another layer to it by this ancient medical system that comes from cold and dry Mercury’s rulership over this sign. This was said to add another melancholic layer to the Virgoan health as well, making this constitution doubly prone to dryness, tension, and tissue constriction.

As a result, Virgo may be one of the more delicate earth signs, who needs a lot of grounding, nourishment, heart and nerve protection, hydration, and relaxation routines to keep in optimal health. This may be why Virgo is traditionally drawn to health care, as they often are their own first patient.

In classical astrological medicine, the entire zodiac was mapped out on the human body, with Virgo ruling over the digestive system, intestines, and spleen. Being under Mercury’s rule, the Virgoan body shares with Gemini a connection with the nervous system that digestion is intrinsically linked to. As a result, those born with the Virgin prominent in their birth charts may have delicate digestive systems that can be easily thrown off by anxiety and the disruptions of stress.

The same way that Virgo natives need to organize their lives and be useful, the digestive system mirrors this function in a bodily way. We can observe this in the processing and categorizing nutrients so that they can be distributed throughout the body. This includes emotions or the gut instinct, that begins in the enteric nervous system, linking to Virgo’s need to “digest” what they feel. How well that digestion operates depends on the balance the native can maintain between their work and inner life.

Virgo's Ailments: Nervous stomachs

Virgo's Strengths: Physical fitness

Virgo's Weaknesses: Boutique gym classes. Virgo loves the adrenaline rush of an intense class, often taking classes back to back. They also adore boutique classes with individualized instruction, which may do a number on their bank account.

Virgo governs intestines, navel, bowel, thyroid gland, and pancreas. The ruling planet Mercury rules over the brain and the nervous system. Virgo mainly rules naval, hence, it has a delicate digestive system and intestines. Though you are health-conscious and have developed excellent food and exercise routine, you tend to face problems related to stomach and digestion. You also tend to process food too quickly. This leads to the inappropriate absorption of nutrients and minerals. You constantly think about your health and are excessively worried about it. You usually watch your eating patterns to healthy. However, you even avoid eating things that can further aggravate your problems.

VIRGO Horoscope: Prediction for Beauty and Health - All Life
Virgo Zodiac Sign. Photo: indianewsrepublic.

Your sound fitness regime and diet generally build a strong immunity and defense mechanism for your body. So you rarely fall sick and generally enjoy good health with a long life. However, you should continuously exercise as any break in the routine makes you subside to the health issues. Your habit of doing things perfectly gives you undue worries. In fact, it makes you prone to psychosomatic disorders. Hence, you need to go easy and stay relaxed. Listen to some of your favorite music, do meditation, practice yoga, pamper yourself with a massage, or read that book you always wanted to.

VIRGO Health Horoscope: Physical Appearance

Virgos have slender builds with slightly higher than average height, pale complexion, beautiful eyes, sensitive mouth, and big forehead. You seem to have a tender and delicate body on the whole. But you are muscular and have far more strength than your fragile appearance suggests. Although you are externally capable and calm, inner anxieties gnaw away at you. This will upset your digestion and emotional balance. You look sophisticated and are not showy. But definitely, there is a good sense of taste that lingers around you. A strong Virgo influence creates a rather dull and unfavorable outer image. In fact, you are sympathetic and you carefully measure the situations before stepping into it. You have symmetrical bodies and innocent features. You tend to look younger than your actual age and mix well with all possible age groups.

VIRGO Health Horoscope: Beauty

Virgos very well know how to dress themselves up. You always put up your look together in your most flattering colors, cuts, and styles. You are simply gorgeous. But most of your gorgeous, classic, refined beauty actually comes from within. You notice the keen details that make anything, from your outfit to what you work on. Everything related to you is absolutely stunning. It’s hard to replicate your style, no matter how hard you try. You tend to keep working on your looks until it is perfect. Your true beauty is your selflessness.

Virgos will lean towards a natural, pared-back beauty style, with fresh faces and an earnest appeal. You prefer bare-faced beauty rather than going heavy on the makeup.

VIRGO Health Horoscope: Possible concerns

Virgos are prone to everything however, they have some food sensitivity and allergies. You possess a delicate and fussy digestive and intestinal system. Hence, you tend to suffer from stomach ailments like acidity, heartburns, excess wind, and food allergies. Also, you suffer from indigestion, gas pains, ulcers, liver upsets, colitis, and bowel problems. You often face stomach issues when stressed. There are chances of developing ulcers if you continue to thrive on negative emotions and opinions. You are over-sensitive to the environment. So it may lead to germ phobias, hypochondria, etc. You must take a break and learn to slow down in later years to avoid the risk of a heart attack. Virgo cell salt is potassium sulphate. You tend to have deficiency potassium sulphate in your body. The deficiency of it can cause dandruff, hair loss, eczema, acne, and dry, flaky skin and hair. It may also lead to extreme fatigue, tiredness, and constipation.

About Those Virgo Nervous Stomachs

This earth sign rules the abdominal region, which explains why Virgo always experiences a nervous stomach before a big event. They can get physically sick when they're emotionally upset. The upside: Virgo has learned from an early age how to trust their gut literally. Virgos is tuned into those butterflies, and by paying attention to how their stomachs feel, they can avoid bad situations. In the interim, eating healthy, fresh foods, avoiding processed snacks, not drinking too much caffeine, and working out can help even out how they feel.

VIRGO Horoscope: Prediction for Beauty and Health - All Life
Virgo Zodiac Sign. Photo: ELLE.

