That Zodiac Signs Should Know
Luckiest Numbers That Zodiac Signs Should Know

Lucky numbers term has existed for a long time, with people believing some specific numbers can bring them endless luck and prosperity. That numbers can be anything: You date of birth, the last two digits of your phone numbers, the year of your first comic book etc. People said that luck will work if only you believed in them, and the astrologers take this opportunity to read your fortune or career through the luckiest numbers of your zodiac signs.

Let’s take a look at the article below, which is based on the research on Your Tango website, the luckiest numbers that each zodiac signs should know.

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Luckiest numbers: 6, 18, 41, 77 and 83

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Photo: Bústle

The number 6 is considered lucky in Feng Shui, because it means ‘flow’ in Chinese. The number 6 also represents happiness and blessings. A number of businesses display the number 6, to invite good fortune and wealth. As per numerology, the number 6 signifies domestic happiness, harmony and stability. Such homes also come with huge responsibilities such as family obligations, children and the home. People with the lucky number 6 are sentimental. They usually contribute too much to maintain a relationship, so they become very fragile as the relationship ends. To some degree, they are considered as the completists. As well as that, they are responsible and serve people well with all their heart and soul. If their friends are faced with difficulties or have a lot of complaint, they would never hesitate to act as good listeners, according to Travel China Guide.

The number 18 has a powerful combination. If you keep seeing 18, you will experience many desirable attributes and the essence of leadership, efficiency, and philanthropy. If you see the number 18 having visible prominence in your life, it can be a sign of your life path is asking you to take notice. Your natural personality is coming into force, and you are becoming your true self. The number 18 is outgoing and has a tremendous social aptitude, for those who behold 18 work well with others and always seek others’ humanity both in professional and personal circumstances, according to Numerlogy Land.

The numerology number 41 is a number that tends to express its innate sense of personal freedom with building a secure foundation for the future.vThe number 41 is conscientious. The number 41's sense of personal freedom generally leads it to focus on establishing financial, physical, and emotional security for itself. Although 41 has a strong focus on building that secure foundation, it is curious and interested in pretty much everything, according to Affinity Numerlogy.

2. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Luckiest numbers: 5, 35, 50, 57, and 82

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Phôto: Bústle

People with the lucky number 5 usually tend to pursue freedom. They do not like to be bounded by their surroundings or other people. Since most of them judge or enjoy things with their senses instead of deep thought, they often do things with a bad result. On the one hand, their hedonism helps them to freely control their lives by themselves; on the other hand, the excess freedom or self-indulgence may be self-destructive to some degree. As for romantic relationships, they hold an open mind and long for love evolving from friendship. Their love affairs are usually based on a steady friendship, not love at first sight. Admittedly, they are good at handling the limits of their love affairs, according to Travel China Guide.

A knack for business and material accumulation is the prominent resonance of the number 35. It's also creative, especially in relation to expressing itself — and insists on the freedom to do so. 35's interests are predominantly temporal, concerned with material values and with building significant works — examples are systems with long-term social benefit; solid, architecturally-pleasing buildings; roads; and political effectiveness, cited by Affinity Numerlogy.

The numerology number 50 expresses its sense of personal freedom. Expression of personal freedom, for 50, is the pursuit of whatever may be of interest, at the moment it becomes of interest, without resistance from its inner self or from others. 50 likes to talk and play and imagine and have fun, especially when it involves experiencing something it hasn't experienced before. And especially when it involves interactions with people, according to Affinity Numerlogy.

3. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Luckiest Numbers: 1, 10, 18, 35 and 86

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People with the lucky number 1 are independent, ambitious, and creative as well as a little self-centered. As they are so independent, they tend to ignore the feelings of others. They prefer to handle everything themselves instead of turning to others for help or sharing with them. They are destined to have leadership characteristics while it is essential for them to cultivate the mutual trust of friends and colleagues. Their love for their partner is real and deep, so they want their partner to feel the great depth of their love and make them a priority in life. However, they are not good at expressing their affections. They are eager to be hugged, flattered and attended by their lovers; otherwise, they will feel frustrated. Due to their independence, they may appear to be indifferent to their lovers at times and lacking in emotion, according to Travel China Guide.

