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Unique Customs for Valentine's Day in Different Countries
Unique Customs for Valentine's Day in Different Countries
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Chinese couples make a special trip to the temple on Valentine's Day to pray for their relationship and return with a white lily branch. According to the saying, the person who loves the other less is the one whose flower wilts first.

Actually, this country celebrates Valentine's Day on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, which is also known as the Day of the Dead. This holiday originates from the legendary love story of the couple Nguu Lang - Zhi Nu, who are only allowed to meet once a year on July 7. Also see: 8 distinctive customs observed during China's Qixi Festival

This is a day that loving couples use to express their affection to their family members. Couples in love pray for happiness and prosperity, while singles plant seeds in the hopes of finding love later.


Unique Customs for Valentine's Day in Different Countries
Valentine in Australia

In the country of kangaroos, Valentine is a great occasion to express your feelings to someone you love. The gift of family members or friends to each other is usually a small greeting card. Even bachelors give each other Valentine's gifts.

On Valentine's Day in Australia, giving flowers to the woman you love has become a tradition. Red roses are very popular, but men often choose bouquets of different colors and beauty that they think women like most than roses.

In addition to chocolates and flowers, there are also some pretty special gifts such as marriage certificates or things associated with two people's memories with lovely Valentine wishes and love symbols.

South Korea

Not only February 14, for the land of kimchi, they celebrate Valentine's Day for their beloved on the 14th of every month. These days have their own names such as April Dark Day, May Rose Day, June Kiss Day, December Hug Day.

A special day with its own culture is April 14 - Black Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day for singles. On this April 14, singles will gather together to enjoy jajamyeon black noodles.


Unlike Valentine's Day in other countries, Valentine's Day in Japan is an opportunity for girls to express their love for boys. Japanese women are known to be shy and shy, so February 14 is their chance to show their love. And on March 14, it is called White Valentine's Day, men will give gifts to women if they have feelings.

Women in this country give chocolates to their male colleagues and normal close boyfriends. This gift is called giri choko (meaning polite chocolate) to show respect.

The Japanese use chocolate to give to the people they love like parents, friends, and brothers. In Japan, there is a separate production of chocolates for each recipient such as Kire Chocolate and Giri Chocolate for friends and relatives. For lovers, they give each other Chocolate Honmei.


Unique Customs for Valentine's Day in Different Countries
Valentine’s Day in Israel

Valentine’s Day in Israel is not the same kind of celebration as it is in North America in Europe, however, it has gained popularity and is celebrated more in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with a variety of parties, concerts and special romantic dinners on February 14, 2023. In Israel, there is another day that celebrates loved call Tu B’Av that takes place in the summer months, this year on August 2, 2023, which means there are two dates to celebrate love in Israel.

In the old days women would wear white dresses and dance in the vineyard, where the boys were waiting for them. In current Israeli culture, this is the day to confess, propose, and give each other cards or flowers.


In Germany, this day is called Valentinstag. However, there are a few special customs that include the image of a pig - a symbol of good luck and desire. Pig ornaments are found all over Germany.

In addition, the Germans also make oversized gingerbread cookies with a love message on top as a way to express their feelings to their loved ones.


The Feast of Saint Valentine in France takes place from February 12-14, also known as the Love Village when the space here is as romantic as in the movies: The house is decorated with roses, the trees are attached with words. Wishing love, couples will also plant a love tree for themselves on this day.

Couples will spend time with their other half and do the things they love like enjoying a romantic dinner, watching movies together, going for a walk.


In Scotland there is a party for unmarried people on Valentine's Day.

On this holiday, each single person will write someone's name on a piece of paper and then throw them into two hats, one with the names of the boys, the other with the names of the girls. The girls will take turns picking up a piece of paper and the name they catch will be the one to go out with Valentine.


The UK is one of the first countries to introduce Valentine's Day. And this country celebrates Valentine's Day like no other.

The traditional British gift for this Valentine's Day is not chocolate or roses, but silver spoons carved in the shape of a key, which represent the opening of the other's loving heart.

Lovers believe that locking a red heart-shaped padlock on the bridge of love and throwing the key into the river bed will help "lock up" their love. Therefore, the key image comes from England, becoming a symbol of love, on Valentine's Day in many countries around the world today. Up to now, the key symbol has spread to France, Korea, Hungary...


Unlike other countries' Valentine's Day, the people of Wales celebrate Valentine's Day on January 25, called Saint Dwynwen's Day. On this day, couples exchange ornately carved wooden spoons, known as "Spoons of Love". This is a traditional ritual that lovers give to their loved ones, originating in the 16th century.


An old tradition states that men will prepare the most exquisite carriage and take their beloved for a walk on Valentine's Day.

On this particular occasion, they gave each other a very special chocolate known as "Baci Perugini," which is a chestnut chocolate covered in foil that has well-known love quotes, declarations, or messages written on it.

Italian men also give their women very expensive gifts, like perfume and diamond jewelry, in addition to flowers and chocolate. Reference: The 12 zodiac signs fall in love with Valentine's Day gifts in 2019

About a thousand letters are sent to Verona, Italy, the city where Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet, on Valentine's Day each year to celebrate their love.

Not everywhere in the world celebrates a child's first birthday in the same way.


Valentine's Day in the US is quite special and has different points from Valentine's Day in other countries. On this day, couples in love give each other heart-shaped candies of different colors instead of chocolates.

They not only give greeting cards to their loved ones, but also give them to close family members, friends, and classmates. This is the outstanding difference in Valentine's Day in the US.


Unique Customs for Valentine's Day in Different Countries
Valentine in Brzil

Brazilians celebrate their own Valentine's Day called Dia do Namorados on June 12. The next day is Saint Anthony's Day, the patron saint of marriage. Single girls will perform the Simpatias ritual or sympathize with the hope that they will get married next year.

On the eve of the festival of Valentine's Day, girls often write boys' names on pieces of paper. They believe that whatever name they catch the next day will be the name of the person they will marry or at least the person they will hang out with on Valentine's Day.

Czech Republic

In recent years, Valentine's Day has become popular in the Czech Republic, but lovers in this country still have their own traditional Valentine's Day on May 1.

During this time, many couples will make a pilgrimage to the statue of poet Karel Hynek Macha in Petrin Park and exchange a kiss under the cherry tree with the meaning of bringing good luck for the new year. Learn more Facts about Valentine's Day 14/2 not everyone knows


Unique Customs for Valentine's Day in Different Countries
Valentine in Romania

February 24 is Dragobete, or the Birds' Engagement Day, Romania's version of Valentine's Day.

This is a Valentine's Day and spring celebration combined into one. After picking flowers in the forest, the boys and girls wish for good health and happiness by rinsing their faces in snow.


A special thing in Estonia (Northern Europe) is that Valentine's Day called Sobrapaev is considered "Day of Friendship".

At this time, the street is decorated with heart-shaped balloons… Family members or friends can go out on this day.

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