The world"s 10 smallest countries
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Smallest countries? How large they are? KnowInsider would like to introduce to you 9 tidiest countries but worth living ones in the world.


The world's smallest sovereign state both in the area (44 hectares) and population (about 1000) is proof that small doesn't equate with uninteresting or uninfluential. It also packs a serious cultural punch. St Peter's Basilica is a baroque masterpiece, the Sistine Chapel is gloriously painted by Michelangelo and the Vatican Museums house the world's richest art collection. If you fancy something a bit different, book a tour of the Vatican gardens.


The second position belongs to the Principality of Monaco. This mini-state on the French Riviera is a tad over two square kilometres (and counting, thanks to land reclamation) but packs in the world's densest population and a surprising array of sights, including a palace, cathedral, several delightful gardens, the excellent Oceanographic Museum and, of course, its famous casino. This is certainly the most glamorous of small countries: sunny, immaculately kept and tempting with every extravagance.

Top 9 Smallest Countries in the World By Population Top 9 Smallest Countries in the World By Population

Based on the population, here is the list of the 9 smallest countries in the world.


Tuvalu has been called the sinking country. Made up of a small archipelago of coral islands in the west-central Pacific Ocean that covers about 420 miles (676 km) from northwest to southeast, rising ocean levels are slowly covering its land. This is both because global warming is increasing water levels, and because Tuvalu’s coral is dying and coastlines are eroding into the sea. Scientists predict that this island country could become inhabitable in the next 50 to 100 years. Ironically, the country also now suffers from drought, and can no longer sustain themselves through crops grown on its land as the heat intensifies. Many people from its population of about 11,500 now choose to immigrate to nearby countries like New Zealand for a safer future.

The world"s 10 smallest countries
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Situated as a landlocked republic in the middle of Italy, San Marino is home to about 33,785 Sammarinese people. Italian is the official spoken language, and most people living there are Roman Catholics, although the country has no official religion. Tourism and agriculture are both important to this country that is largely urban.

Prominent social programs ensure all citizens get high-quality medical care, free education up until 16 years of age, and even help with owning a home. Amazingly, San Marino dates back to before the Renaissance and is a reminder of Italy’s self-governing city-states. It began as a settlement for Christians escaping persecution from Rome.

The world"s 10 smallest countries
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This splinter of a country lodges in the flanks of Austria and Switzerland, and shares the Rhine Valley and splendid alpine scenery, making it an unusual place for jaded travellers to ski, hike or mountain bike. The high-altitude Prince's Way is an epic yet uncrowded walk. Snow-backed, 12th-century Vaduz Castle above the capital is a stunning sight, though it's closed to the public.

The world"s 10 smallest countries
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Though independent, this Pacific nation is a US-associated state, with America underpinning its economy and currency. It has over a thousand islands and 29 coral atolls; Bikini Atoll became infamous for atom-bomb testing and gave the swimwear its name. This is a scuba-ping mecca, especially for sunken World War II ships, including an aircraft carrier. It's also a great destination for surfing, kite-boarding and deep-sea fishing.

The world"s 10 smallest countries


The world's smallest island nation and republic sit reef-fringed in the Pacific Ocean. As host of Australia's offshore detention centre, it makes news for all the wrong reasons. A perimeter road offers sparkling scenery (the inland is barren) and old Japanese World War II remnants provide passing interest but, with no great beaches and little tourism infrastructure, this is the only micro-nation you probably don't need to visit.

The world"s 10 smallest countries


The Caribbean nation is informally known as St Kitts and Nevis is the western hemisphere's smallest country and has Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. Chief attractions are lovely reef-protected beaches, dormant volcanoes such as Mount Liamuiga and Mount Nevis, rugged rainforest, colonial-era towns and the splendid Brimstone Hill Fortress. Nevis is the more tranquil island and has fine botanic gardens.

The world"s 10 smallest countries


Asia's smallest country by both population and area is made up of a scattering of islands across vast areas of Indian Ocean. Its highest natural point is 5.1 metres above the waves, making it an unfortunate poster child for global warming. It's best known for snorkelling and scuba ping, dazzling white-sand beaches and luxury resorts, though local guesthouse accommodation also puts this destination within reach of budget-minded wanderers.

top 9 smallest countries in the world regarding to population Top 9 Smallest Countries in the World Regarding To Population

Borders define nations. The political and possibly natural limits of a country determine its physical territory, and thus its size. Based on the population, here ...