The number 10 indicates an independent person with enormous potential. This number helps in bringing projects to completion. The number 10 is comfortable with being alone (like the number 1), and it recognizes the need for individualism while being part of the whole. People with 10s in their numerology charts should use their independence to teach themselves to be aware of moments where they might exclude others or assume their own ways are best, cited by The Secret Of The Tarot.

The numerology number 86 expresses a high degree of personal freedom and curiosity, yet with a generous dose of realism and balance. Plus some additional aspects. A person with the number 86 in a major position of their numerology chart tends to have an adventurous outlook on life. Idealism is also present.

4. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Luckiest Numbers: 1, 21, 24, 58, and 66

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The numerology number 21 is both a creative spirit and a mostly reliable partner. In situations where the two conflict, the creative spirit generally prevails. In those situations, the creative spirit is likely to extend a creative compromise to maintain the partnership. The 21's energy is optimistic, so optimistic and enthusiastic that it tends to inspire others, according to Affinity Numerlogy.

Those who are born on 24th of any month, or the total of the digits in their full date of birth is 24, are generally family oriented, caring, responsible, helping, co-operative and perfectionist. Moreover, these people have a great communication skill, salesmanship and diplomacy. The number 24 people have more chances of becoming very successful in business world, as well as at family front and relationships, and they can become very rich because of this number’s unique qualities, according to Numerograph.

The numerology number 66 is an optimistic idealist. Its ideals tend to be creatively expressed. 66 is home and community oriented. It appreciates harmony in the home and does what it can to heal distress. It is tolerant and inspirational. 66 inspires creativity, according to Affinity Numerlogy.

5. Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Luckiest Numbers: 6, 24, 39, 59, and 83

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The energy represented by the numerology number 59 does express its sense of personal freedom — broadly, wholeheartedly, intending to encounter all aspects of humanity that it is feasible to experience. It is curious. And it is interested in pretty much everything. The digit 5 in the number 59 brings the expression of a personal sense of freedom. The digit 9 brings a focus on all of humanity. Together, 59 reduces to the digit 5, which brings in virtually all of the energy represented by the number 5. Thus, 59 can be seen as a well-rounded or humanity-oriented number 5, according to Affinity Number.

The numerology number 39 is a creative number with an inclination toward assisting humankind. The number 39's creativity tends to be focused on benefitting large groups of people rather than only benefitting individual persons. 39's desires to solve problems experienced by the earth's population. To that end, it associates with groups having similar values, especially groups at least partially composed of other creative people.

6. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Luckiest Numbers: 16, 29, 79, 80, and 90

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The numerology number 16 is a number of introspection. It's wise, intuitive, and tends to be independent. The number 16 is both spiritual and analytical, a philosopher with sound arguments. It tends to look for and find answers within from a well of contemporary and ancient wisdom. It can be somewhat of a perfectionist, especially in its demands of itself. 16 is self-determined and intuitive and confident with its inner wisdom. It tends to be perceptive and able to analyze problems to find viable solutions. Scientific analysis is an intrinsic talent, according to Affinity Numerlogy.

A person with the number 29 in a major position of their numerology chart tends to be diplomatic, a teamworker, and enjoy trusted companionship. There's compassion, not only for the teams or groups 29 is associated with, but also for humanity as a whole. The numerology number 79 is a number of introspection and intuition. It promotes the welfare of humanity. The energy the number 79 represents is perceptive and astute. It's able to consult its inner wisdom and analyze problems to find viable solutions. Acquiring knowledge of and about itself is an ongoing enterprise of the number 79 energy.

The numerology number 80 is a building number. It builds large, efficient structures like buildings, systems and procedures, institutions, and roads.

