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Here are Top 7 weirdest things to see and do in Japan:

1. Insanely expensive luxury fruit

0109 watermelons in japan
Cute Watermelons in Japan. Photo: Japan Inside

It is said that Japanese people eat with their eyes, which could explain the success of stores selling only perfect, exorbitantly priced fruit. In Japan, the custom of giving presents places a premium on expensive fruit. A single bunch of grapes can fetch hundreds of dollars, while a tennis ball-sized watermelon can fetch thousands. Insydo claims that two cantaloupes went for a then-record $27,000 at auction.

2. Weird and wacky vending machines

0253 weird and wacky vending machines
Weird but wonderful vending machines in Tokyo. Photo: Time Out

Over 5 million vending machines can be found throughout Japan, or roughly one for every 23 people. Live lobsters, lingerie, liquor, umbrellas, fresh eggs, flowers, and board games are all fair game in a culture that prioritizes ease of use and worships automation. Perhaps most surprising to those on the outside is how seldom vending machines experience problems or vandalism.

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3. Cat Cafés

0441 cat cafes
Cat Cafés. Photo: Japan Guide

In Japan, cats hold the highest societal status. According to World Nomads, Tokyo is home to more than 50 cat cafés; therefore, you should make it a point to visit one of these establishments and adopt a feline friend for the company.

4. Maid Cafes

1154 maid cafes
Maid Cafes. Photo: CNN

There are many costume restaurants in Japan, but maid cafés are among the more unusual options for a meal out. Inside, you'll find women in maid outfits serving drinks and appetizers while putting on a performance.

5. Robot Restaurants

1301 robot restaurants
Robot Restaurants. Photo: Youtube

Visit the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo's Kabukicho neighborhood for a visual (and culinary) treat. A robotic brontosaurus will welcome you, and throughout the show you will witness robot battles, bikini-clad dancers, and various other machines and special effects.

6. Pachinko Parlours

1401 pachinko parlours
Pachinko Parlours. Photo: Vegas Slots Online

The overwhelming popularity of pachinko machines in Japan, which resemble pinball machines, often surprises visitors. Thousands of people, sitting in smoke-filled rooms that reverberate with cartoon voices and SFX, feed money into the machines every day.

7. Capsule Hotels

1503 capsule hotel
Capsule Hotels. Photo: Youtube

After a day of exploring quirky Tokyo, rest your weary bones in one of Japan's most unusual sleeping arrangements at a capsule hotel (like the Green Plaza Shinjuku, shown). Beware, claustrophobes: these "rooms" are barely big enough to fit a human body. However, compared to other forms of lodging, these pods are quite inexpensive.

Japan is so different from the rest of the world that it might as well be in a different galaxy. According to Insydo, the journey through one of the world's most bizarrely beautiful places is made all the more interesting by the fact that everything in this culture is weirdly unique and outlandishly creative.

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• Capsule Hotels

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• Penis Time at Kanamara Matsuri

• Cuddles Cafés

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• Kawaii Crazy

• Akihabara 18+

• Animal Doughnuts

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