ump’s Social Media Platform
Trump’s Social Media Platform - What is its Name?

Trump’s Social Media Platform - What's its name, Launch Date

Jason Miller, a long-time adviser for Trump, told on Fox's "MediaBuzz" that Donald Trump will be "returning to social media in probably about two or three months." He added Trump's return will be with "his own platform" that will attract "tens of millions" of new users and "completely redefine the game", according to Fox and CNN.

Miller, however, provided no further details, and no comment was immediately available from officials with the Trump Organization.

Twitter, Facebook and others have been under scrutiny for the way they handle accounts of politicians and government officials after their ban of Trump for inciting violence. Following Trump's ban on Twitter, Jared Kushner, the former president's son-in-law and senior adviser, intervened when other aides attempted to get Trump on fringe social media platforms such as Parler and Gab.

Facebook, which indefinitely suspended Trump in January, has asked its independent oversight board to decide whether the ban should stand.

Twitter Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal said last month that Trump's ban would stay in place, even if he ran for office again.

YouTube said earlier this month it would lift Trump's ban on the site when the "risk of incitement to violence" abates.

Obstacles to Launch Trump’s Social Media Platform

Trump had a contentious relationship with social media giants, complaining that social media sites demonstrate a bias against conservative voices. In 2018, he accused Twitter of shadow banning conservatives.

If Trump manages to construct his own service, he will do it despite considerable obstacles in his path. The three largest cloud providers are Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, none of them likely hosts for a Trump platform.

Likewise, payment processors will probably be similarly reluctant. Stripe stopped its service to Trump’s campaign website and fundraising efforts, and Shopify took down online stores affiliated with him.

However, foreign service providers may have interest in supporting any Trump service.

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