Breath-taking mountains, rice terraces, majestic rivers, and dramatic islands; Vietnam is blessed with countless magical landscapes, full of history and atmosphere. Wherever you choose to go, some aspect of the country’s rich culture – whether it is food or history – is waiting to be explored.

There is a huge amount to see and do on a Vietnam tour, but don’t feel overwhelmed. We’ve come up with five of the country's most interesting and beautiful destinations. Of all the places to visit in Vietnam, these are the ones you shouldn’t miss.

Ninh Binh

Known as the ‘Halong Bay on land’ thanks to the limestone hills dotting the landscape, Ninh Binh is a relatively lesser-known destination which is overshadowed by its northern counterparts like Ha Long Bay and Sapa. If you want to check out unspoilt parts of Vietnam, ancient citadels and caves, this is where you should go in Vietnam.


  • Visit Tam Coc to take in the spectacular landscape of the limestone hills and maybe even climb one. Hang Mua, one of the peaks in Tam Coc can be conquered by climbing 500 steps to the top.
  • Take a boat ride to Trang An along the scenic Sao Khe river and visit caves and temples surrounding the area.
  • Explore a 10th century citadel in Hoa Lu, the ancient capital of Vietnam.
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Ninh Binh has limestone cliffs spreading for miles, earning its nickname 'Halong Bay on Land'.

Ha Giang

Narrow ribbon roads with hair-raising bends meander the rugged peaks and green valleys of the very far northeast of Vietnam. Though poor infrastructure has traditionally meant fewer outsiders, more travellers are making the effort to visit this forgotten province of dramatic scenery and colourful minority villages.


  • Enjoy traveling the Ha Giang Loop which is actually the Happiness Road that connects Dong Van and Meo Vac through the King off All Passes – Ma Pi Leng Pass.
  • Discover Dong Van fair market as well as Khau Vai Love Market where the ethnic people stay true to their identity and tradition by dressing with their finest and vibrant costumes to attend the market.
  • Conquer The Northernmost furthermost Point of Vietnam - Lung Cu Flagpole, lying close to China-Vietnam border.
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The wonderful Ha Giang, largely undiscovered beauty.


The former capital of Vietnam and seat of the Nguyen dynasty, Hue is one of the most intriguing places to visit in Vietnam. This cultured city is full of crumbling palaces and pagodas which you can explore on foot or by boat.


  • Explore the Imperial City, which is now a world heritage site and undergoing restoration. Its ornate gates, palaces and temples are full of exquisite details.
  • Take a boat ride down the majestic Perfume River, stopping off at ancient pagodas and royal tombs along the way.
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Hue, the former capital of Vietnam, is a peaceful city full of historical sites.

Mekong Delta

Where the Mekong River reaches the sea is a landscape of fertile flood plains and farmland that is often called the rice bowl of Vietnam. One of the most beautiful parts of Vietnam, it’s a perfect spot to take in the view and observe Vietnam’s peaceful rural way of life.


  • Cruise the river for a few days visiting floating markets, temples and charming delta towns that see hardly any tourists.
  • Spend a night in a homestay and meet local people who will cook you the best Vietnamese food you have ever tasted.
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Mekong Delta - the 'rice bowl' of Vietnam.

Phu Quoc Island

There are many places to visit in Vietnam if you’re seeking sun, sea, and sand; but Phu Quoc is the most idyllic. Lying off Vietnam’s south coast, Phu Quoc is a group of 28 islands fringed by white-sand beaches. Fast becoming Vietnam's top holiday spot, Phu Quoc has plenty of luxury hotels, restaurants and bars.


  • Soak up the sun on one of Phu Quoc’s many sandy beaches and explore further afield to find the quietest spots.
  • Walk around the night market and outdoor seafood restaurants in Duong Dong where you can dine on the catch of the day.
14 Best Places to Visit in Vietnam | Bookmundi
Phu Quoc - “Pearl Island” in Vietnam is loved by thousands of people.