How to Plan An Around the-world Travel Trip
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Plan Your Time Wisely

One of the most annoying things when going on world travel is when you run out of time. This means you have to plan your travel timing sensibly you need to pre plan the amount of time you can spend at each place. It is particularly when you are traveling from one airport to another country’s airport so you need to book your flight accordingly plus you need to check the facilities each airport provides you.

Save a Lot of Money

How to Plan An Around the-world Travel Trip
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The more money you have saved, the longer you can travel and the more places you can visit. When you are finally out there you will realize that there are so many places to visit. The hunger for new horizons never stops. Once you have decided to travel, make every penny count. Save as much as you can. There are plenty of ways to save money and so many travelers have written about it.

Bring a Decent Camera

My best friend struggles with what camera to bring for her travels. In the end, she carries a big pack with 4 cameras – 1 DSLR, 1 GoPro, 1 Instax and 1 Drone. Plus here Iphone, which actually makes 5. That’s a lot of cameras! If you have the room go for it but two is probably enough. Even if you don’t like taking photos of yourself, you will surely want to take photos (even videos) of the destinations you will visit. Photos are great souvenirs of your trip and a good way to relive the experience. A DSLR will most likely bring out the best shots (assuming you know how to use it well) but if you’re a beginner, a compact camera will suffice. An extra waterproof camera or a GoPro will also be great if you want to take photos underwater or during boat trips. Don’t trust a waterproof bag to protect your camera (and other electronics). It’s not fool-proof. I learned this the hard way when I was at a water park and my camera was soaked by the time I finished the lazy river ride (Jon also learnt this lesson while tubing in Laos).

Decide Which Airline Alliance Is the Best fit for Your Itinerary.

How to Plan An Around the-world Travel Trip
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Figure out the “white space,” the areas of the world where the alliances have few or no routes. Australia is a popular destination for many travelers, but Oneworld is the only group that flies to its smaller cities. SkyTeam doesn’t serve many areas of Brazil, and Star Alliance only goes to the biggest cities in Russia.

Look for Nonstops Whenever Possible.

Around-the-world itineraries are limited to 16 segments, meaning a leg with a layover counts as two segments. Picking obscure destinations means you could quickly use up all of your segments and vastly increase the cost of your ticket. Consider overnighting in a layover city for an extra day or two. São Paulo, Dubai, and Bangkok are major transit hubs worth a longer stay.

Select A Few Things You Want To Do or See

How to Plan An Around the-world Travel Trip
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If you are traveling alone then it can be pretty overwhelming, when planning a budget friendly travel trip around the world you need to select the destinations sensibly that which country you could travel and you won’t face any difficulty there.

Choose from the most tempting places Ecuador, Hungary, Brazil, Australia, Mongolia, Japan and many other alluring destinations. The easiest way to see the world in short time is planed the places you want to visit and see.For example, if you are visiting Sydney in Australia select a few important things you want to see in Sydney, next follow the same pattern in Japan, India, Turkey, Ecuador and so on. My honest advice is not to over plan too much, go with the flow and at times follow your instincts.

Plan In A Budget-Friendly Way

When you are all ready for a world travel trip you need to stick to a budget and plan according to it, unless you are a billionaire. This means if you are under a tight budget for traveling around the globe, then head for countries like Latin America, Africa and Asia. You can even buy miles for purchasing your air ticket.

Note on accommodation

A similar approach can be taken with accommodation. One of the perks of traveling for a long time is that you can be flexible with your plans. Find yourself in a city you love and want to explore more? Or maybe you just want to chill out for a week, or you make a new friend who wants to check out Spain. Not pre-booking all your accommodation and travel means you get to decide exactly what you’re doing at every step of your journey.

Once again, this depends on your timeframe and budget, but with the internet and resources like Hostel World, it’s very easy to find accommodation at short notice.

Get the necessities sorted

How to Plan An Around the-world Travel Trip
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While you should aim to leave your travel and accommodation options flexible; there are some things you need to ensure you have organised before you set off on your adventure:

Passport: It might seem super obvious but having your passport up to date is important. Most countries require you to have 6 months of validity on your passport. It is also essential to take good care of your passport.

Visas: Visas are crucial to your travels and you mustknow what’s required before you jet off anywhere. There’s different processes for different countries; but often a visa stamp is needed in your passport, that allows you to enter a country. Receiving a visa shouldn’t be a problem for most people but it’s worth understanding the process beforehand.

Insurance: Travel insurance is very important. If you get sick or injured overseas it can be extremely costly, so having insurance to cover you overseas is imperative. Even with insurance, it’s wise to stay safe and sensible.

Stay Strong

Accept that some things (like riding chicken buses or sleeping at airports) are not easy. Even carrying a 16 kg backpack for over a kilometer is not easy. Complain, if you have to, scream and be annoyed. But after that, breathe and let it go. You got this. As you go on, you will realize you are getting stronger and the things you complained about before are nothing compared to what other people experience in other parts of the world.

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