What 80 builds tends to be highly beneficial to society. What it builds generally endures for a long time. The energy represented by the number 80 resonates with business, legalities, and finance.

7. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Luckiest Numbers: 7, 20, 55, 77 and 86

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People with the lucky number 7 usually like to explore the causes of the matters. However, when finding the truth, they are too afraid to accept it. Thus they often try to cover up their fear and weakness. In spite of this, they have an excellent analysis capability, which helps them succeed in any job. Besides, people with the lucky number 7 are doomed to be fortunate and get good opportunities which others try hard to seek. So to some extent, their success ought to be attributed to their good luck. What a pity that they are sometimes lazy and idle because of their frequent and easy chances. Anyway, generally speaking, they are smart and knowledgeable, but a little suspicious of, and indifferent to, other people, according to Travel China Guide.

The number 20 denotes one who has infinite potential when it comes to relationships or diplomacy. This number helps in bringing projects to completion (usually group projects that are started by someone else), attending to all the details. The vibration of the number 20 is expressed when there is a strong need to learn patience so that the appropriate actions can be properly carried out, according to The Secret of The Tarot.

The numerology number 55 is about independence with the freedom to explore new areas of human experience. The essence of the numerology number 55 is a focus on independence, exploration, and adventure. 55 is outward looking, forward looking, and both desires and anticipates new experience and new learning. It is adventurous, self-sufficient, and rather enjoys going it alone.

8. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Luckiest Numbers: 27, 29, 45, 53 and 89

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The numerology number 27 is about philanthropy and compassion in a cooperative atmosphere. The number 27 is a wonderful number. The energies it represents makes the number kind hearted, tolerant, intelligent, a team worker, and so very much wanting to see humanity better off than it is. 27 endeavors to inspire others to support humanitarian groups and organizations, using its diplomatic skills and enticing them with a vision of an ideal. The groups and organizations are carefully chosen for their effectiveness, according to Affinity Numerlogy.

The essence of 45 may be said to be a pragmatic and results-focused 9. In addition to the number 9 essence, however, 45 contains reliability, patience, focus on building a foundation for the future, and wit. 45 is worldly and sophisticated. It has a philanthropic focus on humankind. It is generous and benevolent and has a deep concern for humanity. Along that line, 45 supports charities dedicated to the benefit of humankind, according to Affinity Numerlogy.

In essence, the numerology number 53 is realistic and efficient. And a builder. It feels free to pursue the goals it wants to pursue regardless what others may think it should pursue.The number 53 is also curious and creative. And has a good business sense. It's a balanced number and it tends to build large works that benefit society for a long time. It's sensual, adventurous, and mentally sharp. The number is optimistic, tolerant, inspiring, and comfortable in social situations.

9. Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Luckiest Numbers: 6, 16, 23, 60, and 81

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The number 23 denotes adventure with a touch of diplomacy and creativity. This number is about freedom, sensuality, and interest in nearly everything, like the number 5. People with 23 in their numerology charts should use their intellect, creativity, and people skills to communicate with those around them while they learn to promote themselves as a writer or salesperson (or other careers where good communication skills are necessary), according to The Secret of The Tarot.

The numerology number 60 is a number of family, home, and nurturing. It's also a number of harmony and idealism, the ideal generally related to a harmonious family relationship. 60 has maternal and paternal instincts. It assumes responsibility for the welfare of others, especially those it considers to be family. The energy represented by the number 60 constructs a concept of how things should be for the welfare of those in its sphere of existence. This influences how 60 nurtures its family and approaches it's responsibilities, according to Affinity Numerlogy.

The numerology number 81 is a number of humanitarianism, business, and self-sufficiency. It is a number of idealism and tolerance.The number 81 may be understood as being a realistic and business-oriented number 9 with a penchant for independence. The energy 81 represents includes the ideas of philanthropy, efficiency, and investigating new ways of doing things. It is worldly and sophisticated and has a global consciousness. Further, it tends to build things with a long-term benefit to society and to all of humanity. It resonates with justice, human welfare, balance, and self-determination.

10. Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Luckiest numbers: 3, 21, 66, 83, and 84

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People with the lucky number 3 have strong personalities. They possess mystical abilities and a powerful creativity. With an instinct for art, they prefer to create the sense of beauty in life. These people are sociable and talented at convincing others that their own view on life is to be easygoing and contented. Also, they have a magnetism that inspires a secure and peaceful atmosphere around them. They have a high self-esteem and will do everything to gain the attention of others. However, they are more likely to be conceited and refuse to face the reality when disappointed like a spoiled child. The life lesson for them is to learn to listen to others according to Travel China Guide.

The numerology number 84 resonates with creative expression. The creativity generally relates to business, finance, or a secure foundation for the future. It is also realistic, efficient, and pragmatic. The result can be high quality, perfectly executed, creative works. The number 84 tends to be optimistic and inspired. 84 tends to be an effective business person. Creating artistic works, dealing in artistic works, and operating a studio of art all resonate with the energy represented by the number 84, according to Affinity Numerlogy.

11. Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Luckiest Numbers: 17, 40, 46, 61, and 76

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Number 17 does not represent a final destination but rather a life journey. When this number starts appearing in your life, you should know that you are in a life journey to your spiritual discovery. The purpose of number 17 appearing in your life is to give you an opportunity to find your purpose in life. This is the most important life journey that you will ever take for it will give you a clear reflection of who you are. Independence is one of the most important meanings of number 17 in numerology. A sudden appearance of number 17 could mean that you need to start thinking of how to be independent in your life. There is a higher calling from the universe for you to establish yourself as an independent person, according to Numerlogy Nation.

The numerology number 40 represents highly practical and conscientious energies.

40 resonates with pragmatism. It can be thought of as a limitless 4 — the practical digit 4 followed by the unlimited digit 0. The numerology essence of the number 40 resonates with dignity and a sense of worthiness. It's dependable and patient, yet persistent. It's methodical approach makes achievement of goals a step-by-step accomplishment, according to Affinity Numerlogy.

The energy represented by the numerology number 46 sustains and evolves itself and creates its own support according to its own determination — generally focused on building a secure foundation for the future. 46 represents self-determination and self-sufficiency. The number 46 is comfortable being alone, pursuing its own purpose. It does, however, appreciate its family and contributes to its security. The base 46 creates and continuously strengthens is for both itself and its family.

12. Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Luckiest Numbers: 8, 10, 27, 56 and 69

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People with the lucky number 8 have strong intuition and insight, so they have the potential to explore things undiscovered. In general, they are bestowed with a special gift of being inborn businessmen, and can achieve all their plans step by step. They are usually mild and honest to others. Their characteristics would never lead to arguing with other people or causing them to be depressed. Nevertheless, in order to avoid hurting people around them, they always hide their real emotions, whether they are sad or happy. It would be to their advantage to learn to be more frank when communicating with others, and rather than giving greater consideration to disappointing or encouraging aspects, speak out frankly about their real feelings as this can make them more popular, according to Travel China Guide.

The numerology number 56 is an expressive family and relationships number. The primary focus of the energy the number 56 represents is relationships. But not just any relationships. Relationships with an inherent inclination to express a sense of freedom are favored. Following that, the relationships of family and home. Relationships imply companionship. The vibration or essence of companionship is essential for the number 56 to be what it is. Interaction with others lets it resonate its fullness, according to Affirnity Numerlogy.

The number 69 is a philosopher and an idealist. It tends to determine an ideal way of being or method of doing and sticks to it, yet is open to alternate points of view and may change it's own ideal as a result. In symbology, the construction or visual aspect of the number 69 is sometimes seen as a symbol of yin and yang. This article addresses the numerology 69 meaning, not its symbology. The energy of 69 tends to resonate best when involved directly with members of the family or team as an equal, provided 69's vision of ideal is present or promising.

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