VIRGO Health Horoscope: Best Food

It would help to have a good amount of intake of potassium sulphate in your diet to keep the skin pores unclogged and ventilated. Green leafy vegetables, whole wheat bread, whole-grain bread, wheat germ oil, oats, almonds, cheese, oranges, bananas, and lemons are rich in potassium sulphate. Also, you prefer food that is easy to digest. Make sure to include high fiber foods like brown rice, green beans, cornbread, yogurt, lentils, spinach, eggs, cottage cheese, and lettuce in your diet. To ease out skin eruptions and dandruff, you should intake melons, apples, pears, and papaya. Honey should be replaced with sugar and should also intake herbal tea to soothe upset stomachs.

You usually have some special dietary requests when traveling. Though you are quite obsessed with food, you prefer organic food over processed ones. You should include foods that are rich in Vitamin B especially B1 as it will strengthen the nervous system. Foods rich in Vitamin B are potatoes, oranges, sunflower seeds, green peas, wheat bread, etc.

Herbal Allies

Lavender is a prime Virgo herbal ally. It grows in warm, dry environments and is itself a warm and dry plant in its qualities, which can help the cold and tense Virgo constitution. Its soothing aromatic fragrance is calming, and its oils are used in aromatherapy to cure Virgo’s anxiety and relieve cramping and tension. It has an opening and clearing effect on the body, warming the head, calming fears and worries, and encouraging sleep.

Parsley is another fine green Mercury plant whose delicate branching leaves resemble the interconnectivity of the body. Parsley is thought to be moderately hot and dry, warming up cold, constricted tissue conditions. It also warms the stomach, liver, and spleen, and is a known diuretic, meaning it helps promote urination to clear water retention. It is also carminative, helping to clear digestive bloating and gas in the anxious Virgo digestive system.

Skullcap is an herb that is particularly helpful to those with strong Virgo placements who may be prone to worry and stress. The plant’s flower buds look like little skulls, lending a morphological clue that this plant will be helpful for the head.

Skullcap is an effective sedative that calms a frenetic mind, soothes anxiety, and can help treat insomnia. It is also effective in treating nervous tension, high cholesterol, and artery hardening, all conditions that can lead to heart disease and stroke, which sensitive Virgo’s may be vulnerable to after lives of stress and chronic worry.

Mint: This soothing scent or flavor, whether on its own, in tea, or in shampoo or lotion, is simultaneously calming and invigorating. Mint turns Virgo's anxiety into excitement to face any challenges in the day ahead.

Dill: Mixed in salads, this antioxidant herb can reduce cramps and help with digestion, which are both key for Virgos who often deal with abdominal aches and pains.

Rosemary: Consuming or smelling this memory aid can help Virgos tap into their inner strength by reminding them of all the ways in which they excel, and of all the people who have their back.

Caraway: This herb, which is beneficial for skin, hair, and emotional health, is ideal for keeping Virgos grounded, staving off minor aches and pains, and igniting their inner glow.

Advices for VIRGO

You should avoid cold drinks as they may weaken your intestines more. Also, avoid chocolates as they cause upsets of the skin and digestive system. The food you ingest should not be highly seasoned, spicy, laden with sauces or gravies, or fried.

VIRGO Health Horoscope: Best Fitness Routines

Pilates and barre classes allow Virgos to use their intense focus on their body, which lets them to take a break from whatever else is on their mind. Not only do Virgos love the long, lean look that a barre class gives them, they also love focusing on subtle improvements as well as the idea that they can always do better the next day.

Virgos are highly sensible people and like to lead a simple life. They generally enjoy good health with long life. They have an active childhood and they are fond of physical activities and sports. They have a tendency to look younger than their actual age and mix well with all possible age groups. But they have a tendency to be careless about their diet, which might lead to some problems at times. They are likely to suffer from stomach problems.

Virgos have a tendency to exaggerate; hence even minor problems will look very large to them. Small issues would be taken very seriously, bringing tension and stress to their mind. They definitely need to be more particular about their rest, diet and exercise.

VIRGO Horoscope: Prediction for Beauty and Health - All Life
Virgo Zodiac Sign. Photo: horoscope2021.

Top 10 Ways Virgo Can Beat the Blues

When a Virgo is in a bad mood, only his or her closest friends might notice. Virgos pride themselves on seeming unflappable under pressure, and they'll often try to push their bad mood into a corner (hence, those nervous stomachs) Here are ten ways for Virgo zodiac sign to beat those blues:

-Help out. When a Virgo feels bad, refocusing on others can be helpful. This sign loves to volunteer, and even informally helping a friend can make them feel better.

-Watch a sad movie. For a total escape, Virgos enjoy watching movies they've seen a billion times before especially the sad ones.

-Hang out in a cafe. Virgo falls in love with certain spaces, and a favorite coffee shop or cafe can feel like a home-away-from-home oasis.

-Read a favorite book. Virgos have certain books (hard copies only, please!) that they can turn to again and again.

-Read a poem. Virgo has a love of language, and reading a poem can help this sign get lost in its rhythm and beauty.

-Draw or paint. While Virgos adore art, they may second-guess their own talent. By giving themselves permission to create visual art, without worrying about whether it looks right or wrong, they'll find healing as creativity flows through them.

-Take a walk. This earth sign needs their feet on the ground sometimes. Getting outside and going on a hike can keep things in perspective.

-Have an ice cream. Virgos love sweet treats, and while they don't “eat their feelings,” sometimes an ice cream works better than a cry session could.

-Take in a comedy show. Virgo loves to laugh, and seeing improv or standup can make things better, fast.

-Organize their closet. When a Virgo's physical space is clean, he or she feels more in control of everything else. Organizing a closet, drawer, or handbag can make them feel much better.

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