You could have dinner in the restaurants that are surrounded by ice, or immerse yourself in a Barbie dream world, or even dine suspended 150 feet above the ground. KnowInsider will reveal the list of most bizarre restaurants right below!

Dinner in the Sky Worldwide Brave

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Photo: Eva Loves Geneva

Although this venue isn’t a permanent restaurant in a set location, we would be remiss not to include it here. Dinner in the Sky Worldwide Brave souls and adventurers can enjoy a meal while suspended 50 meters (about 164 feet) above a location of their choice. The experience isn't limited to dinner; you can also enjoy breakfast, lunch, cocktails or a meeting in the sky.

A restaurant made of ice in Harbin, China

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Photo: Halo China

Diners sit inside a restaurant made of ice in Harbin, China. The restaurant seats about 100 people and is part of the ongoing Sun Island Snow Carving and Ice Sculpture Exposition.

The Coolbaby dog restaurant in Beijing

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Photo: Bizarre Restaurants - Blogger

Coolbaby opened recently as a dog theme park in Beijing, China. It has a playground, a swimming pool, an obstacle courses, and also a restaurant specially designated for our most special friends. Not only dogs can have meals together with their owners, but the recipes offered are based on nutritional science and divided for the different breeds, ages, and size of their clients. Having dogs in the home was banned under the rule of late Chinese leader Mao Zedong and was only made legal once again a few years ago.

Commode-themed restaurant in Shenzhen, China

Customers play cards on toilet seats at a commode-themed restaurant in Shenzhen, in south China's Guangdong province. Diners use toilet seats as chairs as they eat food served in miniature bath tubs and toilet bowls. Nothing says satisfying lunch quite like eating hot pot out of a toilet-shaped bowl. Modern Toilet, which has locations throughout Asia, also serves chocolate ice cream in its signature toilet bowls.

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Photo: Foxnews

Opaque in West Hollywood, California

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Photo: Pinterest

The Opaque Restaurant allows its customers to experience dining on a whole new different level by heightening our sense of taste, smell and touch. It's not the first to introduce dining in the dark, but its famous for it and it comes with a twist.Customers place their orders in a lighted room before being guided by the blind to the pitch dark area to have their meals.

The waiters are visually handicapped but are trained to provide customers a unique experience!

Now-shuttered Aurum restaurant in Singapore

5019 business insider
Photo: Business Insider

This is a dining table at the now-shuttered Aurum restaurant in Singapore. Aurum serves a unique cuisine known as molecular gastronomy — an avant-garde cooking movement that uses scientific methods to create new flavors in food. There wasn't much of an explanation as to why they used wheelchairs as seats, though.

Dutch university in Wageningen

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Photo: Business Insider

Inside a Dutch university in Wageningen, there's a restaurant where academics and companies can study consumer behavior by watching diners' reactions to new food products, packaging, and restaurant design. Just like in "Big Brother," the customers' every move are tracked by cameras.

Blakes restaurant in Liverpool, England

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Photo: Business Insider

Edelstein Cafe, Japan

Officially Tokyo's first schoolboy cafe, Edelstein Cafe is one of several eateries in Japan where customers and waiters act out scenes from manga comics. Here they perform as school teachers and students.

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Photo: Business Insider
Above is a list of the most bizarre restaurants in the world part 1 that KnowInsider wants to share with you. If you have any comments, please add them in the comment section below. We are willing to hear from you and please don't forget to like, share and follow KnowInsider for more interesting news.
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