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Trang An Complex in Vietnam. Photo: Vietnam Economic Times

Vietnam - A place majority of people think is still a war-torn country - poor, destroyed, and unsafe. Well, anyone who thinks that way is in for a surprise. From its beautiful scenery to the warm welcome by the locals to its delicious coffee, Vietnam is breathtaking and historical. With a growing group of travelers all around the world, Vietnam is also becoming a common destination, but anyone who travels there still doesn't know a lot about the country.

Here are some interesting facts that KnowInsider.com wants to deliver to you.

Motorbike is the main way of transportation

1435 culture trip
Motorbike everywhere. Photo: Culture Trip

In most countries, cars and public transportation is the most common way to get around, but not here. There are more than 45 million registered motorbikes in the country, which means that almost half of the population own their own motorbike! That’s also one of the reasons for the slightly “chaotic” traffic, which isn’t so chaotic once you get a hang of it. The roads are filled with motorbikes, which can be intimidating when you try to cross the road. But Vietnamese traffic etiquette is that you just walk, and the vehicles will move to the side.

Snake wine is drunk for vitality

1430 snake wine cameron hughes wine
Snake wine. Photo: Cameron Hughes Wine

Ever heard of Snake Wine or Snake Liquor? It’s not uncommon in Southeast Asia, and while it definitely sounds a bit creepy, it’s believed to enhance vitality, life, and other health benefits. If this is ethical or not, I leave for you to decide, but it’s definitely one of the most unusual Vietnam facts.

Teachers are highly respected

1426 teachers student exchange vietnam
Vietnamese teacher. Photo: Student Exchange Vietnam

In some Western countries, the teaching career has received less attention and become undervalued, so it’s cool to see teachers get respect in Vietnam. There is even a national day to honour teachers, that is Vietnamese Teacher Day which is held on the 20th of November annually. On this special day, students express gratitude and respect to their teachers. This special day is usually celebrated at schools with fun activities such as singing, dancing, recitals, sports, and exhibitions. Alumni often bring some flowers and gifts and visit their teachers at their homes.

Around 16% of the world’s species can be found here Some of the most famous Vietnamese animals are Great Hornbills, Indian Elephants, Sun bears, Pygmy Slow Loris, Asian Water Monitor, Water Buffaloes, Burmese Pythons, Tigers, Dolphins and many other species. Definitely one of the most interesting facts about Vietnam if you like animals!

White skin is a beauty standard in Vietnam

Just like in many other Asian countries, the thought of white skin as pure and beautiful is something that lies deep within the Vietnamese beauty standards.

Women and men try to avoid the sun if possible in order to avoid being tan. Today, many beauty products also have a whitening effect.

Incredible diversity of Vietnamese ethnic groups

1425 ethnic vietnam viet vision travel
Vietnam ethnic groups. Photo: Viet Vision Travel

Vietnam is a multiethnic country with 54 ethnic groups recognized by the government. Each ethnic group has its own language and culture. The Vietnamese (Kinh) people account for roughly 86% of the country's population and mainly reside in deltas and coastal provinces. The remaining 14%, about 8.5 million people, are scattered over the mountainous and highland areas ranging from the North to the South. Minority groups have limited access to infrastructure, health service, and educational facilities. Ethnic minorities depend heavily on agriculture and have a small contribution to national economies as a whole.

Vietnam street foods are defined in Oxford Dictionary

1422 aisia tour advisor
Banh mi. Photo: Asia tour advisor

Vietnamese cuisine is characterized by endless variety and extraordinary flavours. Banh mi and pho are two Vietnamese words that go directly into Oxford Dictionary instead of being translated into English. The former is the signature sandwich that is getting more and more popular with people around the world. Generally speaking, it is a loaf of bread with the filling of the three main components: meat (roasted pork, barbecue or grilled pork), vegetables (cucumber slices, pickled carrot, and cilantro) and sauce (chili, tomato or soy sauce). The latter is rice noodles soup served with a variety of raw or cooked beef, beef tendon or beef meatball, bean sprout and herbs. Pho is eaten at any time of the day but especially for breakfast.

Tortoise is a lucky symbol in Vietnam

1420 atlas obscure
Tortoise. Photo: Atlas Obscure

When we were looking for interesting facts about Vietnam, we noticed that Vietnamese people love tortoises. They believe that they are bringing luck and health. They admire the longevity of turtles and believe that keeping tortoiseshells at home will prolong their lives as well.

There are four sacred animals in Vietnamese culture. Tortoise is one of them. The others are dragons, Phoenix and unicorns. So the tortoise is actually the only REAL animal of all that Vietnamese worship which means it belongs to the fun facts of Vietnam.

There is no legal drinking age in Vietnam

Drinking ages are different all over the world. It is 21 in America, 19 in Canada, 16 in some countries in Europe. Surprisingly, there is no legal drinking age in Vietnam. You can drink it as long as you can get the alcohol. That is the fact, no joking. No ID check is required to purchase liquor at any age. That may be the reason contributing to the fact that Vietnam is the third-largest beer consumer in Asia, behind only Japan and China, consuming about three billion litres annually.


As of November 10, Vietnam’s Ministry of Health confirmed a total of 1,216 cases of COVID-19. However, 1,087 of the affected patients have recovered and been discharged from hospitals. Vietnam has also recorded 35 deaths due to the pandemic. The latest cases were all imported and quarantined on arrival.

Vietnam’s Immigration Department has announced another automatic stay extension for foreigners stranded in Vietnam due to the pandemic until November 30. The measure applies to those who entered since March 1 allowing them to leave the country without any penalty or official procedures. Those that have entered prior to March 1 are also eligible provided they show documents by their embassies or by Vietnamese authorities to confirm they were quarantined or treated for COVID-19.

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