7 Interesting and Unique Facts about Roses That You Didn"t Know

Roses. Photo: Steemit

There are over 100 species and thousands of cultivars of roses. They vary in color, shape and size and all but one rose species have 5 petals. The list of interesting facts about Rose Flower will amaze you somehow.

1. The world got its first ever blue rose in 2004

Rose can easily be described as the most loved flower in the world. It’s difficult to point out any one reason behind the amazing popularity enjoyed by roses. Some love the flower because of its fragrance, there are those who have been big fans of the variety of colors roses are available in, while some love it because of its startling appearance which has even been greatly enhanced in recent times by gold or silver plating it; good example is this exquisite Eternity Rose gift for Valentine’s Day. The section below would talk about some of the most interesting and unique facts about roses that you probably never knew hitherto.

7 Interesting and Unique Facts about Roses That You Didn"t Know
Blue rose. Photo: Interflora

For more than a couple of decades, breeders around the globe had been busy crossing roses of various colours to make an impossible possible; they were trying to create blue roses. They kept failing as rose petals don’t possess the enzyme required for creating the blue pigment. Then came the year 2004 which brought an end to the misery of these breeders. Application of genetic engineering allowed rose breeders to produce roses carrying the blue pigment Delphinidin.

2. It is difficult to assume how tall and big a rose bush can be

As far as recorded data goes, the tallest rose bush has grown more than 7 meters or 23 feet tall in India. The largest rose bush in the world, on the other hand, has a canopy covering an area of 9, 000 square feet. Its trunk boasts a massive circumference of nearly 12 feet in size. What would leave you even more amazed is that the bush comprises of more than 200,000 blooms and its branches have to be supported by a massive trellis. Just imagine how stunning the bush looks with all its blooms. It is interesting to note that as one of the unknown facts about roses, while rose plants are common, rose trees are realy seen. Wherever they exist, they are celebrated and well cared for.

3. David Austin grew the world’s costliest rose

David Austin, one of the most famous rose breeders of all time, stunned the world by introducing the world’s costliest rose in 2006. He had to work for 15 long years and spend a whopping $5 million for breeding the rose, as reported from Answer Africa.

4. Roses have amazing longevity

7 Interesting and Unique Facts about Roses That You Didn"t Know
Roses. Photo: The Economics Times

We all want beautiful things to live for a long time. That wish of ours can definitely be fulfilled when it comes to roses. The Hildesheim Cathedral in Hildesheim, Germany has walls covered by a massive rose bush, which is more than 1000 years old.

5. The Overnight Scentsation

Overnight Scentsation is the name of the very first rose that travelled to space. It’s a miniature rose that was taken to space for aiding researchers to find out what kind of impact low gravity can have on the fragrance of roses. The scientists also used Overnight Scentsation to learn ways of improving the aroma of various consumer products.

6. Roses are edible

7 Interesting and Unique Facts about Roses That You Didn"t Know
Roses are edible. Photo: Justfunfacts

Roses can be added to salads and used in desserts and cakes. Rose Petals and rose hips are also made into jam, jelly and marmalade. Rose syrup is sometimes used to make marshmallows and is used in rose-flavored ice cream. Rosewater (flavored water made by steeping rose petals in water) is sometimes used in baklava, gumdrops and nougat, according to Did You Know.

7. You can get significant amount ascorbic acid from rose plants

Rose hips, which are fruits produced by rose plants, are rich sources of ascorbic acid or vitamin C. What’s more, these fruits also contain vitamin A and vitamin B in small quantities. You will get a small amount of vitamin C even in rose petals.

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8. Roses & Love Have Always Been Intertwined

7 Interesting and Unique Facts about Roses That You Didn"t Know
Roses and Love. Photo: 1800flowers

Roses have symbolized love and romance since ancient times. It was believed by ancient Greeks that Aphrodite, the goddess of love, created the rose and it became the symbol of everlasting love. The Victorians attached great sentimentality and meaning to flowers, especially roses. Even today, centuries later, a bouquet of roses will make any woman, or man, blush with love and pride.

9. The Number Counts

Some cultures believe the number of roses in a bouquet also has a special meaning. For example, one red rose symbolizes love at first sight. A bouquet of six roses represents infatuation and desire. If you want to say “Be Mine” select a dozen roses. A bouquet of 15 red roses conveys your message of apology, especially when you can’t find the right words to say it.

Roses and their Hidden Meanings

Think about sending a secret message to your favorite person with a bouquet of roses. Something no one else in the office would understand. Start with these roses and their meanings.

Red Roses – Love and Romance

Pink Roses – Love, Gratitude, and Appreciation

Purple Roses – Love at First Sight

Yellow Roses – Friendship, Joy, and Good Health

Orange Roses – Enthusiasm and Passion

White Roses – Marriage, Spirituality, and New Beginnings

Roses can be a gift for every occasion. Plus, our team at 1-800-Flowers can help you write the perfect card to go with the roses and help you find the perfect love story to watch, too.

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