Top 9 Best Music Websites to Download Songs for Kids
Photo: Music for Kiddos

1. Kidsongs

Kidsongs, as its name implies, is a good website to download kids' songs MP3, DVDs, CDs, and videos. It’s clean and contains a relatively massive number of Animal songs, Play music, Dance music, Sing Along songs, etc. You can also search for songs through keywords in the search bar or use the quick navigation bar. It’s quite easy to download songs on Kids Songs. Just one click the corresponding button to purchase and save children and baby songs downloads from this site, Video Converter FActory cites.

2. Nancy Stewart Music

This site has a variety of tunes categorized into language-building, science, activities, games, etc. What begins as a collection of unfamiliar tunes quickly becomes favorites as each song has a catchy tune and lyrics provided. Check out the database of free kids songs and also the monthly free track.

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3. Baby Mozart

Music is an important tool during the kid's teaching process. Given this, Baby Mozart offers a massive collection of music for babies and mommy, which aims to boost babies’ brain development, entertain and soothe babies, relax expectant mothers, etc. There are several main categories including Classical Music, Children Songs, Lullaby, Pregnancy Music (Pre-natal), White Noise, Funny Sounds, Christmas Songs, Flashcards, and Blog. On the Baby Mozart blog page, you can find some good parenting tips and methods and the topic covers many aspects. For baby songs download on Baby Mozart, you need to subscribe to it via your email address. Meanwhile, Baby Mozart offers a free app for mobile devices, which has extra features.

4. Jamendo

Check out the Jamendo Child/Kids/Children tags (and perhaps the Jamendo Enfants tag) to browse hundreds of free albums for kids. Jamendo lets you preview the entire album online before you download, so you always know what you're getting. There's some great music, including trance and techno for kids!

5. Dream English

Top 9 Best Music Websites to Download Songs for Kids
Photo: Dream English

Dream English has a number of happy and light English kids tunes and kids video songs. And most of the songs can be used in the classroom. Just go to the Dream English free download page in which one can download various English kids songs. Since all the songs are copy-protected, you cannot use them for commercial purposes without permission, such as uploading them to YouTube. Dream English gives a direct MP3 download option for children's songs download. You only need to click on the needed song’s title, and it will direct you to its download page. Meanwhile, there you can find plenty of inviting English videos, lessons as well as good games for learning English.

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6. Remember: DownThemAll

When checking out these sites and other sites of free music, don't forget that there are tools like DownThemAll and Wget which make it really easy to download all of the MP3s in one hit. Check out this article on Wget for more information on how to use it, Make Use Of cites.

7. Let’s Play Music

Let’s Play Music is more than a music website. It focuses on sharing fun and educative musical activities for kids. This website classifies musical activities based on age, season, and different types including first piano lesson, weekly lesson plans, rhythm & percussion, etc. Yet Let’s Play Music doesn’t organize music in a direct way. It publishes now posts termly and shares music that coincides with the theme. However, you can navigate to Free Source > Song Direction dictionary to browse most of the musical activities and view song videos. Let’s Play Music doesn’t provide kid songs download option but all the songs on this site are retrieved from YouTube. You can use a YouTube downloader to save them.

8. Free Kids Music

The Free Kids Music site asks for user submissions of free music and writes a short spiel on each artist it promotes. It also has a section for traditional music for kids. Users take quite a leisurely browse around the site to find new music, but it's all quite interesting and varied.

9. YouTube

YouTube has the largest video library. Many artists and organizations upload their works to this platform every day. If you have no idea about popular kids music channels on YouTube, you can make use of YouTube search filters to search for any kids songs you want. And in most cases, it will not disappoint you. As YouTube doesn’t have the download option, if you want to download kids songs to your devices, you still need to utilize a download extension or program.

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