2720 worldys best airlines 2020
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1. Singapore Airlines

Singapore has garnered the foremost position because of its comfortable and luxurious interiors not only in its first-class suites and the opulent business class but also in their economy cabin.

This Asian carrier has introduced two more modern and fuel-efficient fleets (A350 and A787) for the regular international routes. In addition to that, newer long-distance routes between the USA and Singapore have begun within months of their talks making it the best airlines in the world.

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2. Air New Zealand

The Kiwi carrier took the second place this year after being in the first for the four consecutive years before 2018. The airliner is well known for its comfortable and innovative in-flight entertainment and service offerings. It has been an ardent supporter of its homeland and comes out with better fleets and features every year. It has good connectivity at both domestic and international medium.

3. Qantas

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The Australian airliner has been the oldest operating airline that is just getting better and better with the years. The customer feedback has been the highest for this airline as they have come up with fully reclined seats(flatbed) for both domestic and international flights. They have also recently introduced luxurious long-haul flights from Australia to London and continues to top the charts with the best performance ratings.

4. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has slipped down to the fourth position this year. However, it still holds its place as the best service provider in the world. The popular airlines have come up with new Qsuite business class suites this year that is simply superb and unmatched for. The airliner owns the world’s youngest fleets for both domestic and international flights. The business class department in their newly launched technologically advanced A350s is a class apart. However, they might want to focus a bit on the economy class if they wish to garner the premier position.

5. Virgin Australia

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This Brisbane based airliner is the second-largest airline after Qantas in Australia. It has the largest fleet in the world to fly with the brand Virgin. Virgin Australia makes its entry into the list this year because of its new premium economy and economy x class in its fleets. The business class service offerings are also top-notch making it the second most opted airlines in Australia.

6. Emirates

3134 worldys best airlines 202014
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Holding its sixth position from last year is the Dubai based Emirates. With the youngest fleets of A380s and the 777s Emirates covers more than 150 destinations a year and has been one of the favourite passenger airlines all over the world. It has been the first airliner to come up with innovative cabin service providers and comfortable seats. However, no new novelty changes have been made from a few years but still holds onto its world-class services in its long-haul flights. It has been one of the famous airlines around the world for a long time.

7. All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways is the largest Airlines by fleet size in the world and is based in Japan. The airlines slipped to the seventh position this year but hold its status in the cabin innovation domain. The customer reviews to this airliner have constantly been on the higher side and the attention to comfort and punctuality has bought its place into the list of best airlines in the world 2020.

8. EVA Air

The Evergreen Airways( EVA Air) is a Taiwan based airliner that launched itself with the focus on cargo and passenger carriers. Since its primary focus is on regular customer service, the airline has come up with new fleets and routes both domestically and internationally with the launch of new premium economy class cabins. One of the popular airlines depending upon customer satisfaction, EVA Air manages to keep its position in the list this year as well.

9. Cathay Pacific Airways

3307 worldys best airlines 20205
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This flag carrier of Hong Kong has always been in the list of famous airlines around the world for more than a few years now. With operational safety being its key focal point, the airline has won many awards since 2013. It has brought in modern fleets like A330s that have improved stability in the air and wide cabins with high ceilings for passenger comfort. The hospitality in the first-class suites and business class is worth a mention here.

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